Fabrica Pub & Club
pub, restaurant, club

Legendary Old factory in the rockin’, rollin’ scene !! it’s a huge complex of food, drinks, punkrock n’good times .. pub & restaurant, lots on offer.. underground club, for parties & live gigs, events, local & inter' band's, shake your world.. 

Terrace w/ lots’a sky above, indoor skate park, or the playground & connect w/ that inner-child. Plenty of opportunities- chill in the day - rock it in the night !!

Str. 11 Iunie 50, sector 4

M2 - Pia Unirii or tram 32 - 11 Iunie

fair-price food, arts, events

Friendly, good-vibes! Building dating from 1893!! Homey brick stables open-air vintage terrace. Works as part of a social enterprise to support a local youth centre & mainly employs people from various underprivileged social groups.

Very affordable & delicious local foods, drinks, regular social gatherings, art exhibits, performances & live music, all sorts-a entertainment... It’s all here for you to get with it!!

Str. Olari 8. sector 2

tram 21 or trolleys 69/ 70/ 85 /90 - Calea Mo?ilor

Grădina Sticlarilor
culture hub & secret garden

A tea house infused w/ creativity where Harmony and Chaos meet. Exhib's, jams & gigs, workshops, interesting people always. Chill in the hammock, sip a tea-based cocktail & soak up the magic of this place, by evening you'll be glowing in the dark.. Ever-changing sublime scenery for the non-conventional cultural manifestation that welcomes the ingenuous free spirit [that’s you]

Str. Vasile Lascăr 36, sector 2

M2 - Universitare or trolleys 69/ 70/ 85/ 90 - Armenească

Cărtureşti FANDOM
local & inter' comics, toys 'n games

Get yer' fix of comic stories & superheroes in this tiny but magical gate to the kingdom of comics.Shelves crammed with graphic novels, magazines, Romanian & foreign comic books alike, action figures, board games & special selections of films / series. Original local reads, have a look and see what they think is funny around here

Str. Edgar Quinet 9, sector 1

M2 or trolleys 69, 85, 90, 91 - Universitate

For Friends
raving underground vila

Magic underground vila the paradise place to enjoy & dance on a variety of music, every night of the week. Drum'n'bass, electronic music, reggae, rock, funk / jazz, served fresh, on a regular basis. Secret garden for recreation & exquisite selection of drinks, but most of all... experiences that trigger your creativity & your inner artist. Enjoy the ride!

Str. Sfin?ilor 12, sector 2

M2 or trolleys 69, 70, 85, 90 - Universitate or tram 21 - Hristo Botev

Ramayana Cafe
24h oriental café & restaurant

Spicing it up since 2008, earned it's reputation: an oasis of relaxation, lux temple style, all the Arabian nights in one evening..

Spoil yourself in delicious exotic recipes, divine desserts !! Spend some quality time on a hookah in a blissful cloud, ground floor or down-below, you'll lose yourself & all perception of time.

Open 24/7, you might forget to leave..

Str. Baldovin Parcalabul 11, sector 1

busses 168, 226, 368 - Popa Tatu

Urban Collectors
graffiti & street art library

The place to be for soaking up many charms.

An specialized underground hub !! Promoting urban art & free access to education & culture. Interesting books & reads, score some school of life points & feed your soul.. free coffee & tea, regular art exhibits & ateliers,

friendly peeps that know all about what’s cookin’ in the scene...& them secret ingredients too...

Str. 11 Iunie 35, sector 4

M2 - Pia?a Unirii / tram 7, 27, 32 or 47 to 11 Iunie / bus 381 to Mără?e?ti

Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel
the heart of it all

A special place located in the very heart of Bucharest’s old town - an area full of energy, the liveliest part of the city - with a view over the wacky & charming downtown street life.

There’s no place like home, but here they make sure you’ll be very happy– fresh & modern dorms, kitchen, common areas, co-working space (hub), all sorts of events & workshops. Especially for backpackers & young, active, vibrant travelers who want to be part of the action. Don't miss a thing, you'll never be far from what you're looking for...

oldtown@littlebucharest.ro - Tel. +40786 055 287

Str. Smârdan 15, sector 3

M2 - Universitare or Pia?a Romană or trolleys 69, 70, 85 - Universitate

Mad Piano
record shop- music/art's hub

Sink deep into the electronic sound of the underground !! These beats sync & rhyme with the core of the scene.. these guys know their stuff. Vinyls everywhere you look, secret chamber with urban accessories & fashion by local artists.

