De Nieuwe Anita
indie concert venue, bar & cool hub

Located in a former school, a cosy place that hosts bands, performers, movie nights, art exhibitions & all that is creative fun. It's the place where imaginary Anita came to find herself then came out all shiny, all new & down with all the cool cats in town. The atmosphere is homey & relaxed, for all ages. The bar serves a wild variety of beers, superb cocktails, all very affordable. Concerts downstairs every week. Man, you just gotta.

Frederik Hendrikstraat 111

trams 13, 14 to "Bilderdijkstraat" or tram 3 to "Hugo de Grootplein"

Het Spinhuis

An autonomous space, loc' under a bridge a former jail for pirates & criminals. Sometimes open weekdays from 13.oo as a study place, or a quiet place to drink coffee, read a book etc. See it as a public living room. Free coffee & tea. Tosti’s / foods for low price. Evening workshops, theatre, art & music. Non-profit & only works with volunteers or anyone who wants to organize events.


Singel 165a

under the Torensluisbrug at Singel

old pub & music lounging

Est' 1981, a student bar, by now a legendary institution in the scene, due to the 'Blues open sessions' every Monday, Sunday live & other gigs/ happenings beer, sweat & guitars, style.

This is friendly atmosphere & easy drinking hole, pool in the back & 'kneipe' life.

Neukölln. Reuterstr. 7-8

U7- Hermannplatz. U8- Rathaus Neukölln

riverside café-bar- terrace- music-dinner

really BUSY corner, especially on the local 'Turkish' market days.

Simple breakfasts, lunches & tasty treats. Sunny street seating, hang out for a few beers.. lounge the balcony.. over-look the water. friendly place, 100 CD juke box.!

DIY disco nights, acoustic concerts.. Boat trips up the Landwehr canal (skating on a cold day), departing @ 11.oo After 'ihren 'Milch'cafe . . .

Kottbusser Brücke (on the bridge)

Kottbusser Damm 104

U1, U15, U8- "Kottbusser Tor"

LIVE MUSIC club- dance bar- terrace

concerts & sessions 7 days a week.. program is focusing on Eastern-European, Balkan musik, swing, jazz.electro/ live Hip-Hop & indie pop, reggae gigs-

one thing in common, the high quality of the music !..this is a new exciting place for LIVE music full bar, drinks/coffee

& on a nice day find the terrace alive from 17.oo...

Revaler Str 99 (Simon-Dachstr) in the RAW complex

U1, S-Bahn - "Warschauerstrasse" Tram: M10 - "revaler Str"

Bar 23
DJ pub - low techno lounge

Familiar easy going local, scene bar w/ funky light installation's. Dj most every night..

The landlords better known for activities in the 'Pyonen' Techno scene. So the electro Dj program every Fri & Sat may reflect/ preview such events on a more intimate level.

Something of interest to you is the house special ''space-drinks''...


Lychenerstasse 23- PrenzlauerBerg

U2 -"Eberwalderstrasse"

bar, stage & breakfast

Familial flair, creative cuisine magic & grungy sound, they got it going on!!!

A map from which you can freely select whatever you want to see on your plate, Monday to Sunday, incl. organic eggs & pancakes in all variations..

100% homemade-everything. & it goes way into the night, +20 types of beer & delicious local B-side rarities, DJ performances, readings, exhibitions, concerts, in a cuddly lounge atmos' & local spirit

Dunckerstr. 69 P'berg.

U2 - “Eberwalderstraße” S-Bahn - “Schönhauser Allee” or "Prenzlauer Allee"

Castle Pub
brewery, hidden cocktail room

Serious about their drinking kulture, a favorite among locals & expats alike.

With several bars inside, each plays an important part in reflecting a crazy old-school dive bar. Rotating select of 20 craft beer taps & 100's of bottles !! a true celebration of craft beers from far & wide.. try the one they brew in their own brewery !!

And maybe after a few of those you'll find the hidden red door to the speakeasy bar.. trust & discover! karaoke, comedy shows, game nights & plenty of entertainment to unfold..

Hochstr. 2, Wedding.

U8 & S-bahn- 'Berlin Gesundbrunnen'

Das Gift - the Poison
Eckkneipe/ international corner bar

Malt whiskies, premium gins, local craft beers & tasty cocktails, Scottish ales & home cooked food daily 18.oo-22.oo.

Special feature great music jukebox w/ mixes by famous friends inc' Robert Smith, Interpol, Irvine Welsh, Optimo, Caribou & of course Mogwai (bar belongs to Barry Burns)).

Events: Das Pub Quiz @ 21.oo Monday's, 2-4-1 Long Drinks

Tuesday's, Shameless Limitless DJ's every 2'nd Wednesday,

jukebox gratis all Thursday's

& w/ends exhibition's & DJ's.

Donaustrasse 119- Neukölln

U7 Rathaus Neukölln

Dr. Pong
table tennis club-bar

A special thing to pong or to ping…. so much more than Low-Level Nightlife….

Let the throng pong !! .. Recreating recreation & Improving hand-eye coordination, one player at a time…..

Going nowhere.. fast !… Play your game……

Football & video's on big screen, Dj.. couch viewing & beer.. stumble across this place & never forget how & where you found It. . .

Mon-Sat: 20.oo-++
Sundays from 14.oo till late

Eberswalderstrasse 21- Prenzlauerberg

U2 -"Eberswalderstrasse"

legendary K'berg 'RockeR' bar

Rough & ready, rocker bar. Oozing atmosphere, soaked in booze.

Attracts all the local characters, old & new, hip shave head chicks, punks, skunks .. the leathers...

It's charm 'the German rustic ideal of ‘Gemuetlichkeit’ & Volks bravado. Krigel's are clinking The music is pumping, rock’'n’'roll parties. daily drink & cocktail specials.

Have a sour ‘zaouer’ one! . . come here first like a launch pad to the SO36..


Oranienstrasse 19a, Xberg.

U1 - "Görlitzer Bhf" U8 - "Kottbusser Tor"

THE future urban coffee club

There is no shortage of coffee places in Berlin & competition is fierce!

Here you have the top class w/ the finest varieties & real bean culture for aesthetes! Member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe & Berlin Coffee Society.

Godshot manages to do better than the competition. Nice variety of many beverages, chilled atmos', groovy music... the customers know.

P'berg. Immanuelkirchstr 32

Tram M2- Knaackstr

Konrad Toenz
lounge musics in mono

Star in the eye of Berlin 50's to 70's DJ scene & around it goes ..

the reputation of this charming place. super 'swish' stylish concept... remarkably relaxed audience... classic cocktails, select spirits, Champagne & Crémant, but also a good cold beer served with suave..

one of the smallest dance lounges in the World, over weekends.


