Jane Doe
vintage & designer shop

Funky unique variety of high quality vintage & fine selection of local designer work.

Also a bohemian handmade jewelry collection, made of natural items.

Super pop! During May- September they have a pop-up concept store

at Kraljevica Marka street #1. It's a party place there!

Kapetan Misina 17

Tram 2, 5, 9, 10, by Student sq & UK Parobrod Cultural center


City center, cozy daytime atmos', which can easily turn into an all night party !!.

Choose beers from various local craft breweries, different homemade rakija, great coffee & freshly squeezed juices. Workshops, book promotions, live radio shows are also not uncommon.

With a day to day rich DJ programmes... don't to miss it!

Cetinjska 15

bus 16,31,95 - Tram 2, 5, 9, 10 -“Pijaca Skadarlija”

club, bar

Old empty building just turned into great place !

Something happens there every day, Live bands, rock'n'roll, jazz, blues, hip-hop, electro, urban culture, DJ's, festival. If you want to rock into the afternoon & till the night just check their menu, especially "catasrophe menu".

Free beer or rakia with the first ordered drink. Do it.!

When you enter the parking, bulding on the left, go on the first floor.


Cetinjska 15

behind bohemian skadarlija street

White Owl

Super Staff * Amazing Location *Accommodation* Vintage retro is a new Modern Luxury!

Slick design space welcomes you with full comfort in every corner of the hostel. An adventurous experience providing you true local taste within the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Take advantage of the amazing garden, where you can enjoy delights from local bistros & bars.

Tel: +381 645 661 706 



Skadarska 15, 2'nd floor

bus 16,31,95 or trollybus 19,21,22,29 - ”Republic Sq” - Tram 2, 5, 9, 10 -“Pijaca Skadarlija”

Belgrade Bike Central
Bike tour = Best experience

See the cities many faces & enjoy the sunny day. Several affordable bike tours a day to different parts of the city.

Accompanied by local, trained, passionate & experienced guides. Special private tours also available. Brand new beautiful comfortable bikes ... we like comfort :)

Life is too short to walk anywhere.

Tel: +381 61 626 9297

Kraljevica Marka 8

Meet at Terazije sq/ by Hotel Moskva & to bike store

The Black Turtle
beer drinkers pubs

Specialist brewery w/ 7 hip & diverse 'on tap' locations to taste it up..

wild wheat, blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry flavoured (w/out chemicals!) stout, smoked, white, IPA, abby & bitter.... in Pub#.5- live music. DJ's in#3 w/ends: #4 offers breakfast & foods #7- live music from sept till end of may twice a week.

1/ Pub II - Kosančićev venac 30
2/ Pub III - Gospodar Jovanova 56
3/ Prešernova Klet- Dečanska 23
4/ Bistro Klemanso-  Svetogorska 14
6/ Zlatna Moruna- Kraljice Natalije 2 Sun- Thu: 9.oo-00.oo, Fri-Sat: 9.oo-1.oo
5/ Kafana Zora- Makedonska 7 Mon-Sat: o8.oo-o2.oo Sun: 16.oo-o2.oo
7/ Klub Morn- Braće Jugovića 16 - Daily: 20.oo- 04.oo 

Pub II - Kosančićev venac 30

All downtown by Republic sq

Nula Pet - 0,5
pub & bar

Megalomaniac portions of cocktails, beer, hot drinks and freshly squeezed juices from the minimum amount of 0.5L... thats part of the concept.. or if you prefer Big "karakondžula" 3 liters pitchers!!

& low prices will extra help your mood )).

More pleasure in the program alternative bands, budding artists & unusual innovative cultural events. Summertime garden & winter basement..

you have hit the spot here!

Dobračina 30

3 blocks from Republic sq

Apettite Restaurant
All the romance of a nice Italian

Delicious & well priced dining, friendly staff, happy hours, great music & cocktail nights.

Mediteranian specialities & sea foods. 'La Dolce Vita' cakes, & creamy treats to go with that premium coffee.

Swish designer space & crafted preparations. Elegent surround, comfort lounging.

Kraljice Natalije 30

by Zeleni venac & Terazijski park

Đura Bar
Voted- best bar in Bg 2 years now.

Concept unites an all-day variant. Mornings, sandwiches, croissants, muesli & cakes beside the open fireplace. W/ 7 types of 100% Arabica coffee, natural tea's & fresh pressed juices.

Great choice wines for the afternoon. idyll & Japanese beers.

Wide range of cocktails later. At night, they transform to a club, where weekends you can party w/ famous DJ's & enjoy special offers on Tuesday's cocktails.