Curious & musically inclined people can browse through specially selected vinyl crates, offering a wide range of Electronica & other genres, both new / old selections. Ring the bell downstairs & get up there !! :)

Str. Luigi Cazzavillan 12 sector 1

Busses 133, 226 - Calea Grivi?ei or busses 122, 226, 368 - Ci?migiu

Voila Bistrot
epic French style bistro & garden

1930's home of King Carol’s decadent mistress.. picture that..

A foodie destination in a marvelous Art Deco villa, super central yet hidden enough for you to still find some space... enjoy. It gets even better when you're in the garden holding a glass up to your lips.

Eclectic ambient & unique hybrid space where iconic design, contemporary art & exquisite food blend just right

Str. Constantin Budisteanu 18, sector 1.

M2 /busses 226, 381 - Pia?a Romană or busses 226/ 133 - Calea Griviţei

Refresh Juice Bar
Fine n? Fresh

Locally sourced fruits & greens as well as exotic smoothies, all pressed & squeezed to suit your fresh juicy mind...

Mission– to get you refreshed !! take it seriously! Delicious nutritionally complete, an exotic mix of enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins within spicy milks, wheatgrass or ginger & curcuma shots, superfoods, activated lemonades, many herbal tea mixes..

they also prepare new & improved versions of what you call sandwiches & many delightful foods

Calea Victoriei 122, sector 1.

M2 or busses 226, 300, 381 - Piata Romana

barber shop

Ridin' the New Wave of barbershops in Romania & the tide is High !! Fetching & fabulous haircuts / beardcuts. Enjoy the healthiest international products & having some real artists at work, you're in great hands & in for a treat.. 

A men's clubhouse for a manly experience. Local, expat or traveler in the need of some serious professional grooming! Cool stuff for sale & they've got a bar, too !!


Str. Ion Brezoianu 35, sector 5

M2 - Universitate or trolleys 69, 70, 85, 90 - Gradina Ci?migiu

Ceai la Vlaicu
teahouse, summer garden & deli

Step in off the fancy promenade, the “embassies” area of the Dacia Boulevard:

the house & summer garden offer an unrivalled view of the XIX'th century mansions defining the past glories.. this place kept them time travel vibes alive !!

a Teahouse w/ restaurant leanings, select of homemade sweets tartines & miniatures for a rich food experience rounded with an outstanding variety of hot&iced, tea floats, coffees.

Str. Aurel Vlaicu 47, sector 2

M2 or busses 226, 300, 381 - Pia?a Romană

Ceai la Metoc
vintage teagarden Wonderland

Wandering in the old Armenian quarter of Bucharest, you gotta' pay a visit to one of the oldest houses in the city.. Praised in the New York Times. Luscious tea garden magic & you're invited! Find the place only to get lost again in exquisite delights.. fresh iced teas & shakes, homemade sweets, a selection of local microbrewery beers !! Don't say you were not warned :)

Str. Popa Rusu 21, sector 2

M2 - Universitate or trolleys 69, 85, 90, 91 - Armeneasca

Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel
charming hostel & bar with a view

An enchanting place in the middle of urban life.

Located in the Old Town, you will feel the bohemian touch in the day & later freak-out to serious nightlife vibes… get lost & found, discover some very special places & shops still charmin’ up the place since back in the day.

These doors are open for passionate travelers and eager-for-fun people. The place has good service & a welcoming staff... sky bar on the roof, with an excellent view of the city center ;)

Tel. +40786 329 134 - skyhostel@puravidahostels.ro

Str. Smardan 7, sector 3

M2 - Universitare or Piata Romana or trolleys 69, 70, 85 - Universitate

food, bar n' hepcat cool pool

Located behind the Athenaeum, on a legendary street that holds it's own festival in the summer. Wide selection of international wines & microbrewerie beers.

Breakfast, soups, twisted salads, elaborate fish dishes, classical burgers, Transylvanian sausages blessed by holy mustards... A meeting point for Bucharest’s creatives, with occasional parties and art related events

Str. Pictor Arthur Verona 2, sector 1.

