Zyankali Bar- wired science pub
Alchemy Cocktails, drinks too amazing for words

World infamous laboratory- front end drinks technology,

Cuisine- Styles (fresh Herb & Spyce), Molecular Mixology (Drink Jelly-drops, foam, dry-ice…) performed in test-tubes. home-brand Absinthe, 20 bazaar beers, amazing procedures,.. patented home creations, sprays, infusions, blends, oxygen, hard & soft shaken.. method/madness &

RollerGames from 1990.. & much wierd & wonderful stuff & staff !!

Gneisenaustrasse 17 / Ecke Solmsstrasse- Kreuzberg

U6, U7 -"Mehringdamm" U1, U7 -"Möckenbrücke"

The Clown & Bard hostel & bar
the legendary place to stay & be

Got a lot of soul & a long standing reputation. Always on the improve & upgrading.

Fresh now & ready for more, this is a party place!. Surrounded by the nightscenes... get settled as part of the greater family & they will set you up! 

Lots of choice in rooms, grand breakfast buffet, garden BBQ's & the bar.. it's cool in there!

Tel: +420 222 716 453 - clownandbard@clownandbard.com

P3. Bořivojova 102

Metro A - "Jiřího z Poděbrad” Trams 5,9,26. Night, 55,58 - “Husinecká”

Creperie, Restaurant & Bar

Pancakes or crepes? The gastronomic battle rages on..

Choose both at this doll of an open kitchen & buzzin' bar! Grab American flapjacks smothered in syrup for breakfast.. come for a savory curry chicken galette for lunch.. w/ a Nutella crepe for dessert! 

Wine & dine or beer & peer;) on the huge new town terrace w/ old town views.

Also pastas, salads coffees & milkshakes!!!

Freta 17

3 mins. from Old Town

The Blu'zz
drinks, music, community & art

One for free spirited & beautiful crazies.. low prices. high times, fast ping pong scene.

They like to chill on the garden under the trees, they love to let it all happen & jam them sessions. As a cultural home the conversations are weird / wonderful every time & the regulars so curious so oddly.. wood oven baked pizza & local foods..Mix it in w/ foosball, chess & booze attitude. .

- no sign, ring the bell to get inside, stay way too long, keep coming back ))

Str. Plantelor 25, sector 2

trolleys 70/ 85/ 69/ 90, night bus N102 - Calea Mosilor

De Bolhoed
café deli terrace bar

airy, artistic atmos.. Light seasonal lunches & meal offers… So fresh it's still sprouting …

Rye rolls on goat cheese, salads tofu, nuts, mushrooms & olive, oils.. daily soup & pasta specials.. seaweed curry.. Great Hummus...

Hot- Cold choco & squeezed juice,.. houseboats & canal side seating..

unique & delightful place to be....pop with punkers.. both young & old'er..

you can sit there like in a bar...;-)


Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam

on Jordaan by Noorder Kerk

De Nieuwe Anita
indie concert venue, bar & cool hub

Located in a former school, a cosy place that hosts bands, performers, movie nights, art exhibitions & all that is creative fun. It's the place where imaginary Anita came to find herself then came out all shiny, all new & down with all the cool cats in town. The atmosphere is homey & relaxed, for all ages. The bar serves a wild variety of beers, superb cocktails, all very affordable. Concerts downstairs every week. Man, you just gotta.

Frederik Hendrikstraat 111

trams 13, 14 to "Bilderdijkstraat" or tram 3 to "Hugo de Grootplein"

Meeting Point Hostel
backpacker hostel, bar & pool hall

on a very 'representative' inner city almost redlight street..

Good friendly service, all bunk
dorms only, the smallest one is 8 bed, the biggest is 18, you can meet a lot of people !! Groups are welcome, it’s nice, organised & clean...

Atmos' A1 in the big space & open 24/7 Bar! .. pumping music, pool table, guests coming & going.. buzzin' social scene...

Tel. : +31 (0)20-627 74 99
fax. : +31 (0)20-3304774


Warmoesstraat 14, Amsterdam

in the Centraal canals - Red light

Cafe, bar, music, cool pool

since 1978 by the ladies <> for the ladies... this was an 'infamous' women only bar till 1999... when they opened the doors to all visitors of open heart & mind..

Full bar, music & or events just depends.. basement pool hall, cocktails & cakes..snacks & specials..

smoking room, happy hours,over 25 beers to choose - cozy, friendly, flirty,& FUN.

Elandstraat 119, Amsterdam

just off Prinsengracht

Star bikes
rental- tours cafe & cakes-terrace

you will blend right in & even look respectable,

the store is also a lovely & unique workshop 'river side' cafe cum venue where u can hang out, gather your thoughts .., delicious tapas, a choice of home made rolls, .. chocolate muffins.. drinks.. even get your bike prepared w/ a picnic hamper full of goodies ...homemade pies and Aussieburgers

go out on unique tours like' Twilight, Urban Culinary' to eat your way around & Countryside to meet cows & tulips.

Quite uncommercial & nice really...

De Ruyterkade 143, Amsterdam

Just up behind the Centraal station

THE Bulldog Hotel
40 years serving the nation. ***** hostel-lounge

a world famous hangout, frequented by stars.

On the main RED LIGHT canal bank. Secure, comfortable & easy to locate.. enjoy your stay, the bar- lounge have some good food.. or pop to the coffee shop…be warned…gives appetite, laughing & a sense of extreme well being!

roof top & street terrace gardens for high & low days. . all tastes catered to.. such a very mix of people stay here every time.. .

+31 (0)20-620 38 22
fax:+31 (0)20-627 16 12 

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 216-220, Amsterdam

Slap in the red light district

LIVE MUSIC club- dance bar- terrace

concerts & sessions 7 days a week.. program is focusing on Eastern-European, Balkan musik, swing, jazz.electro/ live Hip-Hop & indie pop, reggae gigs-

one thing in common, the high quality of the music !..this is a new exciting place for LIVE music full bar, drinks/coffee

& on a nice day find the terrace alive from 17.oo...

Revaler Str 99 (Simon-Dachstr) in the RAW complex

U1, S-Bahn - "Warschauerstrasse" Tram: M10 - "revaler Str"

Bar 23
DJ pub - low techno lounge

Familiar easy going local, scene bar w/ funky light installation's. Dj most every night..

The landlords better known for activities in the 'Pyonen' Techno scene. So the electro Dj program every Fri & Sat may reflect/ preview such events on a more intimate level.

Something of interest to you is the house special ''space-drinks''...


Lychenerstasse 23- PrenzlauerBerg

U2 -"Eberwalderstrasse"

bar, stage & breakfast

Familial flair, creative cuisine magic & grungy sound, they got it going on!!!

A map from which you can freely select whatever you want to see on your plate, Monday to Sunday, incl. organic eggs & pancakes in all variations..

100% homemade-everything. & it goes way into the night, +20 types of beer & delicious local B-side rarities, DJ performances, readings, exhibitions, concerts, in a cuddly lounge atmos' & local spirit

Dunckerstr. 69 P'berg.

U2 - “Eberwalderstraße” S-Bahn - “Schönhauser Allee” or "Prenzlauer Allee"

bar, stage & breakfast

Familial flair, creative cuisine magic & grungy sound, they got it going on!!!

A map from which you can freely select whatever you want to see on your plate, Monday to Sunday, incl. organic eggs & pancakes in all variations..

100% homemade-everything. & it goes way into the night, +20 types of beer & delicious local B-side rarities, DJ performances, readings, exhibitions, concerts, in a cuddly lounge atmos' & local spirit

Dunckerstr. 69 P'berg.

U2 - “Eberwalderstraße” S-Bahn - “Schönhauser Allee” or "Prenzlauer Allee"

Das Gift - the Poison
Eckkneipe/ international corner bar

Malt whiskies, premium gins, local craft beers & tasty cocktails, Scottish ales &

home cooked food daily 18.oo-22.oo.

Special feature great music jukebox w/ mixes by famous friends inc' Robert Smith, Interpol, Irvine Welsh, Optimo, Caribou & of course Mogwai (bar belongs to Barry Burns)).

Events: Das Pub Quiz @ 21.oo Monday's, 2-4-1 Long Drinks

Tuesday's, Shameless Limitless DJ's every 2'nd Wednesday,

jukebox gratis all Thursday's

& w/ends exhibition's & DJ's.

Donaustrasse 119- Neukölln

U7 Rathaus Neukölln

Das Gift - the Poison
Eckkneipe/ international corner bar

Malt whiskies, premium gins, local craft beers & tasty cocktails, Scottish ales & home cooked food daily 18.oo-22.oo.

Special feature great music jukebox w/ mixes by famous friends inc' Robert Smith, Interpol, Irvine Welsh, Optimo, Caribou & of course Mogwai (bar belongs to Barry Burns)).

Events: Das Pub Quiz @ 21.oo Monday's, 2-4-1 Long Drinks

Tuesday's, Shameless Limitless DJ's every 2'nd Wednesday,

jukebox gratis all Thursday's

& w/ends exhibition's & DJ's.

Donaustrasse 119- Neukölln

U7 Rathaus Neukölln

Hostel Eastern Comfort bostel
hostelboats on the River Spree

1'st & 2'nd class cabins, dorms & tents in summer.

Through the portholes from the cabins, you can see, feel & hear the flow of the river. Cabins on Eastern Comfort are all en-suite & Western Comfort offers private cabins w/ shared facilities.

The top deck lounge, offers drinks, snacks & amazing views of F-hain / K'berg & Oberbaum bridge; a very special atmosphere w/ great vibes.


Tel: +49 (0) 30-66763806
Fax: 66763805

Mühlenstrasse 73- on the River Spree

U1 S-Bahn "Warschauerstrasse" behind the East side gallery

Dr. Pong
table tennis club-bar

A special thing to pong or to ping…. so much more than Low-Level Nightlife….

Let the throng pong !! .. Recreating recreation & Improving hand-eye coordination, one player at a time…..