Falckensteinerstrasse 30- Kreuzberg

U1 - " Schlesisches Tor"

bar music preclub

One of the pioneers of nightlife booming in Neukölln

..what began as a improvisational locals meeting spot has become a unique international bar w/ a lot of 'atmosphere' & a great selection of drinks, a local 'organic orgasmic' draft beer, a small brewery called "rollberg", then Pils from north Germany & Bavarian lager all on tap!

Wide choice of whiskey, rum, wodka & gin tonic variations & in particular the house concocted cocktails... For sure music & happenings alive.. !

Hobrechtstrasse 54 - Neukolln

U8- Schönleinstraße

Spezialgalerie Peppi Guggenheim International
music lounge

turntable sessions, unplugged jams, jazz-guitar-vocal..

cheap strong mixed drinks, lost cafe evenings in the submarine, DJ's, music, performance... for an amazing blend of guests in conversation... abstract punker out-hold from times gone..

Drink a few beers.. easy..

& for an unusual gift try the cheese shop opposite (same owner dude).

Weichselstrasse 7- Neukölln

U7 Rathaus Neukölln

Tante Lisbeth
bowling lounge cafe bar

'Let's go drink & play 10 pin bowling"..!!

classic original wooden lanes (only 2 = reserve on-line).., in your socks!

That's really great fun, they love it!! & the drinking.. they love that too (one arm exercise)... Old style, comfortable, lounge room, sofa landscape.. flea market ambiance.

Fresh non-pasteurized non-carbonized Tank Beer!


Muskauer Strasse 49. Kreuzberg

U1-"Schleisisches Tor"

Zum Böhmischen Dorf
Beer drinkers club bar

Perfect not pasteurized or carbonized Tank drawn Pilsner Urquell, one of the only bars like it in Germany!

Most drinkers just say YUMM!! A Classic style .. crossed w/ killer sounds & R´n´R punk or soul Dj's most nights.. 'comes up' like nite club atmos later nite. they got club hot sound system & tight izolation..

strange lightings.. disco ball & get busy..

Sanderstraße 11, Neukölln

U7, U8 Hermannplatz

Zur Fetten ecke
Est 1917.. DJ pub ..

Reliable place to come for a few drinks at any point in the evening!

Stay a while.. stay all night. … it can be intimate or intense, depends
on you...

They try... Dj's, salubrious lighting's, a full bar- specials & long shots.. space-drinks ... afternoons to pre evenings cafe / beer.

It's a busy 'happening' corner bar- day till nite

Schleisische Strasse 16- Kreuzberg

U1-"Scheisisches Tor"

rooftop bar, dance club

2 floors- on the 4'th, huge panorama open-air terrace, superb view over the city, bars & kitchen. Main hall opens to a crowd eager to party... exciting venue for famous Dj's, concerts, big system sound . . Sunday After party from 06.oo-14.oo...

Bp VIII. Blaha Lujza tér 1 / Somogyi Béla utca (to

M2 - “Blaha Lujza Tér”, tram 4,6

Fogasház ... the teeth house
bar club garden culture palace

..loads of rooms to dance/ drink/ be/ BUZZ in...

big dance-floors, imaginative (trippy) visuals all around, lush garden (covered in winter) ..

exhibitions, theatre / film events.. there is always something ON...

plus it's always FREE ENTER. bite off your big slice, smile life is great!

Akácfa utca 51, Bp VII.

M2, bus 7, night bus 907 'Blaha Lujza ter'
tram 4, 6 'Wesselényi utca'

Grandio Jungle Bar & Grill
Bar of the backpacker party hostel Grandio

. a most popular sunny shade 'beer garden'for locals & for hostel guests, grill BBQ cook off' pits & home cook bogracs , amazing jungle courtyard, drinking parties & all year / winter garden

tel: (+36 1) 203 507 441

Bp VII. Nagy Diofa u. 8.

M2, bus 7, tram 4, 6 to Blaha Lujza ter

art-bar-wood land wonderland-venue-clubs

.. the ‘Ruin venue deluxe’

two buildings opened with all their flats. 25 rooms, out or in, 6 bars, 7 music stations to dance or chill... a 'must see' & so much to do
in Bp, labyrinth rooms, magical forest,, various breathtaking installations create
a crazy Babylonian world.

instant Party with a capitol 'B'..!

They have a cool hostel also upstairs the Instant Groove. You can see it is a fun place to hang..

Nagymezo u. 38, Bp VII

M1 to "e;Opera"e; tram 4,6 to "e;Oktogon"e;

hidden music bar under the back street

11 years now, a top favourite local hang-out from afternoon into late night.... Cosy cellar with very friendly prices, many rooms, dimmed lights, sparkling eyes...often DJs & live music...sometimes coffee tables disappear & boogie (S&D&R’n’R)) begins...till dawn... be prepared, anything/anyone might happen/come by:)... Like-light-lamp...

Dob utca 15, Bp VII

M1, M2, M3 to "e;Deak ter"e; bus 7 to "e;Astoria"e;

bar club resto terraces

the great hall or cozy cafe, out on the rooftop & backyard..picture
pitchers of sunny frozen cocktails..

3 course Lunch deal
1250 huf/4.50 E Sat-Sun Brunch for 1490 huf. WINE & dine..

So you are eating, talking, drinking, looking around... now what? > every night, bands Sun thru Thurs, Dj's Fri & Sat, biweekly

& it is a cool place w/ nice crowd..



Zichy Jeno u. 17, Bp VII

M3 to "Arany Jenos utca" M1 to "Opera"


An independent complex cultural space, an incubation house for artists & activists, a space hosting community arts projects, creative workshops, various cultural & social events open for you all + cafe & BAR ....MUST see & feel.. the spirit!!..  just go ALL THE WAY UP & hang out.

Blaha Lujza ter 1. Bp VIII

~~tram 4,6, bus 7,5 , M1 -”Blaha Lujza tér”
enter left of centre “Corvin”- green door/ring the bell!

Pantlika Bistro
bar-food- terrace

The City park hot-spot...a curious building, Communist memorabilia: the roof forms a 5 stars 3d waves from 1963... under the chestnut trees in the flowers. Famous ‘babgulyas’ (beef & bean stew), burgers, pulled pork & real weekend's BBQ juicy meats, crazy selection of ‘palinka’s (moonshine)) cold beer & spritzers... DJ's, a locals favorite & u will love it there..