M2 or busses 226, 300, 381 - Pia?a Romană

B52 The Club
weekend parties, cheap drinks & stage

Fabrica’s freaky twin sister! parties every weekend, A classic alternative rock kinda' joint, you'll feel it when it hits you ;) Regular performances too, even theatre when they're feelin’ fancy.. always great offers at the bar, supporting & sharing your passion for booze. It’s a good-mood place & plenty to go around

Str. 11 Iunie 50, sector 4

M2 - Pia?a Unirii or tram 32 - 11 Iunie

Camera din Faţă
cozy intimate tea vibes

A time & space, the kind that you might walk right past... be lucky enough to discover !! An authentic Romanian "blessed place", back from time. Sweets prepared using grandma's almost lost recipes. That coffee-tea shop where all is fresh, homemade, clean & prepared without compromise. Fair prices, delicious cakes, excellent tea & coffee & a warm welcome... 'tis why you'll love'em. Inspiring & poetic chillin'

Str. Mendeleev 22, sector 1

M2 or busses 226, 300, 381 - Pia?a Romană

Anthony Frost
English language book store

Serious about that reading time, curious regarding the printed word...

Looking for something wishing to be inspired.. Unexpected quality in selection, mostly international but find here also local authors & the awesome new Romanian graphic comics.

You can browse around , up & down.

Finally there are too some nice gift & souvenir- reader related items.

Calea Victoriei. 45, sector 1

bus 226 - Galeriile Orizont, bus 381 - Bd. Nicolae Bălcescu, M2 - Universitate

BEAT bar umanist
total jazz place

Select of local & foreign craft beers; funky cocktails & shots- traditional palincă, lovely inside, colourful, lots of movie & music posters, books;

Cozy jazz underground concerts & lots of cultural events; 50% off all coffees & beers daily 2-7PM... they don't serve mainstream even soft drinks, but have unique Romanian vegan micro brands.

Buzzin' terrace w/ graffiti murals. Kitchen & outdoor wood pizza oven..

C.F. Robescu 14 sector 3

tram 21 - Hristo Botev, bus 385 or M1, 2, 3 - Pia?a Unirii

Carol 53
place for art culture, progression & entertain

Revitalizing architectural landmark & hot cultural knot. An independent off-main program that aspires to provide a boiling environment for the manifestation & expression of all that is creativity. Lots of space for inspiration inside the vintage house or in the yard..

DIY or check out their resident workshops/ ateliers, wide range of expression: architecture, decorative arts, wood work & crafting, ecology, theatre, music, painting.. always crucial happenings.

Bulevardul Carol I. 53. sector 2

trolleys 70/ 85/ 69/ 90, night bus N102 - Armenească

social gatherings place

if you wanna know what's up on the political aspects from some hot blooded activist types, now you know.. they have every Wednesdays from 7PM, w/ vegan meals & hot topics, movies, debates & of course Parties! grab an interesting read from the Alternative Library & get w/ the vibe...

enter the old factory grounds, go last building on the left, first door on the right & up to the 2nd floor - music will be guiding you cause there's rehearsal rooms all over the place

Str. Tăbăcarilor 7, sector 4

bus 381 - Bd. Mărăsesti

Clubul Ţăranului
Museum, culture center of the Romanian Peasant

.. has it's own 'Peasant's Club'. Complementing the traditional & folkloric happenings organised by the museum,

the Club has alternative things going on, such as experimental/ jazzy-blues/ alternative folklore concerts, displays of art, movie screenings, not to mention the delicious traditional cuisine & beverages.

an inspiring place to meet & hang out w/ art-minded people.

Str. Monetăriei. 3. sector 1

bus 300 - Muzeul ?ăranului Român, M2 - Pia?a Victoriei

bar club venue garden

THE epicenter of hipster culture in town. one of the first clubs to support & promote the more 'below the line' indie rock/electronic scenes / artists & still rocking it good.!

Parties & concerts going on all week through, upcoming local & round the world dj's to feed your dancing appetite!

Get your pingpong groove on, or 'be' on the pretty terrace in the very epicenter of the city.

Str. Constantin Mille 4, sector 1

trolleys 69/ 85/ 91 or M2 - Universitate

Doors Hostel
chill arty w/ tea & garden

Beautiful mini mansion on own grounds.. in doors & to stay a while the offer is 3 dorms of 4- 6 or 8 beds or you can book the luxy king size double.

Then kick back in the nice lounge room, stroke the cat.. or even better out in the garden!! Really special ambient w/ trees & flowers a gazebo or swinging hammocks.

All this comes w/ an open tea house, cafe style- which hosts regular events, culture actions & you !

Tel: +4 021 336 21 27
Mob: +4 0766 68 66 38


Strada Olimpului 13. sector 4.