Going nowhere.. fast !… Play your game……

Football & video's on big screen, Dj.. couch viewing & beer.. stumble across this place & never forget how & where you found It. . .

Mon-Sat: 20.oo-++
Sundays from 14.oo till late

Eberswalderstrasse 21- Prenzlauerberg

U2 -"Eberswalderstrasse"

legendary K'berg 'RockeR' bar

Rough & ready, rocker bar. Oozing atmosphere, soaked in booze.

Attracts all the local characters, old & new, hip shave head chicks, punks, skunks .. the leathers...

It's charm 'the German rustic ideal of ‘Gemuetlichkeit’ & Volks bravado. Krigel's are clinking The music is pumping, rock’'n’'roll parties. daily drink & cocktail specials.

Have a sour ‘zaouer’ one! . . come here first like a launch pad to the SO36..


Oranienstrasse 19a, Xberg.

U1 - "Görlitzer Bhf" U8 - "Kottbusser Tor"

Heart of Gold Hostel
Backpackers hostel & privates Mitte

All mod cons, slick-cyber-block ...

über hip & sincerely happening. Fun & surprisingly affordable.. brilliant dorms & many privates w/ shower, huge lower deck common area, 24 /7 bar, pool, lights -movies action!

relax-area 42, garden, aspirin.. inspired by the 'hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy' ..

Another fine Enterprise!..


+49 (0) 30 2900 3300

Johannisstrasse 11- Berlin, Mitte

U6 "Oranienburger Tor"

Hostel CityStay
hostel Mitte select

Most amazing centralised location/ on a quiet calm side street…

snazzy & 'cheap' at the price.

New house- rooms- facilities.. nice terraces… 24h hour bar.

Quiet rooms, this is an excellent stay day or night on any budget & \ or mission!!

tel: +49 (0) 30-236 24 031
fax: +49 (0) 30- 279 07 170
www.citystay.de . info@citystay.de

Rosenstraße 16 - Mitte

S-Bahn - Hackescher Mkt.

Piris !
spicy chicken burger's & good times

Sensational city flavours.

Portuguese inspired breaded chicken breast slathered in delicious multi level spicy sauce. NB: these are the best burgers ever!!!! & Mondays it goes MANIC from 16.oo w/ 1€ beers & 4€ chicken burgers

!!! Street food vibe over the bar & suppling take-away to the people hangin' in 'THE' Gorlitzer park, a mecca of seating outdoors too.. events & concert stage- parties in summer..

Wienerstr 31, Kreuzberg

U1 - “Görlitzer Bhf.”, bus - M29

bar music preclub

One of the pioneers of nightlife booming in Neukölln

..what began as a improvisational locals meeting spot has become a unique international bar w/ a lot of 'atmosphere' & a great selection of drinks, a local 'organic orgasmic' draft beer, a small brewery called "rollberg", then Pils from north Germany & Bavarian lager all on tap!

Wide choice of whiskey, rum, wodka & gin tonic variations & in particular the house concocted cocktails... For sure music & happenings alive.. !

Hobrechtstrasse 54 - Neukolln

U8- Schönleinstraße

Tante Lisbeth
bowling lounge cafe bar

'Let's go drink & play 10 pin bowling"..!!

classic original wooden lanes (only 2 = reserve on-line).., in your socks!

That's really great fun, they love it!! & the drinking.. they love that too (one arm exercise)... Old style, comfortable, lounge room, sofa landscape.. flea market ambiance.

Fresh non-pasteurized non-carbonized Tank Beer!


Muskauer Strasse 49. Kreuzberg

U1-"Schleisisches Tor"

Zum Böhmischen Dorf
Beer drinkers club bar

Perfect not pasteurized or carbonized Tank drawn Pilsner Urquell, one of the only bars like it in Germany!

Most drinkers just say YUMM!! A Classic style .. crossed w/ killer sounds & R´n´R punk or soul Dj's most nights.. 'comes up' like nite club atmos later nite. they got club hot sound system & tight izolation..

strange lightings.. disco ball & get busy..

Sanderstraße 11, Neukölln

U7, U8 Hermannplatz

Zur Fetten ecke
Est 1917.. DJ pub ..

Reliable place to come for a few drinks at any point in the evening!

Stay a while.. stay all night. … it can be intimate or intense, depends
on you...

They try... Dj's, salubrious lighting's, a full bar- specials & long shots.. space-drinks ... afternoons to pre evenings cafe / beer.

It's a busy 'happening' corner bar- day till nite

Schleisische Strasse 16- Kreuzberg

U1-"Scheisisches Tor"

Bordó Bisztró
diner, bar, terrace, venue

Design space from old factory.= Super hip! So much space & so many seating options. Great lunch times specials, value & quality. Otherwise all palates catered to, from fresh salads, fish, goulash, Asian style, lamb & so go see. The terrace is a hub & enjoys best of the weather all day. Beers, wine specialities, cocktails & coffee.

Bp VI. Nagymező u. 3

M2 - Oktogon / M1- Opera

Fogasház ... the teeth house
bar club garden culture palace

..loads of rooms to dance/ drink/ be/ BUZZ in...

big dance-floors, imaginative (trippy) visuals all around, lush garden (covered in winter) ..

exhibitions, theatre / film events.. there is always something ON...

plus it's always FREE ENTER. bite off your big slice, smile life is great!

Akácfa utca 51, Bp VII.

M2, bus 7, night bus 907 'Blaha Lujza ter'
tram 4, 6 'Wesselényi utca'

Grandio Hostel
extreme & wild party hostel

Run by crazy backpackers.. for guests who like it 'on the rocks'..

VERY social & co-hab..it's as clean & comfortable as can be.. non stop courtyard, bar, music club, jager trains & open mic nights.

Party every night .. late night theme room hopping..not for sleeping &. not for the feint of heart . 'get fu*ked & get fuc*ed again' is the house motto.. TOGA TOGA..

The bar is open to the other public....garden-grill restaurant-  a most popular sunny shade 'beer garden' for locals & guests, grill BBQ cook off's..fire pits & cook bogracs ,
amazing jungle courtyard, drinking, parties, games, jager trains & open mic nights...

open all year w/ garden.

tel: +36 70 670 0390



Nagy Diofa u. 8, Budapest

M2, bus 7, tram 4, 6 to "Blaha Lujza ter"

hidden music bar under the back street

11 years now, a top favourite local hang-out from afternoon into late night.... Cosy cellar with very friendly prices, many rooms, dimmed lights, sparkling eyes...often DJs & live music...sometimes coffee tables disappear & boogie (S&D&R’n’R)) begins...till dawn... be prepared, anything/anyone might happen/come by:)... Like-light-lamp...

Dob utca 15, Bp VII

M1, M2, M3 to "e;Deak ter"e; bus 7 to "e;Astoria"e;

bar club resto terraces

the great hall or cozy cafe, out on the rooftop & backyard..picture
pitchers of sunny frozen cocktails..

3 course Lunch deal
1250 huf/4.50 E Sat-Sun Brunch for 1490 huf. WINE & dine..

So you are eating, talking, drinking, looking around... now what? > every night, bands Sun thru Thurs, Dj's Fri & Sat, biweekly

& it is a cool place w/ nice crowd..



Zichy Jeno u. 17, Bp VII

M3 to "Arany Jenos utca" M1 to "Opera"

Pantlika Bistro
bar-food- terrace

The City park hot-spot...a curious building, Communist memorabilia: the roof forms a 5 stars 3d waves from 1963... under the chestnut trees in the flowers. Famous ‘babgulyas’ (beef & bean stew), burgers, pulled pork & real weekend's BBQ juicy meats, crazy selection of ‘palinka’s (moonshine))...ice cold beer & spritzers... DJ's, a locals favorite & u will love it there..

Bp XIV. in the City Park, opposite Hermina ut 47

M1 to - Szecjenyi furdo. Trolleybus 70, 72, 74, tram 1 to - Erzsabet kiralyne utja

Pótkulcs Klub Budapest
bar food music garden

Typical Hungarian & East Euro kitchen till midnight, daily menu or Goulash, Meet/Veggie, Sztapacska. Drink: premium palinka, best regional wines, local beers... quality espresso.!. contemporary exhibitions.. Program daily FREE entry. LIVE FOLK on every Tues, Summer enjoy out in the garden, concerts 21.oo: jazz, Gypsy, rock, klezmer, blues, Táncház Balkan. Monday movie @ 20.oo..

Bar Phone: +3612691050 info: +36702100654

Bp VI. Csengery u. 65/b,

M3, trams 4,6 - “Nyugati pál.” M1 - “Oktogon”

Retox Bar


.. Located in a 100 year old building; pock marked with the grit of old regimes... now.. world class graffiti, . all types of events, live music. big screen sports & .. cheap drinks, & enough games to train for the Alcoholic Olympics... home of 1 E Turbulence shot & the greatest Sunday BBQ in Europe w/ Djs & riding the World Famous Jager Train....


Budapest VI, O utca 41

tram 4 or 6, M1 to "Oktogon"

Unity Hostels
Two classic backpackers !

The first loction by now after all these years world famous & with outstanding reputation for cleaness & comfort.. a dizzy height from the sunny balcony & top services.

Second is part of a "ruin bar" complex, w/ bar, restaurant & plenty to do & people to meet..

unite & be united!

Tel: +36 20 801 4822



Bp VII. Kiraly u 60

M2 - Oktogon / M1- Opera

Unity Hostels
Two classic backpackers !

Second is part of a "ruin bar" complex, w/ bar, restaurant & plenty to do & people to meet..

unite & be united!

The first loction by now after all these years world famous & with outstanding reputation for cleaness & comfort.. a dizzy height from the sunny balcony & top services.

Tel: +36 30 998 3836



Bp VII. Klauzal u 21/ Udvar (rom)

M2 Blaha Lujza tér

dive bar music

one cellar bar loved by those who go there.. warmth of incomprehensibility …

& it gets very full !!!….

Come early-stay late.,

Minor unexpected international performances..
contemporary installations...

mention the music... the stand & dance crew V's the sitting arse wigglers.. happening beans. .