Bp XIV. in the City Park, opposite Hermina ut 47

M1 to - Szecjenyi furdo. Trolleybus 70, 72, 74, tram 1 to - Erzsabet kiralyne utja

Retox Bar


.. Located in a 100 year old building; pock marked with the grit of old regimes... now.. world class graffiti, . all types of events, live music. big screen sports & .. cheap drinks, & enough games to train for the Alcoholic Olympics... home of 1 E Turbulence shot & the greatest Sunday BBQ in Europe w/ Djs & riding the World Famous Jager Train....


Budapest VI, O utca 41

tram 4 or 6, M1 to "Oktogon"

cafe-bar & gallery

Large open space, surprising & colourful, Fresco's & cheerful pieces of art.. conversation. Food - specials: Hungarian classics with a modern something'. Drinks - EVERYTHING: from (iced)coffee & home made lemonade / ‘palinka’ & cocktails, wine, beer,... Cultural happenings, exhibitions & DJ’s every night.

Bp. IX. Bartók Béla út 36

bus 7,7E... tram 6,47,47.. night bus 907 -”Moricz Zsigmond korter”

THE Szimpla!
pub-restaurant-live music-cinema

'THE original' & this is THE place! MUST DO & will provide.. anytime, day or night.. packed program, live, Dj’s happenings.. performances, quality spaces & many scenes / bars / water pipe-smoking lounge / foods.. garden open all year .

Sundays farmer market is 'the' after-party for your soul..., this place got everything & in it's own way for sure..

Probably the most popular place in town.!!!


Bp VII. Kazinczy u 16.

trams 4, 6 to "Kiraly utca", M2 to "Astoria", bus 7 to "Urania"

dive bar music

one cellar bar loved by those who go there.. warmth of incomprehensibility …

& it gets very full !!!….

Come early-stay late.,

Minor unexpected international performances..
contemporary installations...

mention the music... the stand & dance crew V's the sitting arse wigglers.. happening beans. .

Bp VII. Kertesz u. 4,

M2, tram 4, 6 to - Blaha Lujza ter.

Legendary Music Club

Alchemia Club is in the heart & IS the heart of Kazimierz. It is, simply, a legend. A magical place offering an ethereal ambiance, exciting concerts & eccentric encounters with extraordinary people...

On the other side of the wall discover Alchemia od kuchni - An international restaurant that is the younger sister of Alchemia. They offer up flavors & foods from around the world. Find some memorable morsels from London's pubs, Italian & Greek tavernas, Asian markets & other street food from cities as far as even.. Krakow! Welcome home.. 


Club Open: Mon:10.oo-4.oo, Tues-Sun: 9.oo-4.oo

Bistro Open: Sun-Thurs: 8.oo-23.oo, Fri-Sat: 8.oo-24.oo

ul. Estery 5

On Plac Nowy in Kazimierz


Bull Dog
Classic British Pub

Sometimes this is the loudest joint on the main square. Why? Simple- this is where that all goes down in downtown till late! The booze flows like.. wine- local beers, absinthe or top shelf Scotch whisky.

Kickin' spot to watch the footy & get into your game!.. Hungry.. classic bar food,. burgers, bangers, sandwiches, fish & the chips! Remember after the stomach is lined, it’s back to the vine!

Plac Mariacki 1/ 4

In front of St. Mary’s on Market Sq


Cafe Szafe
Your New Home...

Through the wardrobe... a magical bar filled with fairy tale animals, furry freaky poets, whacked out musicians & local intellectual royalty. Great coffee'n cakes by day …. & rivers of booze by night etc. Concerts often… poetry & theatre, exhibitions, dancing on the bar -party chaos... regularly. !!!!! Come in & Feel like family. But even though this be Narnia... no stags allowed. . . . boomboom !!


Open Daily 10:oo - the wooden goat is wrestled to the floor

ul. Felicijanek 10

5 mins. walk from the Main Square

Harris Piano Jazz Bar
live Jazz & Blues

Baby's got the blues... & her shoes should choose THE Jazz & Blues club!! .. oldies, newbies, squares & circles all come round, Jam sessions on Mon, Tues& Thurs… Jazz on Weds & Sundays - Blues & R'n'R on Friday & Sat.

Hungry? upstairs will sort you out, original Italiano panini, steaks, burgers, salads, desserts & more! Grab a seat by the soul kitchen (tv-sports) .. order out in the seasonal garden (or eat downstairs in the jazz bar). Just voted top 10 Jazz Club in Europe by the Guardian! Legendary…. 

Rynek Glowny 28

accross from the big head on main square

House of Beer
Multitap Bar & Brew Pub

One of the best of the new wave of bars improving the 'beer culture' in Krak. They stock an unprecedented number of bottled (200+) & draught brews (21 taps). Top of the Hops' local & Czech micro-brews w/ the occasional liquid albatross for good balance...

Sip away the day on the swanky upstairs sofas or head down to sprawl out, in the cave-like basement bar. Filled w/ foreigners & locals alike. Perfect spot to watch the Euro 2016 in style!

ul. Krzyża 13

5 mins. walk from the market square

Pod Prad
Club & Craft Beer Pub

A splash out of the old town..

Discover a true underground dive where anything can happen.. Swirling deep electronic sessions, art school exhibits, dimly lit nocturnal film emissions..

Slink into a sofa with a Polish new wave craft brew or two .. shoot some tricky table pool . Make sure to tell them CitySpy sent you, maybe that gets you in

& a FREE SHOT.. flash your CitySpy map.

ul. św. Filipa 6

7 mins. walk from Market Sq - 37 steps below

Szpitalna 1
Club & Bar

This cavernous club is the venue Kraktown has been missing for a long time.

With an ambitious lineup of the best local, national & international DJ's, live acts, bands, indie pop stars etc. Their epic weekends start Thursday & end..?

From monday the eclectic weekday parties, Jam sessions & even standup comedy nights. Hit the massive bar & flash this CitySpy Map for a free shot with the first beer! Krakow Nightlife at its best ;)

ul. Szpitalna 1

the beat in the heart of town

Teatr Barakah
Theatre & ArtCafe

The cutting edge of Kazimierz bohemian / artistic life... new theatre, dance, literature, film & live music actions that is Chekhov challenging & Dada delightful.. Kerouac attacks & Bukowski binges.. If gets too heavy grab a drink & have a think in the ArtCafe bar & lounge.. Indoor smoking terrace, board games, books on shelves.. surprises on every corner. A Contemporary Classic.

Daily: 17.oo-4.oo

ul. Paulińska 28

“Stradom” tram 6, 8, 10, 11, 13, 22, 52 - "Orzeszkowej" tram 11, 12, 18, 22, 52, 62

Zaginiony swiat
Club, Pub, Cafe

The one & only archaeological adventure themed bar in Krak?!

