Nonna Gina
Italian restaurant - pizza bar

 Est 1996.. Southern Italian owned (the oregano is hand-picked from his village)). exclusively imported wines (nothing else would do) HUGE glasses

Best hand-tossed pizza in town. Prices starting from 2 euro.. Hand made pasta & spiced oils… Mamma Mia !!, prosciutto crudo ‘no hoof, no good !!’…. parmegiano regianno, the undesputed heavy weight champion of cheeses is generously portioned… as are the Big desserts, try that banana split.. !!

Outdoor seating, smoking & non…. Did I forget to mention the coffee or the grappa..

11.oo-11.oo kitchen till 22.oo

Klasterni 52

Klasterni 52, Cesky Krumlov...