Bp VII. Kertesz u. 4,

M2, tram 4, 6 to - Blaha Lujza ter.

Buddha Bar
Bar club restaurant garden

Summon your senses to a higher ground. Indoors the ambience of a Hindu Harem & more shimmering hot wax drops than in most city churches…. However you won’t find God drinking slammers in this joint… !! You may find whatever it was you were looking for & just go loose it again in the gorgeous summer gardens with sunny & shady seating in a groove surround (big screens for watching the footy !). Parties are incorrigible & do just that . . . 4 bars, 2 beer gardens ;)

Open: Mon-Fri: 10:oo - o1.oo or Midnight?
Sat & Sunday: from NooN

Rynek Gowny 6

You have to go through the gate & on into the courtyard


..hip lounge, chill garden, diner bar, what you want .. A vibe like a Brooklyn bistro or Soho lounge, the quality of food & service to back it up!.. simple breakfast dishes, prepared menus & a diverse spread of lunch specialties, hot & cold, sandwiches, salads, grilled meats, pasta & tapas.. Cocktails, specials- try a spicy vodka pomegranate or Pumpkin Collins in the lush summer garden. . Heads up in colder months, they close earlier at 22.oo....So get in there ! . . . . .

Mon-Fri: o8.oo-23.oo
Sat-Sun: o9.oo-23.oo

ul. Krupnicza 20

8 min walk from Market sq.

Gospoda Koko
restaurant - bar

Wanna' know the best bits... the koko clock klucks away till 3am every night & from 8am every morning! ..If you get peckish while circling the Sq swoop in for some hearty grub. Breakfast, lunch, or everlasting dinners... this chicken’s got plenty of pluck.

Traditional soups, mains, salads & sides plus huge portions & cheap prices - you really can’t go wrong! 3 rooms to choose in, not forgetting a rollickin’ pub in the cellar & garden couryard. park your party in this Polish perch. Koko knows … & it shows .

ul. Gołębia 8

one minute from the square

House of Beer
Multitap Bar & Brew Pub

One of the best of the new wave of bars improving the 'beer culture' in Krak. They stock an unprecedented number of bottled (200+) & draught brews (21 taps). Top of the Hops' local & Czech micro-brews w/ the occasional liquid albatross for good balance...

Sip away the day on the swanky upstairs sofas or head down to sprawl out, in the cave-like basement bar. Filled w/ foreigners & locals alike. Perfect spot to watch the Euro 2016 in style!

ul. Krzyża 13

5 mins. walk from the market square

Kardamon Dębniki
Breakfast Cafe & Lunch Bar

The bigger, brighter sister of 'Retoryka Cafe' !

Serving healthy but hearty Polish soul food w/ an elegant twist from morning to night with the added delights of a bar! Come down into the atmospheric brick cellar to the massive wooden bar: here you can order Czech beer, cardomon coffee or alterna cola perhaps & then wander through into the delightful urban garden where you can escape the hustle & bustle of the city.

Come on into Kardomon!

ul. Zduńska 18

by ICE Congress Center

Meho Cafe
Bar & Garden

An impossibly cool cafe, bustling bistro &.. Walk on down the hall & grab a seat in the most enchanting secret garden this side of Wonderland. Settle into this serene scene then dig in to a delectable breakfast, lunch or dinner.. Coffee & cakes or a more savory option (give the Kaszotto a go!). MMMmmeho! 

Open Daily: 9.oo-22.oo
Mobile: (+48) 600 480 049

ul. Krupnicza 20

6 mins. walk from the Market Square

Szpitalna 1
Club & Bar

This cavernous club is the venue Kraktown has been missing for a long time.

With an ambitious lineup of the best local, national & international DJ's, live acts, bands, indie pop stars etc. Their epic weekends start Thursday & end..?

From monday the eclectic weekday parties, Jam sessions & even standup comedy nights. Hit the massive bar & flash this CitySpy Map for a free shot with the first beer! Krakow Nightlife at its best ;)

ul. Szpitalna 1

the beat in the heart of town

Zaginiony swiat
Club, Pub, Cafe

The one & only archaeological adventure themed bar in Krak?!

Uncover an ancient cellar filled with a treasure trove of trinkets: mayan masks, relics, vintage photo's, even Indiana Jones’ motorbike.. dig it! Plus that well-stocked bar, bottled & draught beers plus original drinks & shots.

Drop into this temple for boomin’ concerts, travel slide shows & maybe live comedy. The name gives it away, get lost in this wonderful world!

ul. Batorego 1 (enter in courtyard)

7 min' from Market Sq

vege cafe & restobar

Magical medieval tower, a buzzing bastion & full of funky flavors.

Vegan resto by day featuring tantalizing & original Thai cuisine.. desserts, cakes creative cocktails & fridges full of Czech & Polish craft beers.

The 2'nd floor belfry is a small art gallery w/ rotating local student exhibitions. Intimate concerts on weekends. The people make the place & the friendly crew manning these ramparts are all heart!

ul. Kraińskiego 14

courtyard behind “Hala Targowa” - Tram 8, 9, 11, 17

Cafe Borówka
cafe bar

Delicious cakes, cookies & a rotating blend of fresh roast coffees, teas & seasonal specialties. In the sunny months, grab a milk shake, REAL fruit smoothy or one of the best ice creams around...

Sprawl out on the patio or nurse a beer on the newly built rooftop deck & soak up the rays all the live-long days.

Or stay inside & let the Piano Man serenade - sweet digestion. Borowka is a world of its very own.

tel. (+48) 71 343 12 25


ul. Świdnicka 38a

½ way between Rynek & Train station

Grampa's Hostel
easy chill huge apartment

Decked out from head to toe in vintage threads, far-out furniture & liquid lamps, this hip hotspot is where its at.

No kitsch, just cool. Each dorm/ room pimps it's own style & the 'neon pouf' common-roomy space is, like totally groovy man.

This a place for the cozy quiet & the crazy riot… Always a fine vodka to be tasted & fellows to toast with that.. social & subtle comes w/ experience.

tel: (+48) 71 321 92 40

Plac świętego Macieja 2/1

5 min. walk from Ostrów Tumski

Multitap Bar

The craft beer revolution is well under way & this 'no frills' pub is the prime place in town to drown in pints of pristine piwo.

They have 22 taps & 3 pumps (only ones in WRO!) spread over 2 floors all for the love of beer.. All the best up’n comin’ Polish & foreign micro brew hits.

An 18th century tavern, continuing the tradition of delivering superior suds to thirsty Vratislavians of all shapes & sizes. See you there then! 


Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17

2 mins. from the Market Square

Le Chef
cafe bistro & bar

Despite what the le' name suggests..

Their Chef'ski prepares a seasonally shifting menu w/ weekly lunch specials that are both fancy & casual.. No mood of frenchy pretentious.. Espressos w/ an ‘X’ all day, some tasty tapa's trays & a splash of wine, even out in the sun..

Settle into a stylish nook, dig into a ballad of salad or meaty main.. Then park it at 'le bar' for some long lounging, sip slow on that drink & try to think why it is you would ever leave..!

ul. Więzienna 31

by the Market sq.    

Commie' kitchen & dive Bar

This time machine takes you straight back to the good / bad ol’ days ..

behind the iron curtain. Hearty Communist 70's cuisine including Polish classics like bigos, pierogi, beef tatar (!) or RiBS (!!).

The beer & vodka flow like Marx’s beard & it all priced nice for your proletariat paycheck. Hearty late night bites & serious last resolution. 

Ul. Leszczyńskiego 4

2 mins. from Market Sq

Vinyl Cafe
cafe-bar- -music shop

So hip, so smooth.. slip into this cool groove..

Throw your iPhony in the river & grab a disc of voluptuous vinyl from the stax.. have a go! LP’s choose from jazz, soul, blues to classic rock & indie. New/used/buy/sell or just listen on hi-qt hi-fi..

Pull up a vintage chair, grab a fair trade cafe, draft beer- wine & a sweet or savory snack.. settle into some serious sonic sessions

ul. Kotlarska 35-36/1A

3 mins walk North / Market Sq.

A Maze in Tchaiovna
tea house, bar & venue

Yabadabadoo Yogi, odd non-alko & craft beers. 

They got eats & treats! Lose yourself in rooms, snugs & hideouts within the within.

 Socially buzzin' front room host to regular music, lectures, theatre, workshops, language lessons, comedy & poetry nights, craft clubs.... board games, enjoy & be silly )). Sister concept of Tchai-ovna Glasgow

P6. Muchova 4

Trams 1,8,18,25,26 night 51,56 57 - Metro A "Hradčanská"

Boulder V síti
drink eat climb kick-it

get a grip! 260m2, 3000 grabs 80 routes of equipped climbing cave.. 80Kč/3e per person,no time limit. Serving Pilsner, local craft beers, good music, cool friendly staff, a place to unwind.,

Friday shots-party...much rums.., for strength, baguettes, quesadillas, salads, Italian café.. get you up for some serious foosball.. hangin’ out..

P 3. Borivojova 104

Trams 5,9,26 night trams 55,58 - “Husinecká"

hostel & bar

Stylish home away from home. Created by a experienced international team.

Take a load off in one of their bars, chill out-lounge or the BBQ garden. To start the day either a Continental or Hot Breakfast. Join in then on daily cultural events & social games.

Free pressed linen on beds made 4u! Surrounded by nice pubs, restaurant, bowling alley & more. Easy stroll or regular public transport / city center.

Roháčova 15, Praha 3

Metro C to Florenc> Bus 133, 175, 207, 509 (Tachovské nám)/ or from Airport> Bus 119 to Nádraží Veleslavín> Metro A to Flora> Bus 136, 175 (Rokycanova). or Tram 9 'Lipanska'.

Chapeau Rouge Prague
bars & 3 stages-club gallery

Infamous haunt,

THE lavish underground of old town.

Drinks, Debauchery, Dancing, Dj's.. indie/ famous bands, Fantastic program & most of it free ))..