Uncover an ancient cellar filled with a treasure trove of trinkets: mayan masks, relics, vintage photo's, even Indiana Jones’ motorbike.. dig it! Plus that well-stocked bar, bottled & draught beers plus original drinks & shots.

Drop into this temple for boomin’ concerts, travel slide shows & maybe live comedy. The name gives it away, get lost in this wonderful world!

ul. Batorego 1 (enter in courtyard)

7 min' from Market Sq

DiY club & cafe

Anarchy in W-R-O! CRK is a DIY social-cultural center home to many prominent initiatives (food not bombs, actions against violence & discrimination) .. they also know how to party!

Punk, techno, hardcore, roots - whatever it’s loud & raw! Also badass bike workshop, sound studio & the utopia cafe.

Sundays, check the events in vegan social kitchen. An alternative must-see for all ye true black underground's.


Open during- check web

ul. Kazimierza Jagiellończyka 10c/d

big courtyard- 12 mins. from Market sq.

Multitap Bar

The craft beer revolution is well under way & this 'no frills' pub is the prime place in town to drown in pints of pristine piwo.

They have 22 taps & 3 pumps (only ones in WRO!) spread over 2 floors all for the love of beer.. All the best up’n comin’ Polish & foreign micro brew hits.

An 18th century tavern, continuing the tradition of delivering superior suds to thirsty Vratislavians of all shapes & sizes. See you there then! 


Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17

2 mins. from the Market Square

Manana Cafe

Set your internal compass towards here when the morn starts to warn. ...

This hip- relaxed first floor hang, nightly & slowly but surely morphs into a sweaty, full contact, alcohol- Latin music fueled dance party. Type of scene where locals aren't shy to integrate with your new faces ..

Chill-out space- "blackroom", where you can chat without the loud music. Pay special note to the bar man who enjoys tossing that sh*t. Terrace opens all-year.. it's always tomorrow here.

św. Mikołaja 8/11

Tram 6,8 - “Uniwersytet”, Market Sq


Motyla Noga Gastro Pub
Butterfly's Leg

Former XIV century prison.

Spacy rooms stuffed w/ classic Polish cinema swag, spills out onto a huge courtyard that just begs you sit for a craft beer or 2. Tasty creative lunches & tapas. Only full kitchen in town open til midnight! Read fish'n'chips )).

Nice prices, a perfect visit for any time.. & for you movie geeks - check their 2'nd pub Rejs down the road, one of oldest pubs in Wro!

Ul. Więzienna 6

2 mins. from Market Sq

Commie' kitchen & dive Bar

This time machine takes you straight back to the good / bad ol’ days ..

behind the iron curtain. Hearty Communist 70's cuisine including Polish classics like bigos, pierogi, beef tatar (!) or RiBS (!!).

The beer & vodka flow like Marx’s beard & it all priced nice for your proletariat paycheck. Hearty late night bites & serious last resolution. 

Ul. Leszczyńskiego 4

2 mins. from Market Sq

multitap Beerstro', organic Deli

14 draft taps or more bottled gems, best'est craft microbrews.

Come to the meat'n'cheese counter, indulge in finest trad' Polish cold cuts, sausage, salamis '&' gourmet goat, sheep, Jersey cow cheeses! Mix’n match a plate. Or the signature 'hot cake'.. home bread covered by sauce w/ choice of fillings, comes like a wrap & goes perfect w/ that liquid hop-Attack!

& if we told you the breakfasts were awesome… you might never leave! deli.cious.


ul. Św. Antoniego 15

5 mins. from Market sq

Boulder V síti
drink eat climb kick-it

get a grip! 260m2, 3000 grabs 80 routes of equipped climbing cave.. 80Kč/3e per person,no time limit. Serving Pilsner, local craft beers, good music, cool friendly staff, a place to unwind.,

Friday shots-party...much rums.., for strength, baguettes, quesadillas, salads, Italian café.. get you up for some serious foosball.. hangin’ out..

P 3. Borivojova 104

Trams 5,9,26 night trams 55,58 - “Husinecká"

Chapeau Rouge Prague
bars & 3 stages-club gallery

Infamous haunt,

THE lavish underground of old town.

Drinks, Debauchery, Dancing, Dj's.. indie/ famous bands, Fantastic program & most of it free ))..


If you can't concept a 'good time' in here.. well...

P1. Jakubská 2

just off of Old town Sq

Cross Club
alternative culture events every day

unique, fantastic, wonderful.. same time/place! A mental metal maze-bars, clubs,
human spaces & illuminated installations = serious art venue!

DJ's, bands, performances, theatre, cinema, exhibit.... Cafe, teahouse & restaurant, worldwide cuisine & special beverages- daily beergarden, outdoor summer events.. party / concert- free entry in week/ cca 4e wk'ends

Plynární 23, Praha 7, Holesovice

Metro C “Nád Holešovice” Tram 12, 17, 24, 53, 54- city centre15mins, 24/7


Supporting underground music since 1969

Every kind of alternative live music has it's home here: Punk Rock, Hard Core, Rock, Psychobilly, R´n´R, Indie, Noise, Metal, Ska, Electronic, Hip Hop, Ska, Country, Billy, Experimental etc etc

Unique atmosphere, good prices, that true underground spirit, excellent sound!!

Only one of it's kind in town, find 'sedmička' under the student towers

P.6. Chaloupeckého 1903/6, Block 7.

from Karlovo Náměstí Bus 176. from Anděl Bus 119 from Dejvická Bus 143. to 'Strahov'

Klub Buben
THE - downtown alternative music club

The hard core for specific music genres, eg: punkrock, ska, northern soul, rock'n'roll, Oi!, reggae & hiphop.

Live shows & DJ parties at least three nights/week (low cover charge). A place to dance, party & hang it out, no frills! Mon & Tues ping pong tournaments.

Wide choice of quality drinks & draught beer. If it fits to you then you will fit right in!

P1. Myslíkova 8

Trams 3,9,14,24 & all night trams X-point - “Lazarská”

Palac Akropolis

World (in-) famous multi level multi active multi vistitile multi culti venue nightly theatre, stage.. big gigs, wierd happenings.. later all bars in the cellers free Dj's & scenes, suprizing cocktails & other tall nite tails..

they got it all & anything goes ... over looking the corner & the day bar offers great value international meals & real inspiring unforgettable vibes..

you should go, you will find yourself in there.. somewhere..
Cafe - 10:-oo-00.oo
Restaurant bar- 11:oo-01:oo
Clubs & Music hall 19:oo-05:+

P3. Kubelikova 27

Metro A - J. z. Podebrad just by the TV tower

Palac Akropolis - kult komplex
club - bars - cafe - restaurant

World (in-) famous multi level multi active multi vistitile multi culti venue nightly theatre, stage.. big gigs, wierd happenings.. later all bars in the cellers free Dj's & scenes, suprizing cocktails & other tall nite tails..