Air bus no 783 to Piaţa Unirii 1, last stop

Friends Hostel
low key easy home vibe

Stylish townhouse easy from the downtown, in the university area & offering nice affordable accommodation in an assortment of dorm room styles.

Real backpacker styles. Handy guest kitchen, groovy lounging loft, a garden area & great bunch of girls running the show.

They have the time to attend to all your stuff, you will be comfy & happy w/ your friends.

Tel: +40 31 805 3414 Mob: +40 764 177 964


Mircea Vulcanescu 114. sector 1.

close by Gara de Nord train station/ Tram 44

J'ai Bistrot
eat, drink, be happy & entertained

320 nice communicative people to be found inside, underground + bistro'ing w/ super lovely, green courtyard terrace & mini sandy beach.

W/ the pink flying pig as as mascot you can imagine the rest )) the only style is stylish!.

First thing you notice as you enter is the delicious aroma created by the top chef's- cooking up mysteries for your bud's.

Followed by rich cultural programming & that's why it's so popular!

Calea Griviţei 55. sector 1

busses 226/ 133 - Calea Griviţei

Jacques Pot
oasis of cool

...... away from all the usual commotion, while still in the center,

This place certainly knows how to make it's own noise.

Get down w/ them electronic / alternative beats & dance under an open sky umbrella of vine leafs & all kinds of greens...

The space invaders have taken over the bar, mixing up all kinds of cool drinks to fit the fresh atmos' inside & out.

Str. Zborului 2, sector 3

tram 21 - Hristo Botev, M2 - Universitate

cat café & teahouse

Cozy to sit down on pillows & taste freshly made drinks by the lovely owners, who are engaged into providing an open-minded & animal friendly environment.

Regular haggles & free shops, sometimes sweet vegan cooking or workshops.. Entertainment otherwise provided by cats&dogs, various books & parties complementing this mindset. It's the little hub for jugglers, musicians or any other artists of life.

Just ring the bell at the gate :)

Str. Maximilian Popper 41. sector 3

busses 104/ 123 - Traian

select vinyl records

You may bump into well known DJ's, sneak a listen into their session or chit-chat w/ Ioana, DJ & owner about some twisted tech house, obscure label releases. Explore experiment the famous selection of Romanian sounds not to be found elsewhere but here.

Lose yourself into hand picked 'dubbier' territories. You may just take a break from that hard crate digging job & chill it on the terrace. New & old music at a good price!

Str. Fainari 43A

tram 21 or M1 - Obor

Mr. Tripp
Tourist Info & shop

Smart downtown info centrum w/ all the free maps, flyers & brochures, everything you need to know about the city.

Enthusiastic service & nice souvenir shop w/ all sorts of gift ideas.

Tel: +4 021 211 3366 touristinfo@mrtripp.ro

Calea Victoriei 68- 70. sector 1

bus 226 - Galeriile Orizont, bus 381 - Bd. Nicolae Bălcescu, M2 - Universitate

Nişte Domni şi Fiii
rip rockin' old town pub

An institution of culture, booze & entertainment in the historical center of Bucharest-> & really by now one of the few alternative places remaining in this area; punkrock, motorbike vibes;

interesting selection of cheap & strong drinks;

Terrace where you can watch the fire shows opposite every weekend nights. If you are 'bad to the bone' then you gonna' fit right in.

Str. Covaci 7. sector 3

bus 385 or M1/ 2/ 3 - Piata Unirii & all busses stop by Universitate

The Cozyness Downtown Hostel
name says it all

They got a little extra of all them special things, super fresh, very nice social atmos' places to be with the others out in the wonderful garden for BBQ or cooking in.

Amenities, facilities +++ to be discovered every time you reach out your hand.

You will be welcomed in a safe enthusiastic place which guests really do enjoy & can only praise very highly.

Mob: +40 770 357 448


Drumea Radulescu 28. sector 4

Metro, M- 1, 2, 3- Piata Unirii 2

Music & Sub Culture since 2004

the first underground bar/club in town... All about punk, rock, alternative, ska/reggae

&&&. 2 old skool flipper machines, serious foosball battles free play, low prices & strong specials, Monday chill w/ TV & low pop.. little terrace - dive deep to the underbelly

w/ a capacity of 150, regular live gigs & sessions..

Str. Coltet 48. sector 3

tram 21- Hristo Botev. M2 - Universitate