Bij Ons Vintage
vintage paradise x2

Really one of the leading vintage shopping experiences in Amsterdam! 2 shops packed with the best 80's and 90's clothes & accessories, all selected with love and care ! "Wear vintage or wear nothing at all

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150 & Reestraat 13

[Nieuwezijds location] tram 1,2,5,13,17 -“Nieuwezijds Kolk”- first stop from the station.

De Hummus House (bottom left)
fresh handmade hummus

The international passion, just like the language of love... & you know it's true when it's always fresh, delicious, nutritious & a little delirious... spread the love. Preferably, on a house baked pita !!

Do it like they do it. Central location whilst away from the commotion, pleasant ambiental music & the cooks are preparing the food right there with you... mad skills.

Sint Antoniesbreestraat 25c

Metro to "Nieuwmarkt" - first stop from the station.

smart shop, gallery & tripping lounge

Looks like one, quacks like one & smells like Nepalese incense... you've found the Psychedelic sanctuary! smart, head, sex, books, gifts... filled with opportunities to "trip" over, to lose yourself, to find what you may... Get inspired !!

Deco & Art everywhere, all kinds of tools for self excavation, dig deep.. Let the staff guide you, to your pick & enjoy the view by the waterside, safely inside this bubble. Epic selection & artisanal drinks.

Warmoesstraat 12

in the Centraal Canals - Red light

Distortion Records
serious sounds store

It's a whole charming & distorted little universe in there... just enter & be integrated. 100% Oldschool music store. Explore the Discogs' catalog or browse around, you're in Wonderland & can safely rely on your intuition to uncover hidden treasures, Vinyls, cd’s: new/ second-hand, rugged cheap'os- precious collector’s items, from house, techno to punk rock, find here all the underground stuff.. you're in for a treat !!

Westerstraat 244

by Noorder Kerk

mexican restaurant since 1990

Serving the most authentic foods in a colourful & jolly atmosphere, plenty of evidence that 'los Mariachis'has blessed the place... good size, high quality portions for affordable prices & of course no meal is complete without... a savoury margarita to help nurture those flavors.. can I get an ¡Ay caramba!.. Arriba Arriba Andalay Andalay.. the fastest & the most famous!

De Clercqstraat 14

trams 13, 14, 17 to "Marnixstraat/Rozengracht"

Het Spinhuis

An autonomous space, loc' under a bridge a former jail for pirates & criminals. Sometimes open weekdays from 13.oo as a study place, or a quiet place to drink coffee, read a book etc. See it as a public living room. Free coffee & tea. Tosti’s / foods for low price. Evening workshops, theatre, art & music. Non-profit & only works with volunteers or anyone who wants to organize events.


Singel 165a

under the Torensluisbrug at Singel

Café Sonneveld
authentic Dutch food experience

Romantic location among the Jordaan canals, stunning view over the Westerkerk. A jolly place dedicated to 'Win Sonneveld', much loved local comedian. Deco' of all kinds instruments, hanging over head, as you wine & dine on these serious staples & Netherlands nibbles. Butter soft steak, spare ribs, chicken satay... So go ahead, make your day even Dutchy-er!. Eat as the locals & get into the spirit

Egelantiersgracht 72-74

by the Westerkerk

De Nieuwe Anita
indie concert venue, bar & cool hub

Located in a former school, a cosy place that hosts bands, performers, movie nights, art exhibitions & all that is creative fun. It's the place where imaginary Anita came to find herself then came out all shiny, all new & down with all the cool cats in town. The atmosphere is homey & relaxed, for all ages. The bar serves a wild variety of beers, superb cocktails, all very affordable. Concerts downstairs every week. Man, you just gotta.

Frederik Hendrikstraat 111

trams 13, 14 to "Bilderdijkstraat" or tram 3 to "Hugo de Grootplein"

The Cannabis College
A drug info centre with a difference...

... they love cannabis. This non-profit foundation gives free advice on the safe use of recreational & medicinal erb'. Discover all the things that hemp can do: way more than you think! Take a tour of the garden, ask all your questions about growing. Try the vaporizers. This is the place to get a truly higher education.

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 124

in the Red Light District

vintage pinup paradise

You'll find framed pinup photos from the 50's & 60's, the place is a celebration of female beauty, accessories & plenty curiosity. Amazing, affordable time travel through shoes, dresses, skirts, blouses for ladies, men & kids as well. ?Reason enough to come over & take a look! Step out in a specific style.

Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 19

by Noorder Kerk

TerraZen Centre
100% vegan place

Experience the connection to Mother Earth right from the 1'st step... 2'nd step, your skanking the menu board on da' reggae tunes !! Combine Japanese & Caribbean tastes, to create unique dishes healthy & delicious. Keeping on, everyone sits at the same table, sharing foods & a good word with your neighbour. Organic ingredients sourced locally as possible. No life is harmed for your meal, eating is not a crime.

Sint Jacobstraat 19 HS

5 minutes from Centraal Station / tram 1,2,5,13,17 -“Nieuwezijds Kolk”- first stop from the station.

Tommy Page
strictly vintage menswear

Designer Tommy Page's, curiosity for menswear throughout history has led him to open his own archive. All the cherished items are hand selected & suitable for any occasion. This collection is in constant revolution. Respect for craft & conscientious consuming stand alongside the desire to preserve, restore & (re)create. A meeting point for avid collectors & like minded souls.