Over the corner the DAY BAR offers great value international meals & inspiring vibes.. you should go & you will find yourself in there...

you should go, you will find yourself in there.. somewhere..
Cafe - 10:-oo-00.oo
Restaurant bar- 11:oo-01:oo
Clubs & Music hall 19:oo-05:+

P3. Kubelikova 27

Metro A - “Jiři. z. Poděbrad” just by the TV tower

Pivnice U Sadu
pub restaurant & breakfast

The after-party.. Kitchen & bar from till 04.oo the next morning !! DRINK their own beer 'Sádek' & EAT quality classic Czech style meals. Sunny days the street terrace fills with song, swine & so on! football on TV & pinball, flipper in the basement ! . Stay home & they deliver.!

P3. Škroupovo Náměstí 5

Metro A - “Jiřího z Poděbrad”

Radost FX
resto, cafe, club & scene

RESTAURANT & CAFÉ Streetside legend in modern Vegetarian, Indian, Greek, Thai & Mexican cuisines. Cool, hip place to hang out, a meeting point & a place to meet. Enjoy from large selection of alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks. Kinda' swish'n'snazzy.

THE CLUB & MUSIC is down below, 3 nights neverending party till morning. Up beat happy stylish crowd Czech & foreign DJ's- maybe the best house / R'n'B in town. Lights & action!

P.2. Bělehradská 120

Metro C-”I.P. Pavlova“ Tram 4,6,10,16,22- Night 51, 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59

U Sudu
The Cave maze bars

Don't stop at the 1'st wine-bar (a good spot for a glass of vino)… go in the back & DOWN!

There you will find the biggest & most varied 'underground' labyrinth,7 zones of bars & music, beers & cocktails, smokin' rooms & dancing... even outdoor summer courtyard garden! 


P1. Vodickova 10

"Trams 3,9,14,24 & all night trams - Lazarska

Even better is that the ’Lazar st’ opposite is the X-point for all night trams"

live music club / pub

Musicians of real fame. Reproduced!

This club is specialising in cover bands / revival groups.

They do have original artists even living legends play too but this is a party place & the people like to hear music they know that's why they go... for those about to rock !!!.

Expect to pay -4e / 6euro entry. The bar is fair priced & good beer!

P1. Národní třída 25 (passage)

Metro B “Nár. Třída” trams 6, 9, 18, 21, 22, 23 night 53, 57, 58, 59

pub clubhouse garden

You will be surprised here.. think it is really alternative, the regulars’ all young punkers & new thinker's..

Music, maybe never heard before.. only thing louder is the carry on & flirting by the foosball tables.. & then you realise that they have specialist 'Rum's'.. long drinks & very good beer..

& you says to yourself.. “this place is great! ”

!! & NEW SUMMER GARDEN 2014 !!

P3. Lipanska 3

Tram. 9, 26, 5 Lipanska

Barrel Bar
rock pop music pub

Spilling over the brim..

Finger lickin' trax', music you know & love, washed down with top quality mixed drinks, best of the Czechs tap beers, pizzas & snacks ... lots of side attractions + amusments ))

All the games on big screens. JUKEBOX in the clubroom out back! & out front lovely inclosed garden.

You can also crash here /Pension U Galerie they own little B&B, w/ parking & breakfast... Why go elsewhere?!

Rybářská 40

Bluegrass club
Live music country club bar kitchen

... a family establishment, handed on to the next generation... much live music, local county & other country steel string ensembles, random pickin's & banjo duelling.. come down here to the crossroads...

BBQ Grill mastery & simple wholesome meals prepared right there. Indoor communal & outdoor seating, fireside, friendly service- usual suspects & travellers squeeze together....

also a pension with two doubles one triple room at your disposal..

Skalní 171

City Lounge
night bar- music club

Wanna' dance, kick it in style & take a break from the old skool bars around? Then this is THE place...proper parties, big system, lights, shows & attraction..

Having won many local & international awards- best club of the year! HipHop, elektro, club- Local & touring DJ's spin them out.

Full bar- beers, cocktails come early for happy hours 21-23.oo. all you need, let the rhythm take you there.

Hradební 81

Travel Hostel
hostel & bar

Renovated former stables & yard.

Downstairs bar, beers & music, pool & foosball table… romantic ivy-covered courtyard good food restaurant open daily w/ beautiful fireplace ambient.

Tel.: +420- 380 711 345
Mob.: +420- 731 564 144

Soukenická 43

in the old town

Floating Club - Bobbing Bar

Ahoy all ye party peoples!.. Barka is a bumpin’ barge moored on the vast River Wisła (vee-swuh) .. smack dab in the middle of all the action.

This café-club hosts all sorts of floating concerts & dance parties, always under the stars 'n' rocking till dawn..

Delicious slow food snacks at sea & don’t miss noon brunch on Sat & Sun on the sun deck.. At this Barka bar, you ain’t going far

Open whenever the weather is nice from Spring-Fall

Kościuszkowskie 35

by Mermaid on the Wisła Riverfront/Metro Centrum Nauki Kopernika

Oleandrów 3
dive bar

loosley translated means bubbles & hot dogs..

It's sparkling wine, prosecco, vinho verde & wet beers.. It's art openings, exhibitions & concerts. It's all Spanish tiles & dilapidated walls surrounding a decadent golden- cocktails bar..

That’s right.. pure'n'true shabby-chic non-stop music, energy & vibes..

Do your day-drinking in style, all them Nighthawks be there in just a little while..

ul. Oleandrów 3

4 mins. by Plac Zbawiciela 


City center, cozy daytime atmos', which can easily turn into an all night party !!.

Choose beers from various local craft breweries, different homemade rakija, great coffee & freshly squeezed juices. Workshops, book promotions, live radio shows are also not uncommon.

With a day to day rich DJ programmes... don't to miss it!

Cetinjska 15

bus 16,31,95 - Tram 2, 5, 9, 10 -“Pijaca Skadarlija”

culture venue-club-pub-stages

Concerts.... All kinds of live shows, upcoming local & international act, parties, open air festivals, open air cinema ...

The pub there is open daily from 16.oo.

a MAJOR platform in the international event scenery & social activities for 40 years now. This is one of THE most important venues in Europe. so go do it! ... All of it ...

W3. Baumgasse 80

u3 Erdberg or Gasometer night bus N75 from the front underground runs at 0:20 am.

