games culture cocktails bar

A'maze'ing collection of intellectual entertainment... you bored? Then get board gaming! It's a universal language..

you may drink beer & smoke as you lose... Winners have the right to sip 'epic' cocktails!

Comfy capacity for 100 players on 4 floors. Or, for those who prefer to watch, play by the rules. They have good music taste & nice type of clients.

Events, happy hours, fairs, movies & a sassy little back garden in Summer.

Str. Col?ei 50. sector 4

tram 21- Hristo Botev. M2 - Universitate

Green Frog Hostel
elegant sun splashed white house

A family operation, maybe you get the feeling like you knew everyone in a former life..

All facilities working & clean. Nice select of big rooms in a grand style, comfy super soft mattress beds, velvet shag curtains & gold trimmings.

It's very 'Romanian' in a romantic sense.

You can take time to live the mood, find a place w/ your favorite kitty relax & read that book.

Mob: +40 769 886 104


Str. General Nicolae Dona 11. sector 1.

Metro 1- Eroilor

Jacques Pot
oasis of cool

...... away from all the usual commotion, while still in the center,

This place certainly knows how to make it's own noise.

Get down w/ them electronic / alternative beats & dance under an open sky umbrella of vine leafs & all kinds of greens...

The space invaders have taken over the bar, mixing up all kinds of cool drinks to fit the fresh atmos' inside & out.

Str. Zborului 2, sector 3

tram 21 - Hristo Botev, M2 - Universitate

select vinyl records

You may bump into well known DJ's, sneak a listen into their session or chit-chat w/ Ioana, DJ & owner about some twisted tech house, obscure label releases. Explore experiment the famous selection of Romanian sounds not to be found elsewhere but here.

Lose yourself into hand picked 'dubbier' territories. You may just take a break from that hard crate digging job & chill it on the terrace. New & old music at a good price!

Str. Fainari 43A

tram 21 or M1 - Obor

Mr Tripp- Tours
tours of Bucharest & all Romania

Serious walking tours, city breaks, great guides & travel options,

airport transfers, hotels & hostels.

They can take you far & wide, make the most of this great country w/ the experts.

Tel: +4 booking@mrtripp.ro

Calea Victoriei 68- 70. sector 1.

bus 226 - Galeriile Orizont, bus 381 - Bd. Nicolae Bălcescu, M2 - Universitate

The Blu'zz
drinks, music, community & art

One for free spirited & beautiful crazies.. low prices. high times, fast ping pong scene.

They like to chill on the garden under the trees, they love to let it all happen & jam them sessions. As a cultural home the conversations are weird / wonderful every time & the regulars so curious so oddly.. wood oven baked pizza & local foods..Mix it in w/ foosball, chess & booze attitude. .

- no sign, ring the bell to get inside, stay way too long, keep coming back ))

Str. Plantelor 25, sector 2

trolleys 70/ 85/ 69/ 90, night bus N102 - Calea Mosilor

The Cozyness Downtown Hostel
name says it all

They got a little extra of all them special things, super fresh, very nice social atmos' places to be with the others out in the wonderful garden for BBQ or cooking in.

Amenities, facilities +++ to be discovered every time you reach out your hand.

You will be welcomed in a safe enthusiastic place which guests really do enjoy & can only praise very highly.

Mob: +40 770 357 448


Drumea Radulescu 28. sector 4

Metro, M- 1, 2, 3- Piata Unirii 2

Music & Sub Culture since 2004

the first underground bar/club in town... All about punk, rock, alternative, ska/reggae

&&&. 2 old skool flipper machines, serious foosball battles free play, low prices & strong specials, Monday chill w/ TV & low pop.. little terrace - dive deep to the underbelly

w/ a capacity of 150, regular live gigs & sessions..

Str. Coltet 48. sector 3

tram 21- Hristo Botev. M2 - Universitate