Prinsenstraat 7

by Noorder Kerk

360 Amsterdam
Red Light District Tour

Do not miss this! Discover the secrets of the most ancient part of town during this cheeky, alternative 1,5 hour walking tour. This Red Light District Tour is ESSENTIAL on your bucket list in Amsterdam! Price: 14.50 euro

360 Amsterdam at Dam Square

Meeting Point: 360 Amsterdam at Dam Square

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum
weed attraction

Whether you blaze every day or you've never touched the "demon weed", no visit to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to the world's first & best museum about cannabis. Art, medicine, music, gardening & giggling come together in the study of this amazing natural resource & its place in global civilization. Take a selfie in a hemp field, see plants in flower & experience the interactive exhibits.

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 165a

in the Red Light District

come as you are, pay as you feel

Heart to Heart community for love made food. A place to practice Peace of Mind in a day-to-day lunchroom vibe. Everything plays a precious part.

Experience the ultimate TRUST feeling & pay what your Heart feels. There are no prices on the menu. Enjoy delicious dishes, amazing soulful sandwiches, smoothies, cakes & coffee all consciously made with love, peace by piece.


Albert Cuypstraat 210

in the Albert Cuypmarkt, tram 4 - Stadhouderskade or trams 16/ 24 - Albert Cuypstraat

ladies-only fashion library

... the mission- to 'inspire' & outfit you from head to toe !! Select by courage! Enjoy the experiment of the new you.. 2 options- 1: Borrow some truly epic fashionista pieces: vintage,
eco & contemporary designers. Sad moment when you have to return them.

2/ You could also buy once you tried you in the mirror or on the streets! There's a story to be lived within every item. Sustain, discover, reinvent, play funky dress up, get 'in Amsterdam'.

Westerstraat 174h

by Noorder Kerk

Al Ponte
seaside café terrace Italiano

Make coffee, not war! - says owner Silvia..

Mama, she's not kidding: the coffee bean is taken very very seriously here....same goes
for food...Italian- ingredients, organic.. very good & healthy.

A moment of calm, sit right by the water, cappuccino & panini in hand, sea-birds above, boats going by... & then just 5 min's on the free ferry & you straight back into the craziness of the city.... fresh.. fresco

Meeuwenlaan 2 (IJplein)

take free ferry from the back of Central Station to Ijplein

Bob's Hostel Amsterdam
classic style backpacker's Youth Hostel

An informal, inexpensive oasis in the city jungle.

Bob's has been around & seen it all, through the years.

Still offering one of the best priced beds in town, clean & renovated. 2 very Central locations It's a cool joint, in the bar & with nice people. .

Cheap beer, free good music 'n' relaxing atmos'.
Tel: +31 (0)20 - 623 00 63

 150 beds, 14 rooms, lockers, i-net, games, breakfast, wifi, bikerent, bar, loud & fun around the common area.

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 92, Amsterdam

tram 1, 2, 5, 13, 17 "Nieuwezijds Kolk" - first stop from the station

Café Daan&Daan
nice bar by the Maritime museum

when it shines.. it shines here!

There are seats for +/- 50 people...

the Daan's pour 'decent' beers & serve homemade soups, Dam tasty snacks, toasties & the best tasting APPLE pie in town.

The music is rare funk, mod, jazz, country, blues to rock&roll.. that quite well describes the regulars too..

Kattenburgerplein 39, Amsterdam

you will pass it on the bike

world's 1'st condom specialist

... size doesn’t matter. !?.. not here.

If you are 1 inch or 11, they will have the thingy to suit you, they are so versatile... & it's great fun !

They have latex-free versions, condoms for ladies, all imaginable colors, flavors, textures, patterns, & some REALLY crazy ones..

A MUST SEE!! (tip: the ones that glow in the dark...oh, yes.tip it here ;-)




Warmoesstraat 141, Amsterdam

any tram to Dam square

Cut the crap
hair studio & records bazar

a good haircut makes a much better souvenir than some stupid ceramic windmill...

.. & it's a personal experience!

& for any waiting times browse the used records in-store, cut a bargain..

Haarlemmerplein , Amsterdam

by the Noorder Kerk.

De Hummus House (bottom right)
fresh handmade hummus

The international passion, just like the language of love... & you know it's true when it's always fresh, delicious, nutritious & a little delirious... spread the love. Preferably, on a house baked pita !!

Do it like they do it. Central location whilst away from the commotion, pleasant ambiental music & the cooks are preparing the food right there with you... mad skills.

Sint Antoniesbreestraat 25c

Metro to "Nieuwmarkt" - first stop from the station.

Magic Mushroom Gallery
shroom gallery smart shop magical products

"Magic products", the largest of the smart head shops.

10 different kinds of magic mushrooms & truffles, herbal Xta-sea, sex stimulants (if the red-light don’t float your boat), energizers & psycho-active Herbs"e;. Pipes’n’bongs. Take a free tea & enjoy a very knowledgeable, approachable staff etiquette.

What u buy & what it gonna' do to you, are important concerns. Yes? Paraphernalia & millions of funny souvenirs to go....



Spuistraat 249 & Singel 524

tram 1, 2, 5 "Spui"