If you can't concept a 'good time' in here.. well...

P1. Jakubská 2

just off of Old town Sq

Charles Bridge Economic Hostel
classic hostel, bar & info central

Beautiful ancient gate house at THE bridge & now you have a chance to stay.!. delight at the attention to detail in the renovations.. the 14'th Ct' walls & these chambers have seen it all.. now take your place my princesses.. comforts you will be more than comfortable.!

P1. Mostecka 4/53. c/o Prague Tourist Information

Metro A - “Malostranská” Tram 5, 12, 18, 20, 22 Night 57

Hostel Camp & Hostel ZIZKOV Prague
Camp central, Open air music stage, bar & coffee

Another World... Fun, safe place for everybody w/ all facilities. Space & trees, bar & grill, Live music / culture program, serious 'under the trees' café, animal farm.

Festivals, parties. tepee, totem pole, grass, campfire relax. Easy walk or bike (in the nature) to downtown... if you ever wanna' leave ))

P3. Nad Ohradou 17

Tram 9- Night 58 “Vozovna Žižkov” . GPS- 50° 5' 31" 14° 28' 23"

Palac Akropolis - kult komplex
club - bars - cafe - restaurant

World (in-) famous multi level multi active multi vistitile multi culti venue nightly theatre, stage.. big gigs, wierd happenings.. later all bars in the cellers free Dj's & scenes, suprizing cocktails & other tall nite tails..

Over the corner the DAY BAR offers great value international meals & inspiring vibes.. you should go & you will find yourself in there...

you should go, you will find yourself in there.. somewhere..
Cafe - 10:-oo-00.oo
Restaurant bar- 11:oo-01:oo
Clubs & Music hall 19:oo-05:+

P3. Kubelikova 27

Metro A - “Jiři. z. Poděbrad” just by the TV tower

Pivnice U Sadu
pub restaurant & breakfast

The after-party.. Kitchen & bar from 08.am till 04.oo the next morning !! DRINK their own beer 'Sádek' & EAT quality classic Czech style meals. Sunny days the street terrace fills with song, swine & so on! football on TV & pinball, flipper in the basement ! . Stay home & they deliver.!

P3. Škroupovo Náměstí 5

Metro A - “Jiřího z Poděbrad”

Radost FX
resto, cafe, club & scene

RESTAURANT & CAFÉ Streetside legend in modern Vegetarian, Indian, Greek, Thai & Mexican cuisines. Cool, hip place to hang out, a meeting point & a place to meet. Enjoy from large selection of alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks. Kinda' swish'n'snazzy.

THE CLUB & MUSIC is down below, 3 nights neverending party till morning. Up beat happy stylish crowd Czech & foreign DJ's- maybe the best house / R'n'B in town. Lights & action!

P.2. Bělehradská 120

Metro C-”I.P. Pavlova“ Tram 4,6,10,16,22- Night 51, 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59

Barrel Bar
rock pop music pub

Spilling over the brim..

Finger lickin' trax', music you know & love, washed down with top quality mixed drinks, best of the Czechs tap beers, pizzas & snacks ... lots of side attractions + amusments ))

All the games on big screens. JUKEBOX in the clubroom out back! & out front lovely inclosed garden.

You can also crash here /Pension U Galerie they own little B&B, w/ parking & breakfast... Why go elsewhere?!

Rybářská 40

Bluegrass club
Live music country club bar kitchen

... a family establishment, handed on to the next generation... much live music, local county & other country steel string ensembles, random pickin's & banjo duelling.. come down here to the crossroads...

BBQ Grill mastery & simple wholesome meals prepared right there. Indoor communal & outdoor seating, fireside, friendly service- usual suspects & travellers squeeze together....

also a pension with two doubles one triple room at your disposal..

Skalní 171

Decadent Art Club
rooms, private cafe- bar & gallery

Intimate home from home.

Kitchen, grandma's garden, walled patio, three fabulous bedrooms & a self catering garden apartment. 1 min from the river & shops, 10 min from sights, town square or Forest. Parking out front.

This place is really impromptu, special & very cool artists in permanent residence. One of a kind- many instruments, jam sessions place, social club, meeting place, library &...

Whatever you want to be.

Tel: +420 739 654 610


Na Kovárně 126

Coffee Provence
cafe bakery bar

Special Sicilian pistachio & almond sweets 'n' treats- Davidoff coffee (for a good price) w/ optional
special flavors- infusions, fine wines, exotic french chocolates & baked

Awesome ice-cream.

Outdoor seating across from the castle courtyards-
take it to go or stay 'n' chill....

Latran 55

Divadelní klub Antre
Bar in the town theatre

If it's culture & suave civilisation you crave for.. along with a real cuppa Carraro 90% arabica... 5 tap beers to test, international rum brands & select wines from CZ Moravia (S. Mádl Velké Bílovice) or South African grape..

You will be rubbing shoulders with the stars of the show here.. since this is the town theatre bar & the actors line up!

Concerts are regular, exhibitions constantly renewing & in season the terrace offers unbeatable view over all that is Krumlov at it's very best.

Horni 2

Gelateria Monna Lisa
Italian Ice creams & cafe bar

All roads lead to the home of genuine Gelato (now you scream) real cafe & desserts ' fatti in casa (homemade)'... the guys here are the real deal & all products are direct imports from the most beautiful country in Europe... so sit down & take that little extra time to treat yourselves.. BENVENUTI

Hradebn? 61

Hostel 99
Est 1998, hostel bar & garden

 Est 1998 Top notch internationally & locally.

Comfortable classic high standard, fun, colorful place for a few days/ weeks. Perfect to meet fellow's & hostels friends, fully equipped kitchen & garden grill. Ping-Pong & beers on a sun dash terrace, castle in the backdrop.

Sit by the fire. Kick back & relax! Atmospheric (3-12 bed) attic dorms. No bunk beds! or privates & apartments...

Every Wednesday share a social free keg of local beer.

+420 380 712 812


Vezni ul. 99

Kafírna na Starém Plešivci
Confectionary, cafe, bar

Quaint stylish, homemade delicatessen, intimate, w/ couple tables for out-door breakfast, brunch, drinks, freshly-squeezed fruit & or veggie 'raw power' juices. Cold cucumber, ginger & iced tea drinks, hand blended milkshakes. Mothers own sweet desserts: daily special bake & carrot cake, pancakes, crepes, apple/pear pies. non-smoking, Free Wi-fi... cute as can be!

Plešivecká 130

Krčma U dwau Maryí
traditional style restaurant & bar

...all the favourite"e;s of the bohemian belly including fishes & rabbit.

The oldest beer & country grub platters to be had. Nice canopied terrace on the river sits under the bustling good humoured kitchen, which remains filling until last orders. garlic / hangover soup.

In doors a quirky tavern, homely candlelit caves & very quaint upper salon for your drinking  & dining pleasures. Some olden day veggie options & good salad. Honey wine & sumptuous cakes. Fresh garden Erbs,

Cabbage & daisy soup, Buckwheat gruel, fa ya Soul...

Parkan 104

in the shadow of the castle tower

Nonna Gina
Italian restaurant - pizza bar

 Est 1996.. Southern Italian owned (the oregano is hand-picked from his village)). exclusively imported wines (nothing else would do) HUGE glasses

Best hand-tossed pizza in town. Prices starting from 2 euro.. Hand made pasta & spiced oils… Mamma Mia !!, prosciutto crudo ‘no hoof, no good !!’…. parmegiano regianno, the undesputed heavy weight champion of cheeses is generously portioned… as are the Big desserts, try that banana split.. !!

Outdoor seating, smoking & non…. Did I forget to mention the coffee or the grappa..

11.oo-11.oo kitchen till 22.oo

Klasterni 52

Travel Hostel
hostel & bar

Renovated former stables & yard.

Downstairs bar, beers & music, pool & foosball table… romantic ivy-covered courtyard good food restaurant open daily w/ beautiful fireplace ambient.

Tel.: +420- 380 711 345
Mob.: +420- 731 564 144

Soukenická 43

in the old town

Hostel Kabul
Backpackers, it's the one you have heard about

More than 20+ years !!

One of the most well known & oldest hostels in the World. Directly over 'THE' Sq & THE end-less action.. Many rooms w/ good view balconies & joyful people spaces... fantastic rooftop garden bar.!!..

Buzzin', always busy common room-bar, happy hours pool table- WIfi lounging, beers & free dinner... non-stop for Real !!

+34 93 318 51 90
Fax: 93 301 40 34

Placa Reial 17, Barcelona

L3 -"Liceu"

The Brutal Panda
Music Bar | Karaoke | Shisha | Bands | DJ?s | Cock

This exceptional place of the great atmos', music, performances, bands (mostly on fridays) & DJ's, pro' karaoke (you gonna sound real good)) w/ some 95 000 international songs, as well as exquisite hookahs/ stronger shishas.Delicious exactly to taste cocktails shake & stir...

Funky Freaky place to spend some times. w/ friends old & new.

Bořivojova 2422/15

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

Le Budoir
boutique & art galery

Chic design local/world studio collective action by artists & producers of fashion wear, items, art & trinkets.

They often do actions & openings & happenings. pop in see what & who is there, glass of wine,

comes from the heart..

Cimburkova 22, Žižkov, Praha 3

Trams 5,9,26 - “Husinecká”

Burrito Loco - P3. Vinohradská 69
24 hour Mexican foods & drinks

THE one & only !!

From breakfast burritos- taco salads to late night nachos, tacos & quesadillas this is the place to go for your Mex fix any time of day!

Vegetarian dishes as well.

No mater where you are in the center there is a Loco near you !- 6 places in Prague !!

P3. Vinohradská 69

Metro Green line- Jiri Podebrad

Trams: 10, 11, 16, 51- Vinohradská

Hostel Elf
the lodge on the hill

Fridge is stuffed with cool beers or there's always a nice free hot mug to be enjoyed around the common room 

...socialise, relax, chillout in the garden terrace, BBQ’ing (3x gratis per week in Summer),

fun place, friendly environment, events every day, also modern & comfortable... 

