Cafe Borówka
cafe bar

Delicious cakes, cookies & a rotating blend of fresh roast coffees, teas & seasonal specialties. In the sunny months, grab a milk shake, REAL fruit smoothy or one of the best ice creams around...

Sprawl out on the patio or nurse a beer on the newly built rooftop deck & soak up the rays all the live-long days.

Or stay inside & let the Piano Man serenade - sweet digestion. Borowka is a world of its very own.

tel. (+48) 71 343 12 25


ul. Świdnicka 38a

½ way between Rynek & Train station

"not quite a cafe "

Workshop of an extraordinary collective of young, vibrant people.

Join them daily for all kinds of creative activities (silkscreen, laughter yoga, philosophical tuesdays & more).. Or just come for a coffee, cake & muffins.

Use the WiFi, workspace or patio & best bit is if you want to animate the space a little, you can expect enthusiasm around!


ul. Jednosci Narodowej 68A

courtyard/ 4 min. from Ostrów Tumski

Boulder V síti
drink eat climb kick-it

get a grip! 260m2, 3000 grabs 80 routes of equipped climbing cave.. 80Kč/3e per person,no time limit. Serving Pilsner, local craft beers, good music, cool friendly staff, a place to unwind.,

Friday shots-party...much rums.., for strength, baguettes, quesadillas, salads, Italian café.. get you up for some serious foosball.. hangin’ out..

P 3. Borivojova 104

Trams 5,9,26 night trams 55,58 - “Husinecká"

escape games

You players need to escape a room within 60 minutes by finding keys, codes, interlinking different objects, solving puzzles, riddles, all while cooperating in a team (2-5 people).

If you want to spend a fun, immersing & remarkable hour with your friends, this is the absolute entertainment!

booking required Mob: +420 774 978 220

P.2. Blanická 9

Metro A- Náměstí Míru Tram- 4, 10, 16, 22, 51, 55, 57, 59 bus 135

Rafting Krumlov
rafting tours, water sports trips

DO IT !.. solo or group, short or long, rapid or slow.. from the great Lipno Damn... some hair raising possibilities.. in a canoe..

Or Big Boat style with refreshments & manageable surf.. for the 'laid back' mega TUBE & balance your beer on your belly.. visit the local towns & camps for a refuel...

In the night take a city raft cruise with them, also a must.

on the waterside all season all day.
Mobile +420 777 066 999, +420 777 285 215

Pod Svatým duchem 271, Water side.

under the bridge over or around Plesivecke mound

Slupenec Horse farm
horse riding farm

Just getting there is a lovely trip (by bike)) w/ great views on the way... make a day of it. One of the biggest & best stables around. You are welcome to join a ride every day, 10:oo-14:oo- pre-book a day before. Taxi there should cost approx. 100CZK

Tel: +420- 723 832 459


Slupenec 1

2km from Cesky Krumlov centre up hill. bike is good or catch a cab.. walk !

Boulder v siti

get a grip! 260m2, 3000 grabs 80 routes of equipped climbing
cave.. 80Kč/3e per person, no time limit....

& serving Pilsner, good music, cool friendly staff, a place to unwind., Friday shots-party...much rums.., have strength have baguettes, quesadillas, salads, Italian café..

& now take on the locals for
some serious foosball.... hangin’ out..

Borivojova 104

Trams 5, 9, 26 night trams 55, 58 - "Husinecká"

Station Warsaw Tours
Best bike tours 3 x weekend 3hr tours

Tel: +48- 661 368 758

Wow! Warsaw (Sat & Sun @ 11.oo)- all the top sights.

Wild River (Sun @ 15.oo)- around & along both banks of the mighty Vistula.

Jewish Warsaw (Sat @ 15.oo)- all major monuments, museums & a heavy history lesson. Costs; book on-line 80 PLN/20 €, (code CitySpy & price only 70 PLN/17,5 €).

Or if you just show up 100 PLN/25 € (w/ CitySpy map again only 80 PLN/20 € (€ accepted!). Bike rental included. (Call for private tours any day of the week).

Długa 44/50 (x Bohaterów Getta)

Meeting point is 2 mins bike from Old Town

Pedal Power
The professional wheel people

"Quality bike rentals, fully equipped, guidebook & map of bike routes included.

Special student discounts. Drop by, take off, explore Vienna by bike! Daily city tours by bike & Segway. Just call or make your reservation online!"

NEW !! Segway trips, effortless cruising wheels ..

Tel: + 43-1-729 72 34
daily from 08.oo till 19.oo

W2 Ausstellung Strase 3 and W1 Elisabethstrasse 3

U1 "Praterstern" at the park & U1/U2/U4 "Karlsplatz"

The Loft
club-bar- cultural venue

on 'THE' Gürtel. cool, laid back place for good people.

No fixed style of music, concerts = quality, contemporary, diversity...Tues' Poetry slams, extreme sports, filmnights & quiz .

Wed' - 'hot' acoustic gigs. Thu, Fri, Sat - Variety acts, DJ's, live acts, buzzin' over 3 floors.

Check www to know (entry fee only at top events..)


W16. Lerchenfeldergürtel 37.

U6, tram 46 "Thaliastraße" tram 5 "Lerchenfelder straße"

Ritim Teras & Bar
2 bars, street resto bar & roof club

corner bar in the fish markets, w/ all the action,

outdoor seating, & drinks, lots of nice meals.. a sea of faces swim past. Top floor, w/ Dj's, hot dancing, cocktails & fresh air.. garden party, big time WoW.. sunny seating or sun setting,

FULL bar. Big screen sports... you need never leave...

which ever floor you end up in.. you know they got Ritim !

Balik Pazari Sahne sok 20

corner bar in the fish markets