The Loft
club-bar- cultural venue

on 'THE' Gürtel. cool, laid back place for good people. No fixed style of music, concerts = quality, contemporary, diversity...Wed' 1. Open Mic, 2. Extreme sports film nights, 3. Poetry slams. Thu, Fri, - parties, variety acts, DJ's, live acts, concerts, buzzin' over 3 floors. Sat - is reserved for the best (and worst ;)) music from the 80s till now: 1. 2000s, 2. 90ies, 3. Power Disco, 4. 2010s. Rent a room and celebrate your private party!

Check www to know (entry fee only at top events..) 

W16. Lerchenfelderg├╝rtel 37.

U6, tram 46 "Thaliastraße" tram 5 "Lerchenfelder straße"

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