Tel: +420- 222 540 963 Fax: +420- 222 540 927 - info@hostelelf.com

Husitská 11

bus 175, 133 & 207 U PAMATNÍKU

trams 5,9,26 - Husinecká

Camp Zizkov
Camp & concert venue

Concerts near every night & nice pub & garden bar.

Easy in & out of the town center. Walk, bike or tram..

Fun & safe place for everybody. All mod cons & facilities... Space & trees.Indian Bar-Grill & Rock´n´roll.Tepee,Totem Pole... grass.. another world...Heated outdoor swimming-pool.. relax..

+420 607 296 507
+420 604 232 231

Nad Ohradou 17, Žižkov, Praha 3

Tram no.9 (or night 58) 'Vozovna Žižkov' GPS- 50° 5' 31" 14° 28' 23"

restaurant & garden

Really relaxing high standard place.

A big favorite in the local. & why? High quality fine dine food, drink & ambient! Many specials on the menu, foods not to be enjoyed elsewhere around. Lamb, goat & chef salads & surprises.

Each day hosting something new in the 'dailys'..

Take it on the lawn picnic style / tea on the lawn... tasteful & simple.. a very good choise.

Seifertova 303/77

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

Hostel One Prague
uptown lodge bar & garden

Comfortable, subtle, more at home, that personal touch.

Have a good time, chill beers in the cave bar, the beautiful garden for the BBQ, relax on balconies & take spaces.. wide choice of en-suite rooms & small dorms.

Super social & the shiny clean kitchen.!!

tel: (+420) 222 22 14 23 - hostelprague@gmail.com

P3. Cimburkova 8

tram 5, 9, 26 - “Husinecká” Night, 55,58

Roma UNO
27/4 (NON-STOP) for more than +20 year

A cult 'always open' place, good lunches, homemade sweets & decent coffee, dinner, or a meat up after night clubbing. Full kitchen anytime, local specialities & mediterranean classics inc' 28 delicious Italian pizza.

Daily special- 11.oo-15.oo.. student ID gets more discounts. Great choice on the ever changing new weekly menu & the Monthly special meal offer.

PREparty drink specials.. AFTERparty celebrations..Summer 10- 22h seating on two front terraces.? .. By now more than 1 million pizza's baked in this wood fueled oven!!

Jagellonská 16

Metro A ,Jiriho z Podebrad/Flora, Trams- Olsanske Namesti-26,9,5,55,58 Radhostska-11,13 Autobus/night- 136,175,567

Mon Ami Žižkov
Mediterranean family style restaurant

. from some sunny beach town!.... sit among the antiques & wood.. out in the lovely vine covered garden...

daily menu. Italian, Balkan pizzas, steaks, salads & especially about fish.....

& if you like sea food (lava grilled) then you are in the right place..

maybe you can catch live music maybe just have a good feed 'n'drink... it is like being on holidays! dance anyways . .


Roháčova 135/20, Žižkov, Praha 3

Bus 175 Prokopová Nam. Tram 5, 9, 26, Lipanská

Bar Fud
gastro sports bar & garden

Classic American bar food- fantastic chicken wings & Tex-Mex- great food priced for the budget traveller. beat the summer heat in the perpetually cool & shaded garden. Sports on t.v.--Žižkov's version of a working class neighborhood bar & grill.....

Show your CitySpy map for a free green shot )) ((zelena))

Husitská 3

bus 175, 133, 207 „ U Památníku”, trams 5,9,26 - “Husinecká”

Boulder v siti

get a grip! 260m2, 3000 grabs 80 routes of equipped climbing
cave.. 80Kč/3e per person, no time limit....

& serving Pilsner, good music, cool friendly staff, a place to unwind., Friday shots-party...much rums.., have strength have baguettes, quesadillas, salads, Italian café..

& now take on the locals for
some serious foosball.... hangin’ out..

Borivojova 104

Trams 5, 9, 26 night trams 55, 58 - "Husinecká"

Cardinal's Burlesque bar
night hot spot

Like stepping into a David Lynch dream...

Legendary Prague bartender 'Řiška' mixing amazing cocktails & speciality drinks, even pouring a beer )).. & for entertainment! Live burlesque performances many nights each week, check FB for schedule.

No entry charge, friendly prices & much Žižkov decadence for late night lovers & libertines.

Jeronýmova 2

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55 58 - Husinecká

GROW bar

Conveniently located between a brothel, a police station & a kid's school, this hotspot has great tunes, cool customers, fun staff, cheap drinks, foosball, pinball, you can smoke up here too...

& graffiti supplies in case you're feeling artistically inspired for your journey into the night...

Full bar & much to entertain & distract!

Cimburkova 17

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

eat, drink & marvel

Original komix bar w/ perfect supply of best rums & other decisive delicious drinks from the whole world... more lemonades, shots & cocktails.

Serving snacks, delicatessen & big burgers.. long into the night & easy spot to drop in during your crawl around our hood..

they got what you need & when you need it ))

Vlkova 29

Tram 5.9.26 - “Husinecka”

Peters Apartment
Cafe & Bar

Peter's own unique roasted blend is a delicious coffee served by the cup or the takeout beanbag, fresh juices- from spinach to mango, homemade breads & sweets.

Sandwiches, healthy tasty 'soup of the day'..... Famous breakfast's Mon- Sat till 2pm, on HANGOVER SUNDAYS, breakfast served 11-6pm/ all day... & from a small CZ village brewery "knezna/ the duchess" on tap...

it's a nice vibe & cute place.

Slavíkova 24

Metro A. 'Jiřího z Poděbrad'

cafe & animal shelter

Missing your pet whom you left at home?... wishing for some of that furry love?.. have a tea party with the 7 in-house rescued kittycats, of all sizes & ages & patterns.

Then of course- Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Coffee, Iced gelato sundaes, homemade lemonade, hot chocolate, Desserts,


Bořivojova 1102/43,

Tram: 5, 9, 26,  'Lipanská'

Restaurant & Smokehouse

Don't be fooled by the 'uber-hip' refined interior, this is a badass SMOKEhouse!

The only place in all Poland w/ an American Southern Pride oven & oh boy do they put it to good use!

Ribs, chicken, steak's, fish, vege', fruit, cheese- all smoked perfectly using correct wood & all natural local ingredients.

They even smoke bar cocktails! More Momu for you?

Wierzbowa 9/ 11

4 mins / from Old Town- Metro 'Ratusz Arsenal'

vegan sushi

Diversity & richness in the world of plants..

Chef/owner Wojtek fuses fruit & vege' with whole grains to create these rolls, wraps & surprises! Modern colorful & delish sushi all locally sourced & seasonal.

You won't be wondering “Where’s the fish?”... just wishing for another dish of their rockin’ rolls. Skeptical? .. Just taste It!

Wilcza 11

8 mins walk / Palm Tree

Krowarzywa 2
Vegan Burgers

Go Go !!.. Healthy millet, chickpeas, seitan, tofu, grilled veggie patties. Burger of the week!

All packed into fresh baked buns @ vegan sure & dashed w/ D-elicious homemade dressings. So popular are they had to open a 2'nd stylish location w/ more sitting, chillin' & chewing room both inside & out..

NO frozen ingredients ! ZERO GMO / MSG!-101% VEGAN! ..

Fair trade- Tea's. Fantastic Fruit & Veggie smoothies.


ul. Marszałkowska 27/35

6 minutes walk from the Palace of Culture

Aioli mini
Southern European Cantine Bar

The younger sister of Aioli..

They designed this cool bistro w/ the diminutive stylish automobile in mind.. Urban, hip, stylish & can turn on a dime.

They expand on the main Aioli menu & add a bit more attitude & flair to the mediterranean fair.. plus healthy smoothies, creative cocktails & daily specials.

Plac Konstytucji 5

2 mins. / Metro 'Politechnika'

Floating Club - Bobbing Bar

Ahoy all ye party peoples!.. Barka is a bumpin’ barge moored on the vast River Wisła (vee-swuh) .. smack dab in the middle of all the action.

This café-club hosts all sorts of floating concerts & dance parties, always under the stars 'n' rocking till dawn..

Delicious slow food snacks at sea & don’t miss noon brunch on Sat & Sun on the sun deck.. At this Barka bar, you ain’t going far

Open whenever the weather is nice from Spring-Fall

Kościuszkowskie 35

by Mermaid on the Wisła Riverfront/Metro Centrum Nauki Kopernika

Łysy Pingwin
beerstro pub

This Bald Penguin isn’t hiding anything under his hat. What you see is what you get... & that's a cult club cum cafe with cheap eats in & bedecked with the budhas robes.

Find alterna-artist types orbitting this arctic bird, ducking in for a film screening, gallery opening or....?

Best beer selection around from the round world (staroprAMEN!)- sip away as them hours slip, away...

Ząbkowska 11

5 mins, Metro 'Dworzec Wileński'

Pardon To Tu
Venue, Bar, Cultural Center

The best live music spot in Warsaw if not Poland.

If you like your music real, experimental, improvisational, personal & soulful... Their cultural calendar is impressive & also extends to workshops, book fairs, music markets’n more. Always something going on..

Lounge around outside on the urban terrace, or grab a micro brew & fresh baked pizza pie.. Then your eyes go wide as they glide over the choice vinyl & books inside. This isn’t a place, it’s a movement.. so move it!

Pl. Grzybowski 12/16

On Pl. Grzybowski, 4 mins. walk from The Palace of Culture

Oleandrów 3
dive bar

loosley translated means bubbles & hot dogs..

It's sparkling wine, prosecco, vinho verde & wet beers.. It's art openings, exhibitions & concerts. It's all Spanish tiles & dilapidated walls surrounding a decadent golden- cocktails bar..

That’s right.. pure'n'true shabby-chic non-stop music, energy & vibes..

