DiY club & cafe

Anarchy in W-R-O! CRK is a DIY social-cultural center home to many prominent initiatives (food not bombs, actions against violence & discrimination) .. they also know how to party!

Punk, techno, hardcore, roots - whatever it’s loud & raw! Also badass bike workshop, sound studio & the utopia cafe.

Sundays, check the events in vegan social kitchen. An alternative must-see for all ye true black underground's.


Open during- check web

ul. Kazimierza Jagiellończyka 10c/d

big courtyard- 12 mins. from Market sq.

Palac Akropolis

World (in-) famous multi level multi active multi vistitile multi culti venue nightly theatre, stage.. big gigs, wierd happenings.. later all bars in the cellers free Dj's & scenes, suprizing cocktails & other tall nite tails..

they got it all & anything goes ... over looking the corner & the day bar offers great value international meals & real inspiring unforgettable vibes..

you should go, you will find yourself in there.. somewhere..
Cafe - 10:-oo-00.oo
Restaurant bar- 11:oo-01:oo
Clubs & Music hall 19:oo-05:+

P3. Kubelikova 27

Metro A - J. z. Podebrad just by the TV tower

Bohuzel Bar
vinyl punk pivnice

it's a lifestyle.... The music be blasting out. the pivo will be spillin', the swagger & pogo..,

look no further- ..... rough & ready.. dim the lights.... cheap alkohol.. lots of shots classic slivovice/ hruskovice -plumbs / pears bomb... & you may get live music.. (if the neighbors don't start revolting)......table football & darts as more free distractions..comfortable couches, for tattoo & to tattoo too..

~! genuine dive bar ;-)

Bořivojova 491/61, Žižkov, Praha 3

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

subversive info shop & safe house

steared by a 'like minded' non-profit collective of international activists.

Vegan dinners cooked every (open) day at 19.oo all welcome. happenings, film, music, discussion..

Free shop & library, DIY distribution net. bring & take, leave & spread..

the love principal.

Orebitská 14, Žižkov, Praha 3

bus 175, 133, 207 „ U Památníku”,

trams 5,9,26 - “Husinecká

ALienDNA shop
street design wear

A little piece of history, CZ techno sound system legend Cirkus Alien, in-store design localized
T-shirts, hoodies, caps... loose fit boys, Nice fit girls...

ALL original by the "Žižkoff" streetwear brand prints/designs & for Prague: read GIFTS..

DJ records & accessories..

P3. Seifertova 24

Trams 5, 9, 26, 'Husinecka'