Venizelosova 62

Bus 37- "Vojvode Dobrinjca"

Blatobran Gallery- galerija
open platform creative center

Striving towards further expansion of creative influence.

An exhibition & retail space of continuous ideas exchange, promotion of art in creative design. Installations of socially engaging design, the mission: awareness of the importance of art in contemporary society.

The world’s only store devoted solely to Serbian ceramics,

Gospodar Jevremova Str 38

By Student sq & UK Parobrod cultural center,

Dogma Brewery
for true craft beer lovers

First brewery with tap room in Belgrade!! "In Hops We Believe"...

Here you can try hoppy & malty ales crafted with passion! This is a local brewery with it's own tap room, riding the new brew wave.

Their produce is top quality & interesting fine tastes along with the fun results of a nights tasting )) & enjoy atmosphere in this interesting old Sugar factory complex.

With some art programs in & surrounding of the brewery, also a tour available..

by ADA island- Radnička 3

Bus- 51,52,53,56,58,37,23. 'ADA CIGANLIJA' Trams- 12,13 "HIPODROM"


Kultura bar
Tailor made cocktails & foods

Modern mixology bar.

The kitchen of good spirit. Famous for the bartenders who mix & match both drinks & guests. Seems this place is the most confident of any cocktail creatives in town.

Taste, presentation, price & atmosphere!

Kralja Milutina 4

Trolley 19, 21, 22, 29, Bus 31 Trams 2, 3, 7, 10 Tašmajdan/ Slavija

ArkaBarka & ArkaBarka 2 apartments
Floating hostel & deck lounge

First floating APARTMAN in Europe.
This lovely houseboat has suffered badly from the recent floods. They are 100% working, just suffered some damage & lost a lot of investment.. so is good to stay & help them with your hands or your rent money ;-).. Nice guys by the riverside..

The location is just absolutely fabulous.. U can be in & out town easy & the rewards.. just look around you.. the beds, rooms & facilities are tip top.. the galley is a fantastic open plan lounge bar & water terrace sun decks.. the whole river bank, the BBQ's.. the good life..

Tel: 381 (0)64 925 35 07

Bul' Nikole Tesle bb - Blok 14

bus No.15, 72, 83. 84 "Palace of Serbia" building & cross the city park "Usce" to the River next to street lamp no.88

Hostel Bongo
new modern bright & fun

Minimalist modern design. w/ low wear & tear on the eyes, feel good feng shui. mod cons- big soft mattresses, clean environment.

Flower filled enclosed terrace. simple dorms, lots of space, twins, doubles. Great kitchen area, new interior, all staff were bright young females at time of print.. the queens of bongo )) ..

PS: if u brings a book by Erlend Loe gets a 10% discount.

Tel: +381 11 2685 515
Mob: +381 60 6808 323


Terazije 36, Belgrade

150mt fron the famous Hotel Moskva

Hostel Hedonist 2 / Lounge
location location location

Brand new interiors & cozy lounge, fully equipped kitchen/dining room, cool game room (foosball & Playstation), extremely friendly staff always there to help you out.

Right across from the famous farmers market, seconds from the main transport hub, unique & hip nightlife spots are all around… perfect for exploring & relaxing then!

Tel/fax: +381 11 218 4800


Jug Bogdanova 8, Belgrade

@ Zeleni Venac

MKC kombinat
Mikro Kulturni Centar & bar

'All we ever do is party.'.. underground graphic artists/bands/filmmakers all have a home there... always guaranteed to see & hear stuff you never knew existed...

Friendly prices, best alter' comic bookstore in Belgrade!! & a devotion to cutting edge arts quality is unleashed upon an unexpecting public...

weird open hours..

ZEMUN- Glavna 29

Zemun. / inner courtyard next to cinema Sloboda,

MAKADAM belgrade
concept store

On a most historical cobbled street... STORE: From all corners of Serbia, hand picked home & fashion created by the most talented designers & artists.

Concept: Each piece is unique & handmade to perfection.

BISTRO: discover food producers who have dedicated their lives to the making of tasteful deli & great local winemakers-

combines to one sensation.

Kosancicev venac 20, Belgrade

by Kalimegdan down from Kralja Petra

Manijak Hangout
underground night bar venue

Get down.. follow the distinct muffle of music & voices...

THE cheapest late night drinks is only the beginning..

Mini happenings, art events, movies, live jam & DJ events. Gallery, fill it up- easy to get along with the others, super nice bar men from the Keith Richards school of hospitality...