Do your day-drinking in style, all them Nighthawks be there in just a little while..

ul. Oleandrów 3

4 mins. by Plac Zbawiciela 

Bal Bar
Vegan Restaurant

A veggie lover’s paradise..

The bright & warm interior, pulls you right in & sits you down to a menu that would surprise even the greenest diners.

Daily lunch specials w/ hearty soups & exotic mains plus a selection of fresh & healthy shakes, lemonades & juices.

Only freshest products, no bull.. So have a Bal!

Ząbkowska 9

4 mins, Metro 'Dworzec Wileński'

Kufle i Kapsle (Beer Mugs & Bottle Caps)
"craft beer pub "

Easy to find, watch for the neon sign- beer flowing tap >> mug..

Stylish & pouring THE best new wave Polish & other top brews from across the globe. 10 taps & 2 pumps constantly rotating the freshest suds & the hippest hops..

& w/ another 150 bottles bar side! Beer'istas will help you pick your brew, or try it w/ a tasting tray.. many events, beer & tapas, taster workshops, fests etc. 

ul. Nowogrodzka 25

by Palace of Culture/ Metro Centrum 

steampunk gastrobar

Well.. this is cool !

Specializing in hand crafted cocktails & snappy tapa's. Bronze piping, gauge gizmos & Edison bulbs all look the business!

So saddle up to the bar or huddle into a nook & cranny to nurse a brew or 2. 

Weekday lunch specials dazzle.. strap on your top hat & point your hot-air-balloon towards this superb saloon. 

Marszałkowska 21/25

Metro 'Politechnika' - 3 min / Pl. Zbawiciela

Balkan Restaurant

Warsaw legend, been serving up Balkan meats, beats & liquid treats now over 13 years! Chow down on original gourmet dishes w/ a Warsaw twist- best lamb chops in town!.

This colorful den & sprawling terrace is lively by day & kicking Live music every night & someone always orders a rack of rakija & then... Slovenian wines, Bosnian beer & boatloads of Southern European chaotic cheer!!!

Szkolna 2/4

@ Metro 'Swiętokrzyszka'

Southern European Cantine Bar

The brightest gastro star in Wawa’s sky?.. Industrial interiors meet fresh & simple cuisine, symbolized by THE secret 'Aioli' sauce! Open kitchen overlooking the urban diningroom.

Delicious breakfasts, Middle East salads, original sandwiches, pastas, burgers & pizzas (Taleggio w/ caramelized onions & pear!). Thursday= muscles. Daily-lunch specials & colorful cocktails.

Nightly DJ's in the mood for more..

Świętokrzyska 18

@ Metro 'Swiętokrzyszka'

ArkaBarka & ArkaBarka 2 apartments
Floating hostel & deck lounge

First floating APARTMAN in Europe.
This lovely houseboat has suffered badly from the recent floods. They are 100% working, just suffered some damage & lost a lot of investment.. so is good to stay & help them with your hands or your rent money ;-).. Nice guys by the riverside..

The location is just absolutely fabulous.. U can be in & out town easy & the rewards.. just look around you.. the beds, rooms & facilities are tip top.. the galley is a fantastic open plan lounge bar & water terrace sun decks.. the whole river bank, the BBQ's.. the good life..

Tel: 381 (0)64 925 35 07

Bul' Nikole Tesle bb - Blok 14

bus No.15, 72, 83. 84 "Palace of Serbia" building & cross the city park "Usce" to the River next to street lamp no.88

Manijak Hangout
underground night bar venue

Get down.. follow the distinct muffle of music & voices...

THE cheapest late night drinks is only the beginning..

Mini happenings, art events, movies, live jam & DJ events. Gallery, fill it up- easy to get along with the others, super nice bar men from the Keith Richards school of hospitality...

& later enjoy that cushion head rest on the loo.. since 96'

Sremska 2. (underground passage way)

under passage very begining of Knez Mihailova


City center, cozy daytime atmos', which can easily turn into an all night party !!.

Choose beers from various local craft breweries, different homemade rakija, great coffee & freshly squeezed juices. Workshops, book promotions, live radio shows are also not uncommon.

With a day to day rich DJ programmes... don't to miss it!

Cetinjska 15

bus 16,31,95 - Tram 2, 5, 9, 10 -“Pijaca Skadarlija”

Crveni Rak
A gorgeous little old pub

very pretty. romantic setting, beautiful old, the ambiance a 20'S Parisian cafe..

you wouldn’t be surprised seeing Dali or Man Ray sipping in the corner... this is the surrealistic approach. In this reality & in tradition they serve really top quality draft beers on tap (8 different kinds+) lovely people around the place, street tables for fresh air & views.

Complimentary snacks for the drinkers & LIVE MUSIC twice a week!


Beogradska 14, Zemun

bus 83 Zemun

garden / bar / in / outdoor

on the grounds of an abandoned brewery which is transforming into a arts & culture space, promoting young artists from all over the world.

In the evening the whole area turns into a new favorite nightlife hub. Daytimes perfect atmos' to relax over a coffee or cool drinks, then in the night it transforms.... featuring well known DJ's, live gigs, & performances.

Big screen main sports events, various cultural events &&&....


Cetinjska 15

Trams 2, 10 / Bus 26, 37 16, 95 Couple blocks from Trg Republik Sq

The Black Turtle
beer drinkers pubs

Specialist brewery w/ 7 hip & diverse 'on tap' locations to taste it up..

wild wheat, blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry flavoured (w/out chemicals!) stout, smoked, white, IPA, abby & bitter.... in Pub#.5- live music. DJ's in#3 w/ends: #4 offers breakfast & foods #7- live music from sept till end of may twice a week.

1/ Pub II - Kosančićev venac 30
2/ Pub III - Gospodar Jovanova 56
3/ Prešernova Klet- Dečanska 23
4/ Bistro Klemanso-  Svetogorska 14
6/ Zlatna Moruna- Kraljice Natalije 2 Sun- Thu: 9.oo-00.oo, Fri-Sat: 9.oo-1.oo
5/ Kafana Zora- Makedonska 7 Mon-Sat: o8.oo-o2.oo Sun: 16.oo-o2.oo
7/ Klub Morn- Braće Jugovića 16 - Daily: 20.oo- 04.oo 

Pub II - Kosančićev venac 30

All downtown by Republic sq


Daytimes lovely little terrace overlooking the botanical gardens & another ou the street a true in da'hood hang out!!.

Later & down in the bar, you could be standing there minding your own business when a party would explode under you & last way past closing time..

pinball, coffee, beer & cocktails/ looong drinks.. you would have to be...

Dalmatinska 13, Beograd

Takovska / Botanical garden

KC Grad
cultural & art centre, cafe , bar, club

Transformed industrial spaces for concerts, performance, exhibition, workshops, art & book 'happenings'... movies..

if there is something 'on' or you just came to hang by the River.. café , arts/ designer shop, garden all day., you can do it & leave more civilized than you had arrived....

Dancing over w/ends..

Brace Krsmanovic 4.

under Brankov Most- bridge. trams 2, 11

Nula Pet - 0,5
pub & bar

Megalomaniac portions of cocktails, beer, hot drinks and freshly squeezed juices from the minimum amount of 0.5L... thats part of the concept.. or if you prefer Big "karakondžula" 3 liters pitchers!!

& low prices will extra help your mood )).

More pleasure in the program alternative bands, budding artists & unusual innovative cultural events. Summertime garden & winter basement..

you have hit the spot here!

Dobračina 30

3 blocks from Republic sq

Apettite Restaurant
All the romance of a nice Italian

Delicious & well priced dining, friendly staff, happy hours, great music & cocktail nights.

Mediteranian specialities & sea foods. 'La Dolce Vita' cakes, & creamy treats to go with that premium coffee.

Swish designer space & crafted preparations. Elegent surround, comfort lounging.

Kraljice Natalije 30

by Zeleni venac & Terazijski park

Đura Bar
Voted- best bar in Bg 2 years now.

Concept unites an all-day variant. Mornings, sandwiches, croissants, muesli & cakes beside the open fireplace. W/ 7 types of 100% Arabica coffee, natural tea's & fresh pressed juices.

Great choice wines for the afternoon. idyll & Japanese beers.

Wide range of cocktails later. At night, they transform to a club, where weekends you can party w/ famous DJ's & enjoy special offers on Tuesday's cocktails.

Venizelosova 62

Bus 37- "Vojvode Dobrinjca"

Dogma Brewery
for true craft beer lovers

First brewery with tap room in Belgrade!! "In Hops We Believe"...

Here you can try hoppy & malty ales crafted with passion! This is a local brewery with it's own tap room, riding the new brew wave. Their produce is top quality & interesting fine tastes along with the fun results of a nights tasting )) & enjoy atmosphere in this interesting old Sugar factory complex.

With some art programs in & surrounding of the brewery, also a tour available..

by ADA island- Radnička 3

Bus- 51,52,53,56,58,37,23. 'ADA CIGANLIJA' Trams- 12,13 "HIPODROM"


Miners Pub
Alternative craft beers & atmosphere

Serious variety of craft beers, 9+ taps Serb/ world brews. 150+ bottled labels!

You can dig into local Rakia & wine gems, toast it w/ the good people around you! Listen to an odd quality of music playlists, spread yourself around

&&& yes pinball, table football, free proper darts! O yeah! :D


Rige od Fere 16, Belgrade

Couple blocks right off Kalemegdan

bar club spectacular sight

Gripping the hottest spot on the nightline..

A climax from many illegal former clubs finally found such a nest. Speciality vinyl house mix, made & packed for proper dancing & no room for no slacking.. together w/ awesome panoramic sight over Belgrade bridges & river.

Top dog lokal 'n' foreign electronic performances, magic sunsets & more than 50 extraordinary cocktails... ring the bell & know this is very special.

Lomina 5-9, Belgrade

opposite from Zeleni venac

Pubby's Magic Garden
hidden garden & bar

Reliable authentic- atmospheric day cafe / night pub-club deep in the downtown.