Cafe Concerto
pub-resto-club-music over 3 floors

All year every day live bands !

anything.. Jazz Rock.- Folk-Crossover-World-Songwriter, new bands.. entry to shows is by donations usually..

DJ ‘after-parties’ on the w/end from o6:oo free entry- solid breakfast.. in the cellar & free Dj's upstairs…

in summer "Hot nights in a cool cellar" Upper street garden /winter garden with plants hanging around.. Bars, booth's, snacks & soup goulash, football.. large screen sports/movies..'bang' on 'Gürtel' clubs/ bar land..

A F T E R H O U R Sat., Sun. + Holidays* 6:00 am with DJ-Line • Chill Out • Breakfast •

W16. Lerchenfelder Gürtel 53

U6 "Josefstadter Str" trams J, 5, 33, night bus N6, N64

Charlie P`s
Irish pub- resto- bar- stage

..A true melting pot.. drink, good food, dance floor, sport screens..

Sunday quiz night, R’n’R Karaoke Monday & much international integrations. Happy Hour 11pm - midnight... restaurant; fresh local home-cooked food. except true Irish beef & lamb..

downstairs cellar parties, easy DJ’s.. Alternative/Indie, Rock & 80's. cocktails..

" the best fun you can have with your clothes on"..

Kitchen till 23.oo


W9. Wahringerstasse 3,

U2 "Schottentor" trams 1, D, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, night bus 41

Charlie P`s
Irish pub- resto- bar- stage

"the best fun you can have with your clothes on".. 70+ Craft Beers, 60+ Whiskeys, 70 Wines.

Award-Winning Irish/British Food. DJ's, Dance Floor, Student Nights, International Crowd, Happy Hours, Rock, Indie, Hip-Hop, Bad Taste, 80's. Huge Sports Selection. A Classic Hot-Spot in Vienna.

W9. Wahringerstasse 3,

U2 "Schottentor" trams 1, D, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, night bus 41

Club AU
Gallery club bar venue

creative collective back door DIY kinda' place, low profile lounging,

a select of events & of genre.. independent kino screenings, Kult art, design heavy,

much music.. Dj sessions,

live experimental new music & current 'happenings'.

W XVI. Brunnengasse 76

U6 - “Josefstädter Str.”,

trams J, 5,33, night busses N6, N64

Outback Aussie style bars & food

.... tasty burgers, BBQ fillet steaks, Aussie beers... highly recommended for a great feed any time, a quick pint, hanging- out with mates...

all sports fans are welcome to watch.

If it is competition you want, then Trivia on Monday Night is where you should be.…

Reservations for any night are the wise way to go. . . , call 01/24 100 230. .

W1, Maysdergasse 5.

U1/U2/U! to "Karlsplatz"

Die Dondrine
bar / legendary happy hours

Local pub with that big world feel, friendly’n’funky in the scene
& somehow attached to most of the moody clubs...

Cool artsy vibe & unexpected Parties tend to
break out... Occ Dj’s & or performance happenings..

Decidedly a good
start middle or end to a night out...

W6, Kirchengasse 20

U3 "Neubaugasse" 13a "Kirchengasse"

Down Under Aussie Pub
beer pub-wine bar

Ozzi Beers & shots, happy hour 18.oo-19.oo Sun-Thurs.. a favorite w/ student's...

full & friendly, big, busy bar w/ live acoustic gigs, the chill-out area in the back w/ darts, foosball & couches. big TV-sports...

open parties & more music downstairs, stage, dance floor, Party place to have your own events / Backline for bands & DJ.

Right side, find the select wine bar, Austrian & good vintages from Oz!

W6, Magdalena Strasse 32

U4 - "Pilgramgasse"

a true heart Wiener pub

.. all who love their brew….

Not less than 200 bottled brands….. from all over the brewing world, more than 160 from Belgium & 7 locals on tap… very tasty.!...

Low lit snug wooden ambiance, spend your own time. Snacks & Big Screen for sports.

Warm & Wet Welcome from over the bar.

Win's the "Best beer bar in town" awards !!

W6. Bürgerspitalgasse 20

U3/U6- "Westbahnhof" tram 5

Nacht Azyl

Live & loud. The merry clash of heavy mugs, the roars & action from the peeps gathered below the street tonight....

expect to have to pay a few euro's to get in during the concert. Later is like a free late smokers bar.. Booze is the nice price .. . . .

half price happy hour 18.3o - 19.3o.


W6, Stumpergasse 53-55

U3/U6 "Westbahnhof"


Large- bright- cool- Asian chopsticks eating hall.

Show kitchen. Authentic variety of noodles & rice .. Thai foods, for all tastes served in good size bowls, super taste!...

No entry to pay downstairs, Chinese party Lounge club, DJ's EVERY NIGHT.... Tuesday & Wed is Karaoke!... Weekday Special offer for cocktails till 22.oo .Thursday thru Sat = hiphop & RnB. Party till we drop!.. .

it's easy, have a good time.))

Cafe, Restaurant Tue-Sun 11.oo-00-oo.

Lounge club; 20.oo till late.


W1 Gumpfendorfer strasse 9.

U2 "Museumquartier"

Roxy Club
Legendary dance club

HipHop,Electronic,Dancehall & Funk since 1991..

A big favorite. Top inter & national Dj’s playing there which lead to fame over the decades. Imagine
a bar design from the seventies meets music of today....

Trying the ROXY special shots is a must! A popular club for stars (famous appearance in hollywood romance movie "before sunrise“) & the common people...

There's parties going down for shure!

W4. Faulmanngasse 2

U1, U2, U4, Karlsplatz

Shanghai Tan
club - restaurant

Big with the actors & musicans either for the warm up or the ease down.

Black Chinese cedar wood surround. Full bar, all the Cocktails, Dim Sum, noodles, saté, spicy & Sushi… eat'n'drink upstairs....

Music, lights, ambience.. If you came to Wien to romance? .. Drink'n'eat downstairs, is more like a opium den with snug's & horizontal lounging..


Mon-Thurs: 18.oo- o2.oo

Fri & Sat till o4.oo
July, August closed :(


W6, Gumpendorferstrasse 9.

U2 "Museumquartier"

The Loft
club-bar- cultural venue

on 'THE' Gürtel. cool, laid back place for good people.

No fixed style of music, concerts = quality, contemporary, diversity...Tues' Poetry slams, extreme sports, filmnights & quiz .

Wed' - 'hot' acoustic gigs. Thu, Fri, Sat - Variety acts, DJ's, live acts, buzzin' over 3 floors.

Check www to know (entry fee only at top events..)


W16. Lerchenfeldergürtel 37.

U6, tram 46 "Thaliastraße" tram 5 "Lerchenfelder straße"

The Shebeen
international pub

Easy people drinking, eating, enjoying.. the hum of conversation.