& later enjoy that cushion head rest on the loo.. since 96'

Sremska 2. (underground passage way)

under passage very begining of Knez Mihailova

Crveni Rak
A gorgeous little old pub

very pretty. romantic setting, beautiful old, the ambiance a 20'S Parisian cafe..

you wouldn’t be surprised seeing Dali or Man Ray sipping in the corner... this is the surrealistic approach. In this reality & in tradition they serve really top quality draft beers on tap (8 different kinds+) lovely people around the place, street tables for fresh air & views.

Complimentary snacks for the drinkers & LIVE MUSIC twice a week!


Beogradska 14, Zemun

bus 83 Zemun

garden / bar / in / outdoor

on the grounds of an abandoned brewery which is transforming into a arts & culture space, promoting young artists from all over the world.

In the evening the whole area turns into a new favorite nightlife hub. Daytimes perfect atmos' to relax over a coffee or cool drinks, then in the night it transforms.... featuring well known DJ's, live gigs, & performances.

Big screen main sports events, various cultural events &&&....


Cetinjska 15

Trams 2, 10 / Bus 26, 37 16, 95 Couple blocks from Trg Republik Sq

El Diablo hostel
! check-in as a guest, stay as a friend !

Cool, super clean, comfortable, affordable, friendly place where "your little devil sets
free :).

Great for socializing,making new friends ... during common dinners, chilling out on the roof top terrace.
If you wish to experience home-style, genuine Serbian hospitality - you have found the right place.

Tel: +381 11 72 34 813

Strahinjica Bana 75, 2nd floor, Belgrade

on the intersection of Boho street (Skadarlija) & famous bar zone (Strahinjica Bana / Silicone valley)

Hedonist Hostel
To live the good life

Walk off the street & your environment takes a welcoming breather.

Located in the absolute city center, a house with a lovely garden, spacious common areas, decorated in a unique traditional style, dorms & privates all with air con...

It’s the kind of place where it’s easy to make friends, both with fellow travelers & the staff… they also run their very own walking tours! Beautiful place to stay…

tel/fax: +381 (0)11 328 4798
mob: +381 (0)64 26 20 999 

Simina 7, belgrade

Tram 2 'Kalemegdan' Park


Daytimes lovely little terrace overlooking the botanical gardens & another ou the street a true in da'hood hang out!!.

Later & down in the bar, you could be standing there minding your own business when a party would explode under you & last way past closing time..

pinball, coffee, beer & cocktails/ looong drinks.. you would have to be...

Dalmatinska 13, Beograd

Takovska / Botanical garden

SFRJ 'kafana'
day & night club bar music

Dedicated to beloved Yugoslavia & harmony's of past times, brotherhood, unity & alcohol.

Ambient w/ a collection of objects characteristic for ex- Marshal Tito era, statues, flags, images & entertainment THE traditional “tamburasi” music. That's ex-YU hits….

Come all people of goodwill, come & see how good was the party'ing at those times..

Thurs- Sat- live acoustic, Sundays- live pop'n'rock.. Happy Mon- Wed domestic Rakia promo- 99 RSD

Kraljevića Marka 5, Belgrade

close to Brankov bridge. trams 2,11

mild style & homely hostel

Clean, comfortable flat, full of international flavor!

Where backpackers from all walks of life bond & make new friendships while chilling in the mellow common room. Rakija, beer, coffee, tea.. to keep the flow going.

The location is great, easy to find & right in the middle of everything.. home cooked breakfast & easy into your days..

Not a "party hostel" but they love to have fun!

Tel: +381 11 2637793
Mob: +381 64 9843861

Kralja Petra 8 Apt. 7

tram 2 ,13 'Kalemegdan''

KC Grad
cultural & art centre, cafe , bar, club

Transformed industrial spaces for concerts, performance, exhibition, workshops, art & book 'happenings'... movies..

if there is something 'on' or you just came to hang by the River.. café , arts/ designer shop, garden all day., you can do it & leave more civilized than you had arrived....

Dancing over w/ends..

Brace Krsmanovic 4.

under Brankov Most- bridge. trams 2, 11

is gonna ROCK you- student klub

 .. all are welcome.. Cultural part of the club, photo exhibits, daytime unplugged gigs, young designer 'happenings', movie days,......

KST means A LOT to A LOT of people.. generations have come through it .. in here!! & ... what happens in here .. stays in here. . so dance around all night, a 'DISKO' ;-) or a famous local band.. meet loads of people of all fashions & help them to get in the mood... 'working for the good, the peoples right to have a good time' since the 50's..

that's a REAL Rock'n'Roller!


Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73

trams no. 2, 5,6,7,12,14 buses 26,27,74,65

Leila Records

 Entering this shop... feels like not entering a shop, but your music & art fanatic crazy friend’s living room...

HUGE record collection & many many books, comfy armchairs, lot of artwork from about-to-be-discovered artists. Cafe & bar, too (the guy knows how to live !) … you can listen to records, read books, buy them if you like, drink coffee & beer & wine, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

They also have various cultural events promoting less known local artists & movie nights once a week.

Downstairs you will enjoy a seating environment beyond your expectations... it's great there!!


Kralja Petra 41.

just off main street Kneza Mihaila

Mikser House
Balkan design store - bar - cafe -cultural venue

 re-invented industrial space. now:

Balkan design store, Balkan gastro shop, cantina serving locally inspired fusion food made by world famous Serbian guest chefs,and: bar, of course..., terrace with showers (!!!)

Loads of happenings: fashion events, underground DJs, jazz evenings, performances, art & design exhibitions & concerts & other inspirational programs. (info: these guys organize the Mikser cultural & art festival 28 May- 2 June!!) www.mikser.rs for detailed festival info & events ON NOW.

Karadoveva 46. Belgrade

close to Brankov bridge trams 2, 11

Moritz Eis
ice cream parlours

 I’ll eat my map if you taste better in the Balkans than the cream whipped here!!

They use the freshest local, mostly organic fruits for their sorbets & ice ... from small producers. (EARTH points- less transport, the environmentally conscious approach)

They hand mix & blend all flavours in small batches every single day (ice LAB with ice EXPERTS). The result is: HEAVENLY (I scream). Classic flavours & some totally surprising combinations..

Vuka Karadzica 9

off walking street Kneza Mihaila

Motor T-shirt
ultra cool local designs

 Cute shop selling their own brand...

unique & funky & funny & quirky & sexy.. T-s' & bags, clothing & accessories.. girly, guys’, unisex .

design T-shirt highlights: ♥ inquisitive cat & ..retro image YUGO symbols: Fiat 500 & Lomo cam & bakelit, polka dot, peeing dog, hydroplane... Transformers, stick figure fisherman, angry bird, peaceful frog....&&.

Knez Mihailovoj 5 , Belgrade

Trolley 19, 21, 22, 29 & bus 31 - Terazije

Burger House Belgrade
gourmet fast food

Many say they got best burgers ever ! Create the perfect combo, choice of 12 sauces...

Mouth watering 4 cheese burger w/ Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan & Blue cheese! Get the homemade, fresh cut fries! Omelettes & sunny up eggs, Philly Cheese Steaks, milkshakes/ pancakes, salads & vegetarian versions.

High stool street community tables. Craft beer, underground music 'n'a hip vibe!

Nikole Spasića 3, Belgrade

off Knez Mihailova main street

Sedmorecje- Souvenir shop/ presentations
go deep into prehistoric Serbia

Learn & experience the story of this region. Get some (crazy) souvenirs (more than 550) w/ little info tags)).. listen to lectures in English daily at noon (or reserve)- w/ slides, up to an hour, w/ that you receive the script, a gift magnet & an ancient cup of Rtanj tea.

Price: 1200rsd

Hint: Lepenski Vir, 6500 BCE, was very first Euro culture. The Vinča, 5500 BCE was the neolithic centre of this world.! & more...

Terazije 31

by Hotel Moskva

Skadarlija Sunrise
nice Spacious hosteL

...on 'THE' Bohemian street & with all the sights, smells & songs that go with that..

that's just outside!!! in-door, huge open plan town flat.. rich style.. relaxed & classic deco, high quality furnishings,

VERY comfortable, big wide bunks, lovely linen.. street face balconies, inner court chill-out garden,

great spot!

tel/fax. +381 11 32 34 813
mob: +381 60 60 90 213

skype: hostel_skadarlija_sunrise

Skadarska 15/1, Belgrade

bus 16, 31, 95 or trollybus 19, 21, 22, 29 'Republic Sq' - TRAM 2 "Pijaca Skadarlija

retro vintage kitsch shop experience

 ♥ 50’s 60’s 70’s.....A little gold mine of interesting stuff to put on: from head to toe. Vintage - retro - kitsch - hippie... shoes, dresses, jackets, accessories, hats ...for ladies and the dudes & a whole kingdom of sunglasses from all eras.

Also old toys, some home decor & more totally random old and sexy items for you.

Go into the courtyard to find them!


