Legendary Music Club

Alchemia Club is in the heart & IS the heart of Kazimierz. It is, simply, a legend. A magical place offering an ethereal ambiance, exciting concerts & eccentric encounters with extraordinary people...

On the other side of the wall discover Alchemia od kuchni - An international restaurant that is the younger sister of Alchemia. They offer up flavors & foods from around the world. Find some memorable morsels from London's pubs, Italian & Greek tavernas, Asian markets & other street food from cities as far as even.. Krakow! Welcome home.. 


Club Open: Mon:10.oo-4.oo, Tues-Sun: 9.oo-4.oo

Bistro Open: Sun-Thurs: 8.oo-23.oo, Fri-Sat: 8.oo-24.oo

ul. Estery 5

On Plac Nowy in Kazimierz


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