Awesome portions, served w/ a smile by the chef. Happy after your meal, stay for beers!. The back room/ mini stadium, all the sports on surround screens.

Thurs' from 20.oo, 6 per table 'quiz' w/ prizes !!

Apple tarts & cream on Sunday morning in the courtyard garden !! Now you know.

Tel: 524 79 00.

W7. Lerchenfelder Strasse 45

U2 "Lerchenfelderstrasse"


More than a cool evening hang-out... environment-conscientious place where the cola ain’t Coca... a more human-scale...fair-trades, decent organic wine, local brews…

hear music (indie-electro) DJ's 4 times a week, ping pong party on Wednesdays.

sometime weekends in-house flea-market, improv actions- inspired open crowd...

transport yourself to a better place . .

W5, Kettenbückengasse 1

U4 "Kettenbrückengasse", tram 1, 62

Travel Shack Vienna
Partybar & Pub Crawl Meeting Point

Famous backpacker bar!.. definitely a must-do!.

Come by, party in casual atmos', nice music and like-minded people, drinks too…the UNIQUE SHOTS, keen'n'crazy, try the fire shot,.. ChuckNorris, Snuff shoot it etc... A night, you won’t remember is guaranteed....

Every backpacker can enjoy the ultimate's, special themes & drink specials 7 nights a week. *summer season daily

MEETING POINT for the PUB CRAWL 8/9pm ...., meets here every night 21:oo, One hour free Beer & Wine, Shots at some bars & later free entrance to clubs...

W15. Mariahilfer Gtl 21.

U3, U6 to "Westbahnhof"

bar restaurant club

Civilize into the day, with a Wiener breakfast 'frühstück' linger long over your Melange' cafe w/ the tracks & the cool people.

The Menu goes wider as the day turns, diners, readers, day trippers come & go

till the night... volume goes up & down in the cellar host only incredible happenings & parties..

get busy & you too..

W7. Burggasse 70

bus 13s " Burggasse/Neubaugasse" U6 "Burggasse"

bar restaurant club

Civilize into the day, with a Wiener breakfast 'frühstück' linger long over your Melange' cafe w/ the tracks & the cool people.

The Menu goes wider as the day turns, diners, readers, day trippers come & go

till the night... volume goes up & down in the cellar host only incredible happenings & parties..

get busy & you too..

W7. Burggasse 70

bus 13s " Burggasse/Neubaugasse" U6 "Burggasse"

culture venue, music club-pub-restaurant

one of the strongest sociocultural centres in Europe (, well known for
arts. Local / international gigs, clubs, summer open air , exhibitions,

The complex is open! so drift in there day times, there
is a few places to get refreshments & maybe a new perspective or two ..

a beautiful courtyard industry vibe..

W IX. Währinger Straße 59

U6, trams 40, 41, 42, bus 40A - Währinger Straße/Volksoper
trams 5, 33 - Spitalgasse

culture venue, music club-pub-restaurant

one of the strongest sociocultural centres in Europe (, well known for
arts. Local / international gigs, clubs, summer open air , exhibitions,

The complex is open! so drift in there day times, there
is a few places to get refreshments & maybe a new perspective or two ..

a beautiful courtyard industry vibe..

W IX. Währinger Straße 59

U6, trams 40, 41, 42, bus 40A - Währinger Straße/Volksoper
trams 5, 33 - Spitalgasse

drink, dance, transgress alternative

Till right now this place was the best kept secret....

Soul, Funk, Afrobeat, Psych, 60's, 70's, Rock, Punk, PostPunk, NewWave. Friendly atmos' w/ the international crowd, one the hottest DJ dancefloors in town.

Free Entry Pub style till Night Clubbing & Cocktails, Passionate about that music.. Happy Hour: 20.oo- 22.oo/ 30% off !

- PS; if you down Marmaris way go to datça & party w/ COOP again !!

Istiklal Cad - Suriye Pasaj 166a- 51

Istiklal / passage over the teaplace,

Eskici Pera Pub
2 bars, street resto, bar & club terrace

Sprawling street terrace draws you into what maybe become a whole day of eats, fusion international & local style plates & drinks,

crazy cocktails & pints of beers to get it on... ... keep on going..

Enjoy it, dance to Turkish oldies pop w/ Dj's, top floors morph into easy dance clubbing through the night.

Tünel Meydani 186a on Tunel Sq

Istiklal - on Tunel Square

Gizli Bahçe (Secret Garden)
friendly music bar

A lovely, inspired, mayhem. Invisible & unpredictable from the street ...this place is for fun loving, open minded free spirits. you...

welcomes everyone... gay, straight, girls & boys... students, locals & foreigners.

Awesome dance DJ on the back terrace. cute smokers balcony, velvet sofas, drinks, good prices, cool random people...

Balik Pazari/ Nevizade Sk. 15

walk from Taksim

Papillon inc
cafe bar club

You'll see the green light... climb stairs to the top floors, find this amazing spot. Full of plants, sofas, chill music, general coolness.. Daytime cafe-break, garden swing & sounds around. Later we find here one of ‘THE’ late night hangouts...good coctails & shots & beers (best price in the neighborhood!). Arrive before 8pm and enjoy happy hour till 11pm! ... stay till sunrise.

Beyoglu Hüseyinaga Mah. Balo Sok. 31/4,

Taksim back end of fish market

drinks & live music bar

lots of Live bands Thu, Fri & Sat (rock- grunge mainly), warm atmos all day,

HUGE party out to the street everytime, laid back, fun lovin' crowd. GOOD & cheap cocktails (made w/ the correct ingredients & methods)..

Home of the famous “Hönönü”- whaaaat??? a shot served slammed on the table…BANG !! try one & see what happens...


Hüseyinaga Mh. Yesilcam Sok 27/1

5 min's from Taksim sq

Pixie underground
dubstep D'n'B club

since 2008..

small club w/ big attitude, building up the good dance vibes.

Happy hour till midnight (50% off alcohol) & FREE entrance.! Then after 10 -15 TL entry inc / some drinks....

A few long island ice tea's & you will be ready.. DJ's, Dubstep-Breakbeats, massive bass ... pull out the ear protection..

.. all at +140 BPM..