Beogradska 36, Belgrade

Trolley 19, 22, 29 Trams 2, 3, 7, 10 Tašmajdan/ Slavija

Dogma Brewery
for true craft beer lovers

First brewery with tap room in Belgrade!! "In Hops We Believe"...

Here you can try hoppy & malty ales crafted with passion! This is a local brewery with it's own tap room, riding the new brew wave. Their produce is top quality & interesting fine tastes along with the fun results of a nights tasting )) & enjoy atmosphere in this interesting old Sugar factory complex.

With some art programs in & surrounding of the brewery, also a tour available..

by ADA island- Radnička 3

Bus- 51,52,53,56,58,37,23. 'ADA CIGANLIJA' Trams- 12,13 "HIPODROM"


Adrenalin Escape Rooms
Real - life escape games

WAY more fun than a night in the drunk tank.. if you get out, then you can hit the bars )).. Yes it's THE phenomenon.. Make a small team of 2- 6 people. Get locked in a funky themed room of your choice (Tito’s Secret, Tesla’s Genius Mind or Hangover) & using hidden clues, creativity & logic solve the scene... to escape in under 60 minutes. A unique experience not to be missed! Reserve it online. 4.000 RSD per team/game..

Mob: +381 65 29 59 899



Simina 9a, Belgrade

5 min's from main- Trg Republike Sq

Bikram Yoga
recreation & relax

Wanna get high?... then breathe.. stretch & let your worries wash over the mat...

Happy, young, fit / depressed, ageing, in a wreck.. this is what you need to do then & now. You can come as a first timer or master craft..

Visitors: 1 class 1.500RSD or 1 week 4.000RSD. Classes in English w/ an Irish/Spanish twist..

best thing your money can buy is your good health :-)

Kapetan Misina 26, Belgrade

down hill from Trg Republik Sq

Miners Pub
Alternative craft beers & atmosphere

Serious variety of craft beers, 9+ taps Serb/ world brews. 150+ bottled labels!

You can dig into local Rakia & wine gems, toast it w/ the good people around you! Listen to an odd quality of music playlists, spread yourself around

&&& yes pinball, table football, free proper darts! O yeah! :D


Rige od Fere 16, Belgrade

Couple blocks right off Kalemegdan

Belgrade walking tours
by young locals for all you people!!

ALL tours go every time!! NO reserve (just for groups more then 10).

*FREE downtown walk - at 11 am and 4 pm during the whole year *FREE Belgrade 20th century tour - at 10:3o every day June 1'st to Sept 30'th.
*FREE Zemun city tour - Saturday at 15.oo
*Communist tour - 10 eur, Tues, Thurs & Sunday at 15.oo
*Underground secrets of Belgrade & Savamala- 10 eur, Mon, Wed & Fri at 15.oo
*Pub crawl-party tour- 10 eur, Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 21.oo
*Paid tour to country side (check web)

Real value, secrets & fun stories, all the sights & gifts for guests


Meet BEHIND Prince Mihailo horse/ Republic Sq

Meet BEHIND Prince Mihailo horse/ Republic Sq, Guides w/ YELLOW t-shirt or sign.

bar club spectacular sight

Gripping the hottest spot on the nightline..

A climax from many illegal former clubs finally found such a nest. Speciality vinyl house mix, made & packed for proper dancing & no room for no slacking.. together w/ awesome panoramic sight over Belgrade bridges & river.

Top dog lokal 'n' foreign electronic performances, magic sunsets & more than 50 extraordinary cocktails... ring the bell & know this is very special.

Lomina 5-9, Belgrade

opposite from Zeleni venac

Apettite Restaurant
All the romance of a nice Italian

Delicious & well priced dining, friendly staff, happy hours, great music & cocktail nights.

Mediteranian specialities & sea foods. 'La Dolce Vita' cakes, & creamy treats to go with that premium coffee.

Swish designer space & crafted preparations. Elegent surround, comfort lounging.

Kraljice Natalije 30

by Zeleni venac & Terazijski park

Pubby's Magic Garden
hidden garden & bar

Reliable authentic- atmospheric day cafe / night pub-club deep in the downtown.

A gathering place of young artists/art enthusiasts. With many presentations of individuals & groups, in the original arrangement of old & new, west & east, modern & proven !.. with masks, wigs, hats & other masquerade props you can try on.. & meet people with similar interests! w/ affordable beers

(155 din - 0,5 l) & quality homemade honey brandy (135 din - 0,5 l) you may well hear some 'original', interesting dj-s."

Makedonska 5

under the shops passage. opp National Theatre