A gathering place of young artists/art enthusiasts. With many presentations of individuals & groups, in the original arrangement of old & new, west & east, modern & proven !.. with masks, wigs, hats & other masquerade props you can try on.. & meet people with similar interests! w/ affordable beers

(155 din - 0,5 l) & quality homemade honey brandy (135 din - 0,5 l) you may well hear some 'original', interesting dj-s."

Makedonska 5

under the shops passage. opp National Theatre

Fabrica Pub & Club
pub, restaurant, club

Legendary Old factory in the rockin’, rollin’ scene !! it’s a huge complex of food, drinks, punkrock n’good times .. pub & restaurant, lots on offer.. underground club, for parties & live gigs, events, local & inter' band's, shake your world.. 

Terrace w/ lots’a sky above, indoor skate park, or the playground & connect w/ that inner-child. Plenty of opportunities- chill in the day - rock it in the night !!

Str. 11 Iunie 50, sector 4

M2 - Pia Unirii or tram 32 - 11 Iunie

Charlie P`s
Irish pub- resto- bar- stage

..A true melting pot.. drink, good food, dance floor, sport screens..

Sunday quiz night, R’n’R Karaoke Monday & much international integrations. Happy Hour 11pm - midnight... restaurant; fresh local home-cooked food. except true Irish beef & lamb..

downstairs cellar parties, easy DJ’s.. Alternative/Indie, Rock & 80's. cocktails..

" the best fun you can have with your clothes on"..

Kitchen till 23.oo


W9. Wahringerstasse 3,

U2 "Schottentor" trams 1, D, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, night bus 41

Charlie P`s
Irish pub- resto- bar- stage

"the best fun you can have with your clothes on".. 70+ Craft Beers, 60+ Whiskeys, 70 Wines.

Award-Winning Irish/British Food. DJ's, Dance Floor, Student Nights, International Crowd, Happy Hours, Rock, Indie, Hip-Hop, Bad Taste, 80's. Huge Sports Selection. A Classic Hot-Spot in Vienna.

W9. Wahringerstasse 3,

U2 "Schottentor" trams 1, D, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, night bus 41

Club AU
Gallery club bar venue

creative collective back door DIY kinda' place, low profile lounging,

a select of events & of genre.. independent kino screenings, Kult art, design heavy,

much music.. Dj sessions,

live experimental new music & current 'happenings'.

W XVI. Brunnengasse 76

U6 - “Josefstädter Str.”,

trams J, 5,33, night busses N6, N64

Outback Aussie style bars & food

.... tasty burgers, BBQ fillet steaks, Aussie beers... highly recommended for a great feed any time, a quick pint, hanging- out with mates...

all sports fans are welcome to watch.

If it is competition you want, then Trivia on Monday Night is where you should be.…

Reservations for any night are the wise way to go. . . , call 01/24 100 230. .

W1, Maysdergasse 5.

U1/U2/U! to "Karlsplatz"

Outback Aussie style bars & food

.... tasty burgers, BBQ fillet steaks, Aussie beers... highly recommended for a great feed any time, a quick pint, hanging- out with mates...

all sports fans are welcome to watch.

If it is competition you want, then Trivia on Monday Night is where you should be.…

Reservations for any night are the wise way to go. . . , call 01/24 100 230. .

W1, Maysdergasse 5.

U1/U2/U! to "Karlsplatz"

Die Dondrine
bar / legendary happy hours

Local pub with that big world feel, friendly’n’funky in the scene
& somehow attached to most of the moody clubs...

Cool artsy vibe & unexpected Parties tend to
break out... Occ Dj’s & or performance happenings..

Decidedly a good
start middle or end to a night out...

W6, Kirchengasse 20

U3 "Neubaugasse" 13a "Kirchengasse"

Restaurant & late Bar

For all the hungry party people out there, this is THE place for proper eats & AFTER HOUR.. you can get the WHOLE NIGHT a perfect original Schnitzel, awesomely delicious burgers & a great drinks selection! Served by nice English speaking staff - all that in a trad' Austrian ambient!

That’s what's really unique about this joint definitely. Check out their little hidden cocktail bar with a very "different" interior.

WXV. Haidmannsgasse 8.

U3/U6 - “Westbahnhof”

Shamrock & Dogstar
Irish pub & craft beer bar

Looking for easy afternoons in a relaxing atmos?

Then Shamrock is this is THE place: Watch your team on big screens while having a Guinness w/ friends –

Or walk the DOG upstairs for Craft Beer paradise, more than 80 different brews to choose from! Two Bars,

One call! It's so easy to have a damn good time!


W7. Kirchengasse 3



More than a cool evening hang-out... environment-conscientious place where the cola ain’t Coca... a more human-scale...fair-trades, decent organic wine, local brews…

hear music (indie-electro) DJ's 4 times a week, ping pong party on Wednesdays.

sometime weekends in-house flea-market, improv actions- inspired open crowd...

transport yourself to a better place . .

W5, Kettenbückengasse 1

U4 "Kettenbrückengasse", tram 1, 62

bar restaurant club

Civilize into the day, with a Wiener breakfast 'frühstück' linger long over your Melange' cafe w/ the tracks & the cool people.

The Menu goes wider as the day turns, diners, readers, day trippers come & go

till the night... volume goes up & down in the cellar host only incredible happenings & parties..

get busy & you too..

W7. Burggasse 70

bus 13s " Burggasse/Neubaugasse" U6 "Burggasse"

bar restaurant club

Civilize into the day, with a Wiener breakfast 'frühstück' linger long over your Melange' cafe w/ the tracks & the cool people.

The Menu goes wider as the day turns, diners, readers, day trippers come & go

till the night... volume goes up & down in the cellar host only incredible happenings & parties..

get busy & you too..

W7. Burggasse 70

bus 13s " Burggasse/Neubaugasse" U6 "Burggasse"

hostel & rooftop bar restaurant

Large, design wise place, in various grades of sleeping space, once you awake the focus is on the terrace, located on the 6th floor.

A daily mouthwatering open buffet breakfast is served while you watch the city come alive, stylish, chic & hip venue.

A public bar, café & restaurant afternoon. With many visitors & guests mingling up & feeling kinda' special.

Tel: +90 212- 343 0095 - taksim@bunkhostels.com

Şişli - Papa Roncalli Sok 34.

Few blocks off Taxim Sq

Cafe Lumiere
bistro bar garden

Very friendly place w/ lovely garden where you will enjoy Turkish breakfast (super style)) , lunch & dinner at resonable prices. Carefully chosen house specialities. Homemade lemonade, Turk coffee & many teas. Evenings wine & beers perhaps a movie w/ a cheese plate. You know Indian chef James is there doing a great job.

Cihangir- Kuloglu Kh. Altipatlar Sk 7

behind Galatasaray highschool

Chillout LYA Hostel & Cafe Bar
beds & bar

Single en-suite rooms w/ Bathroom or w/out, Twins, Doubles. Triples. 2+1 & 2+2 Family. 4- 5- 6 bed, all w/ free buffet breakfast inc'... Balconies!.. top floor suite has rooftop access..

streets level pub, open o8:oo- o4:oo.. food, drinks, music, good moods... & the muted rhythm of the nightlife, rock you sweet to sleep..

Tel: + 90 (212) 244 74 00

Hüseyin Aga Mahallesi Toprak Lüle Sk No:1,

5 mins on Istiklal from Taxim Sq, Turn right at the Atif Yilmaz St


the bohemian atmosphere of the Asian-side bars. Funky yet classy .. relax place during the day &
party-club at night time. Food daily (menu & carte). DJ’s, music
performances, exhibitions, ‘happenings’, live concerts…. garden area, friendly staff & cool people. from all over the ‘Dunia’= World.

Kadikoy Kadife Sok. 19/2

Kadiköy party street

drinks & live music bar

lots of Live bands Thu, Fri & Sat (rock- grunge mainly), warm atmos all day,

HUGE party out to the street everytime, laid back, fun lovin' crowd. GOOD & cheap cocktails (made w/ the correct ingredients & methods)..

Home of the famous “Hönönü”- whaaaat??? a shot served slammed on the table…BANG !! try one & see what happens...


Hüseyinaga Mh. Yesilcam Sok 27/1

5 min's from Taksim sq

Ritim Teras & Bar
2 bars, street resto bar & roof club

corner bar in the fish markets, w/ all the action,

outdoor seating, & drinks, lots of nice meals.. a sea of faces swim past. Top floor, w/ Dj's, hot dancing, cocktails & fresh air.. garden party, big time WoW.. sunny seating or sun setting,

FULL bar. Big screen sports... you need never leave...

which ever floor you end up in.. you know they got Ritim !

Balik Pazari Sahne sok 20

corner bar in the fish markets

food, bar n' hepcat cool pool

Located behind the Athenaeum, on a legendary street that holds it's own festival in the summer. Wide selection of international wines & microbrewerie beers.

Breakfast, soups, twisted salads, elaborate fish dishes, classical burgers, Transylvanian sausages blessed by holy mustards... A meeting point for Bucharest’s creatives, with occasional parties and art related events

Str. Pictor Arthur Verona 2, sector 1.

M2 or busses 226, 300, 381 - Pia?a Romană

BEAT bar umanist
total jazz place

Select of local & foreign craft beers; funky cocktails & shots- traditional palincă, lovely inside, colourful, lots of movie & music posters, books;

Cozy jazz underground concerts & lots of cultural events; 50% off all coffees & beers daily 2-7PM... they don't serve mainstream even soft drinks, but have unique Romanian vegan micro brands.

Buzzin' terrace w/ graffiti murals. Kitchen & outdoor wood pizza oven..

C.F. Robescu 14 sector 3

tram 21 - Hristo Botev, bus 385 or M1, 2, 3 - Pia?a Unirii

bar club venue garden

THE epicenter of hipster culture in town. one of the first clubs to support & promote the more 'below the line' indie rock/electronic scenes / artists & still rocking it good.!

Parties & concerts going on all week through, upcoming local & round the world dj's to feed your dancing appetite!