Tosbaga sok 12

Tram “Galatasaray”

B52 The Club
weekend parties, cheap drinks & stage

Fabrica’s freaky twin sister! parties every weekend, A classic alternative rock kinda' joint, you'll feel it when it hits you ;) Regular performances too, even theatre when they're feelin’ fancy.. always great offers at the bar, supporting & sharing your passion for booze. It’s a good-mood place & plenty to go around

Str. 11 Iunie 50, sector 4

M2 - Pia?a Unirii or tram 32 - 11 Iunie

BEAT bar umanist
total jazz place

Select of local & foreign craft beers; funky cocktails & shots- traditional palincă, lovely inside, colourful, lots of movie & music posters, books;

Cozy jazz underground concerts & lots of cultural events; 50% off all coffees & beers daily 2-7PM... they don't serve mainstream even soft drinks, but have unique Romanian vegan micro brands.

Buzzin' terrace w/ graffiti murals. Kitchen & outdoor wood pizza oven..

C.F. Robescu 14 sector 3

tram 21 - Hristo Botev, bus 385 or M1, 2, 3 - Pia?a Unirii

Carol 53
place for art culture, progression & entertain

Revitalizing architectural landmark & hot cultural knot. An independent off-main program that aspires to provide a boiling environment for the manifestation & expression of all that is creativity. Lots of space for inspiration inside the vintage house or in the yard..

DIY or check out their resident workshops/ ateliers, wide range of expression: architecture, decorative arts, wood work & crafting, ecology, theatre, music, painting.. always crucial happenings.

Bulevardul Carol I. 53. sector 2

trolleys 70/ 85/ 69/ 90, night bus N102 - Armenească

social gatherings place

if you wanna know what's up on the political aspects from some hot blooded activist types, now you know.. they have every Wednesdays from 7PM, w/ vegan meals & hot topics, movies, debates & of course Parties! grab an interesting read from the Alternative Library & get w/ the vibe...

enter the old factory grounds, go last building on the left, first door on the right & up to the 2nd floor - music will be guiding you cause there's rehearsal rooms all over the place

Str. Tăbăcarilor 7, sector 4

bus 381 - Bd. Mărăsesti

bar club venue garden

THE epicenter of hipster culture in town. one of the first clubs to support & promote the more 'below the line' indie rock/electronic scenes / artists & still rocking it good.!

Parties & concerts going on all week through, upcoming local & round the world dj's to feed your dancing appetite!

Get your pingpong groove on, or 'be' on the pretty terrace in the very epicenter of the city.

Str. Constantin Mille 4, sector 1

trolleys 69/ 85/ 91 or M2 - Universitate

For Friends
raving underground vila

Magic underground vila the paradise place to enjoy & dance on a variety of music, every night of the week. Drum'n'bass, electronic music, reggae, rock, funk / jazz, served fresh, on a regular basis. Secret garden for recreation & exquisite selection of drinks, but most of all... experiences that trigger your creativity & your inner artist. Enjoy the ride!

Str. Sfin?ilor 12, sector 2

M2 or trolleys 69, 70, 85, 90 - Universitate or tram 21 - Hristo Botev

J'ai Bistrot
eat, drink, be happy & entertained

320 nice communicative people to be found inside, underground + bistro'ing w/ super lovely, green courtyard terrace & mini sandy beach.

W/ the pink flying pig as as mascot you can imagine the rest )) the only style is stylish!.

First thing you notice as you enter is the delicious aroma created by the top chef's- cooking up mysteries for your bud's.

Followed by rich cultural programming & that's why it's so popular!

Calea Griviţei 55. sector 1

busses 226/ 133 - Calea Griviţei

Jacques Pot
oasis of cool

...... away from all the usual commotion, while still in the center,

This place certainly knows how to make it's own noise.

Get down w/ them electronic / alternative beats & dance under an open sky umbrella of vine leafs & all kinds of greens...

The space invaders have taken over the bar, mixing up all kinds of cool drinks to fit the fresh atmos' inside & out.

Str. Zborului 2, sector 3

tram 21 - Hristo Botev, M2 - Universitate

cat café & teahouse

Cozy to sit down on pillows & taste freshly made drinks by the lovely owners, who are engaged into providing an open-minded & animal friendly environment.

Regular haggles & free shops, sometimes sweet vegan cooking or workshops.. Entertainment otherwise provided by cats&dogs, various books & parties complementing this mindset. It's the little hub for jugglers, musicians or any other artists of life.

Just ring the bell at the gate :)

Str. Maximilian Popper 41. sector 3

busses 104/ 123 - Traian

Nişte Domni şi Fiii
rip rockin' old town pub

An institution of culture, booze & entertainment in the historical center of Bucharest-> & really by now one of the few alternative places remaining in this area; punkrock, motorbike vibes;

interesting selection of cheap & strong drinks;

Terrace where you can watch the fire shows opposite every weekend nights. If you are 'bad to the bone' then you gonna' fit right in.

Str. Covaci 7. sector 3

bus 385 or M1/ 2/ 3 - Piata Unirii & all busses stop by Universitate

Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel
charming hostel & bar with a view

An enchanting place in the middle of urban life.

Located in the Old Town, you will feel the bohemian touch in the day & later freak-out to serious nightlife vibes… get lost & found, discover some very special places & shops still charmin’ up the place since back in the day.

These doors are open for passionate travelers and eager-for-fun people. The place has good service & a welcoming staff... sky bar on the roof, with an excellent view of the city center ;)

Tel. +40786 329 134 -

Str. Smardan 7, sector 3

M2 - Universitare or Piata Romana or trolleys 69, 70, 85 - Universitate

The Blu'zz
drinks, music, community & art

One for free spirited & beautiful crazies.. low prices. high times, fast ping pong scene.

They like to chill on the garden under the trees, they love to let it all happen & jam them sessions. As a cultural home the conversations are weird / wonderful every time & the regulars so curious so oddly.. wood oven baked pizza & local foods..Mix it in w/ foosball, chess & booze attitude. .

- no sign, ring the bell to get inside, stay way too long, keep coming back ))

Str. Plantelor 25, sector 2

trolleys 70/ 85/ 69/ 90, night bus N102 - Calea Mosilor

Music & Sub Culture since 2004

the first underground bar/club in town... All about punk, rock, alternative, ska/reggae

&&&. 2 old skool flipper machines, serious foosball battles free play, low prices & strong specials, Monday chill w/ TV & low pop.. little terrace - dive deep to the underbelly

w/ a capacity of 150, regular live gigs & sessions..

Str. Coltet 48. sector 3

tram 21- Hristo Botev. M2 - Universitate

skater punk pre- club bar

Where the spray can burst... very cheap price 'n' good vibes.

Dark, creepy.. graffitis in the toilet, bit sticky...

In Spain we called "Antro".. .

DJ's with a good taste funky/disco/indie rock.. videos, fails, weed/ skater-loving girls... Kung foo ..

pick up here passes for the clubs & get the little wheels spinning.


calle Lancaster 9.- El Raval

just off la Rambla- Macba