THE future urban coffee klub

There is no shortage of coffee places in Berlin & competition is fierce!

Here you have the top class w/ the finest varieties & real bean culture for aesthetes! Member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe & Berlin Coffee Society.

Godshot manages to do better than the competition. Nice variety of many beverages, chilled atmos', groovy music... the customers know.

P'berg. Immanuelkirchstr 32

Tram M2- Knaackstr


Oasis of flavour & delight !!

Passionate about serving fresh, creative food that feeds the body & nourishes the soul, teases your taste buds to leave feelin’ so energized.

Get your high just reading the names of the cakes! amazing sweet selection. Breakfast specials, sandwiches, vegan & vegetarian also, they feed n’ spread the love on both sides of the slice... Sit, relax, smile: they take care of the rest

F'shain. Simon-Dach-Str. 10.

U1, S-Bahn -“Warschauerstraße” Tram: M10 - “Grünberger Str”

Dr. Pogo
Vegan health foods shop

Grocery store run by a collective. Political ideas put into praxis; conviction that human & animal liberation must be linked. Based on consensus, cooperation, equality & sustainability. Not for bosses, not for profits. For fairer food in the Kiez (hood) & good working conditions. Plant-based alternatives, organic products, (partially) package-free shopping.

Neukölln. Karl-Marx-Platz 24.

U7 & S-bahn- Berlin-Neukölln

tak tak - polish deli
organic Polish street food

New unique restaurant with chill minimalist vibes to contrast the busy centre-

Serving inexpensive Polish specialties, quick ‘n fresh; sustainable by what they do & how they do it, always bio resources & authentic taste of bigos, zurek, pierogi with various savoury fillings, also vegan soups.. yesyes,

So nice they had to name it twice ;)

Mitte. Brunnenstr. 5

U8 - "Rosenthaler Platz"

unique psychedelic & urban fashion

Experience nature-inspired clothing, carefully selected to reflect & stimulate different aspects of the psyche into beautiful sacred geometrix, cuts & shiny UV active patterns.
Visit before festival & be prepared :) it's a full-on trip, holistic fashion that will softly echo as a voice inside your head. Mission: to gather high quality psychedelic inspired fashion, such as Plazmalab, Symbolika, Jungle Gipsy, Slogan Eco Streetwear & a lot more ;)
Take a walk on the Psy side.
10% discount in store for walk in with this CitySpy map.

F'shain. Petersburger Str. 47

U5 - "Frankfurter Tor" or Tram M10 - "Straßmannstraße"