Get your pingpong groove on, or 'be' on the pretty terrace in the very epicenter of the city.

Str. Constantin Mille 4, sector 1

trolleys 69/ 85/ 91 or M2 - Universitate

Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel
charming hostel & bar with a view

An enchanting place in the middle of urban life.

Located in the Old Town, you will feel the bohemian touch in the day & later freak-out to serious nightlife vibes… get lost & found, discover some very special places & shops still charmin’ up the place since back in the day.

These doors are open for passionate travelers and eager-for-fun people. The place has good service & a welcoming staff... sky bar on the roof, with an excellent view of the city center ;)

Tel. +40786 329 134 - skyhostel@puravidahostels.ro

Str. Smardan 7, sector 3

M2 - Universitare or Piata Romana or trolleys 69, 70, 85 - Universitate

art-bar-wood land wonderland-venue-clubs

.. the ‘Ruin venue deluxe’

two buildings opened with all their flats. 25 rooms, out or in, 6 bars, 7 music stations to dance or chill... a 'must see' & so much to do
in Bp, labyrinth rooms, magical forest,, various breathtaking installations create
a crazy Babylonian world.

instant Party with a capitol 'B'..!

They have a cool hostel also upstairs the Instant Groove. You can see it is a fun place to hang..

Nagymezo u. 38, Bp VII

M1 to "e;Opera"e; tram 4,6 to "e;Oktogon"e;

Corner Hostel
modern maze top floor

A new hopping Hostel that doesn’t cut any Corners... Many zany amenities, tons of sleep selections & a big bang for your buck! 3 floors of en-suite privates, funky bunked dorms & tons of communal space (dig the lounge!).

Located by the market square & all other central attractions - even u can find your way home ;) Had enough gnome hunting for 1 day? Curl up in this Comfy Corner.. watch them days wash away!

tel: (+48) 713 441 095

ul. Świdnicka 13

3 mins. walk from the Market Square

Ruthensteiner hostel
art & music hostel

A truly laid-back atmos', handmade w/ 'lots of love', a unique home providing world travelers a place to kick back & enjoy for 40 years now!

Big common spaces, fantastic artworks. Piano, guitars, ukuleles for guests (international jam sessions in the bar!)

Lovely gardens w/ giant chess set & THE friendliest staff ever.

Low priced dorms/private rooms/ beautiful studios, WIFI in all rooms.

tel: +43-1- 89 34 202
or: +43-1- 89 32 796

W15 Robert Hamerlinggasse 24

U3, U6, Tram 18 "Westbahnhof"

skater punk pre- club bar

Where the spray can burst... very cheap price 'n' good vibes.

Dark, creepy.. graffitis in the toilet, bit sticky...

In Spain we called "Antro".. .

DJ's with a good taste funky/disco/indie rock.. videos, fails, weed/ skater-loving girls... Kung foo ..

pick up here passes for the clubs & get the little wheels spinning.


calle Lancaster 9.- El Raval

just off la Rambla- Macba

Margarita Blue
bar, restaurant, swish lounging

Set yourself up at the bar or grab a table if you want to eat... & you
'do' want to eat ! Modern menu FULL of specialties, exciting 3
course set dinner w/ drink @ 18 euros.

First meals served from 20.oo, come
earlier, this swinger gets busy!.

Cool déco dining area &
the evenings go off!! Dj's, sideshow, a trapeze act.. dancing... it's a
place where people come to go out… let the hair down a bit . .


Josep Anselm Claye 6

L3 -"Drassanes"

dance & concert club

A dance institution.

Early R'n'R club concerts /.. after midnite, 2
floors, down is digital dance, sweaty parties. If you
feel as if you haven't bumped into enough young good looking people yet, …
go Up, they are getting retro & electro. !!! .

pick up free passes in el Manolo

Arc del Teatre 3

L3 Drassanes - just off la Rambla

drinking haunt or beautiful terrace bar

Absinthe- is the mystic blue drink of
creative's & lunatics...

that's the 'house special' w/ the ritual
sacrifice of sugar in silver spoon... transports you off
leaving a beautiful corpse ..

& it's not all night time &
wildness, your favorite place may be
sunning it on the block...some open space ! ...

a space where essential elements fuse, estipulate the senses..



Sant Carles 36

L4 - "Barceloneta"

Buon Appetito
enjoy your meal' 100 % Italian

. welcoming, affordable & reliably good cooking.! Fresh home made pasta n' crunchy pizza the traditional way. Fresh from local markets & of course a selection of crucial Italian ingredients.Special group / party menus available along with private dining rooms, that simply rock ! Outside enjoy a lovely terrace adorned with plants. Satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed !!!

Carrer de la Maquinista, 52 - La Barceloneta & Av. Marques de Argentera, 19 - el Borne.



Marques de Argentera, 19- el Borne

L4 - Barceloneta.

Pizza Paco & Casa Paco
pizzeria, terrace, pub, life drinks, food

Bohemian bakery spreads out over the huge plaCa gardens, all around this
downtown island.. no cars.. only peoples, dogs.. Music & energy..
big kids playground..

Two bars opposite & all that space in
between.. read 'block party'.. get your slice of the pie... every
ingredient, Super spicy, house especial’, crispy & fresh, vege/vegan
offers, They do care.. & 'they got it going on' !!

you can rent the apartment over the bar .;-)

C. Allada Vermell 10-11

L4 - "Jaume I"

The Michael Collins
Irish bar food music happy days'

'The' Authentic pub.. wood'n'brass, memorabilia, antiques.. there's a welcome on the mat!

Great pub food, big fry up's & specials..cut chips, catch up ….with big screen sports..

Mixed crowd gets, loud & sticky…. Live music program Thursday (from 23.oo), Sunday (from 20.oo) come early !!. All those favorite hits.

You are invited to "go a bit mad" . . .


Placa Sagrada Familia 4

L5, L2 - "Sagrada Familia"

Bodega Fermin
wine, tapas, good times

A small place with a terrace that retains the authentic "vibs" 'the life' of Barceloneta, it's a neighbourhood bar!

Serving the finest tapas delicatessen plates.

You can wash that down with local Vermouth, wines from the barrel or the latest & greatest from the craft breweries on bottle..

Nice interior, newly renovated.. fresh..

Sant Carles 18, barceloneta

L4 - “Barceloneta”

Celler Ceres
tapas bar, restaurant, pub

10 micro brew 'craft/ connesiuer' on tap, taster treys & or simply pints on more glasses of wonderful beer!!

Great spot to blow the head off a few.. rotate the menu.. They do delicious tapas, nice salty sharp, goes great with .. you know what !.. or if you prefer strong cheese & fine wine..

expand your tastes, surprise your sensations..

Carrer dels Vigatans 13

L4 - “Jaume I”

Caj Chai
tea house place to chill

fancy a nice cuppa'..?!.

A fresh friendly face, take some time to sit & enjoy gourmet World Tea's select imported. Don't save on their Japanese, Arab & Indian pastries.

The house 'Čaj' comes w/ a Ginger sweet ;-) For every occasion there is a stimulating hot infusion to experience.

Dip in!….

ICE TEA sorbets & homemade Tea Ice Cream in summer on the fabulous sunny terraza..




Sant Domenec del Call 12

L4 - “Jaume I” or “Liceu”- the oldest buildings of BCN !

Stoke Bar
backpacker pub & tapas

Definitely one of the friendliest, most cozy & decidedly charming places in the old center.

Enjoy a cold beer while choosing maybe some sizzling homemade tapas, make your mouth water!

Fresh cocktails always 'made with love'.. Don´t miss it !

Sweet place to hang with other travellers..

Banys Nous 8

L4- "Jaume I" or "Liceu"

la Fresca from Barceloneta
home cooking & drinks

Close to the Barceloneta market find this restaurant
of fine Tapas, with good wine & beers..

Many offers in 'typical' eating & special homemade delights..

ideal accompaniment to a good vermouth.. & a big screen
with the football culture.

Calle Maquinista 8

L4 - “Barceloneta”

Cat Bar
vegen diner & pub

"an inspiring place..

All day vegan English style breakfast, tapas platters, 'full on' farmers portions !!.

They offer an interesting design on the whole vegetarian eating experience. It's rugged, easy & pretty cool !!

Connoisseur local/ world BrewDog beer menu, they have some really special brews.. even for meat eaters.. You can just come sit & drink. The company is good.

Lets talk food, concept & lifestyle.. go go.."

C/ Boria 17 (Carders)

Jaume L4

TAPAS & Cocktails all night YEAH!!

It's true, 'TAPAS tasting' & you can find 75 different kinds. every
ingredient, colour, flavour & visual ... you will want to try &
taste more..

They are great fun food. in a nice easy international atmos', a lot of
local people come here too. Cana/beer is 1.50 euros & Sangria 1 Ltr.
9.85 euros... you can imagine .. food fiesta party time..



Calle Princesa 29

Jaume L4

Mexican Steakhouse
carne, jalapeo ' n' beans

Most wanted, classic Chipotle pumped with
the hottest of all Habaneros, pretty wild.!!..

Homemade TACOS, Nachos Mix'n'Dip, Guacamole.– fresh Fajitas, Burritos...

STEAK Menus w/
drinks & grill BBQ, burger bar. 'romance' on the lovely Harbour view
terrace... variety & much for vege/ vegen.

What more, tequila, beer &.. nice deals for groups


Calle Marina 16-18 - Puerto Olimpico

L4 Ciutadella - Villa Olimpica- al Mar

bar cafe terrace bistro venue

Essential corner of the infamous Plaça Trippy.. Wonderful seats out under trees.

They offer a simple caNa or cafe- breakfast, daily specials- tapas style fillers along with bocadillos sandwiches, crispy season salads..

Full meals. vegan & vege.

'Inside' Greco /Roman orgy lounge...gets full up, hip music, nice crowd, bar, let’s agree that day or nite.. in or out.. It’s a very special place !

C/ d'Arai 5 Plaça George Orwell. BARRI Gotic

around from Placa Reial