Zyankali Bar- wired science pub
Alchemy Cocktails, drinks too amazing for words

World infamous laboratory- front end drinks technology,

Cuisine- Styles (fresh Herb & Spyce), Molecular Mixology (Drink Jelly-drops, foam, dry-ice…) performed in test-tubes. home-brand Absinthe, 20 bazaar beers, amazing procedures,.. patented home creations, sprays, infusions, blends, oxygen, hard & soft shaken.. method/madness &

RollerGames from 1990.. & much wierd & wonderful stuff & staff !!

Gneisenaustrasse 17 / Ecke Solmsstrasse- Kreuzberg

U6, U7 -"Mehringdamm" U1, U7 -"Möckenbrücke"

old pub & music lounging

Est' 1981, a student bar, by now a legendary institution in the scene, due to the 'Blues open sessions' every Monday, Sunday live & other gigs/ happenings beer, sweat & guitars, style.

This is friendly atmosphere & easy drinking hole, pool in the back & 'kneipe' life.

Neukölln. Reuterstr. 7-8

U7- Hermannplatz. U8- Rathaus Neukölln

LIVE MUSIC club- dance bar- terrace

concerts & sessions 7 days a week.. program is focusing on Eastern-European, Balkan musik, swing, jazz.electro/ live Hip-Hop & indie pop, reggae gigs-

one thing in common, the high quality of the music !..this is a new exciting place for LIVE music full bar, drinks/coffee

& on a nice day find the terrace alive from 17.oo...

Revaler Str 99 (Simon-Dachstr) in the RAW complex

U1, S-Bahn - "Warschauerstrasse" Tram: M10 - "revaler Str"

Das Gift - the Poison
Eckkneipe/ international corner bar

Malt whiskies, premium gins, local craft beers & tasty cocktails, Scottish ales &

home cooked food daily 18.oo-22.oo.

Special feature great music jukebox w/ mixes by famous friends inc' Robert Smith, Interpol, Irvine Welsh, Optimo, Caribou & of course Mogwai (bar belongs to Barry Burns)).

Events: Das Pub Quiz @ 21.oo Monday's, 2-4-1 Long Drinks

Tuesday's, Shameless Limitless DJ's every 2'nd Wednesday,

jukebox gratis all Thursday's

& w/ends exhibition's & DJ's.

Donaustrasse 119- Neukölln

U7 Rathaus Neukölln

Das Gift - the Poison
Eckkneipe/ international corner bar

Malt whiskies, premium gins, local craft beers & tasty cocktails, Scottish ales & home cooked food daily 18.oo-22.oo.

Special feature great music jukebox w/ mixes by famous friends inc' Robert Smith, Interpol, Irvine Welsh, Optimo, Caribou & of course Mogwai (bar belongs to Barry Burns)).

Events: Das Pub Quiz @ 21.oo Monday's, 2-4-1 Long Drinks

Tuesday's, Shameless Limitless DJ's every 2'nd Wednesday,

jukebox gratis all Thursday's

& w/ends exhibition's & DJ's.

Donaustrasse 119- Neukölln

U7 Rathaus Neukölln

extraordinary Cocktail- DJBar, random performance

is 'the' bar in the back .... a weird & wonderful complex.. a true center for the underground & fringe scenes, decent drinks, dance floor, liquid lounging, cocktails & beer...

a collective of creative artists & abstract entertainment entrepreneur's, it's an exciting environment ..

Energy., the vibe as a never renovated East bloc inner-city mansion. a most colorful space, junk & art installed , abandoned..

Strange iron monsters & creatures by the 'dead chickens' group. & Kia has more below...

Rosenthaler Str. 39 - 2. Haus Schwarzenberg- Mitte

S-Bahn. Hackescher Markt U-Bahn 8. Weinmeisterstrasse

legendary K'berg 'RockeR' bar

Rough & ready, rocker bar. Oozing atmosphere, soaked in booze.

Attracts all the local characters, old & new, hip shave head chicks, punks, skunks .. the leathers...

It's charm 'the German rustic ideal of ‘Gemuetlichkeit’ & Volks bravado. Krigel's are clinking The music is pumping, rock’'n’'roll parties. daily drink & cocktail specials.

Have a sour ‘zaouer’ one! . . come here first like a launch pad to the SO36..


Oranienstrasse 19a, Xberg.

U1 - "Görlitzer Bhf" U8 - "Kottbusser Tor"

Hostel Eastern Comfort bostel
hostelboats on the River Spree

1'st & 2'nd class cabins, dorms & tents in summer.

Through the portholes from the cabins, you can see, feel & hear the flow of the river. Cabins on Eastern Comfort are all en-suite & Western Comfort offers private cabins w/ shared facilities.

The top deck lounge, offers drinks, snacks & amazing views of F-hain / K'berg & Oberbaum bridge; a very special atmosphere w/ great vibes.


Tel: +49 (0) 30-66763806
Fax: 66763805

Mühlenstrasse 73- on the River Spree

U1 S-Bahn "Warschauerstrasse" behind the East side gallery

Konrad Toenz
lounge musics in mono

Star in the eye of Berlin 50's to 70's DJ scene & around it goes ..

the reputation of this charming place. super 'swish' stylish concept... remarkably relaxed audience... classic cocktails, select spirits, Champagne & Crémant, but also a good cold beer served with suave..

one of the smallest dance lounges in the World, over weekends.


Falckensteinerstrasse 30- Kreuzberg

U1 - " Schlesisches Tor"

bar music preclub

One of the pioneers of nightlife booming in Neukölln

..what began as a improvisational locals meeting spot has become a unique international bar w/ a lot of 'atmosphere' & a great selection of drinks, a local 'organic orgasmic' draft beer, a small brewery called "rollberg", then Pils from north Germany & Bavarian lager all on tap!

Wide choice of whiskey, rum, wodka & gin tonic variations & in particular the house concocted cocktails... For sure music & happenings alive.. !

Hobrechtstrasse 54 - Neukolln

U8- Schönleinstraße

Tante Lisbeth
bowling lounge cafe bar

'Let's go drink & play 10 pin bowling"..!!

classic original wooden lanes (only 2 = reserve on-line).., in your socks!

That's really great fun, they love it!! & the drinking.. they love that too (one arm exercise)... Old style, comfortable, lounge room, sofa landscape.. flea market ambiance.

Fresh non-pasteurized non-carbonized Tank Beer!


Muskauer Strasse 49. Kreuzberg

U1-"Schleisisches Tor"

Zum Böhmischen Dorf
Beer drinkers club bar

Perfect not pasteurized or carbonized Tank drawn Pilsner Urquell, one of the only bars like it in Germany!

Most drinkers just say YUMM!! A Classic style .. crossed w/ killer sounds & R´n´R punk or soul Dj's most nights.. 'comes up' like nite club atmos later nite. they got club hot sound system & tight izolation..

strange lightings.. disco ball & get busy..

Sanderstraße 11, Neukölln

U7, U8 Hermannplatz

Zur Fetten ecke
Est 1917.. DJ pub ..

Reliable place to come for a few drinks at any point in the evening!

Stay a while.. stay all night. … it can be intimate or intense, depends
on you...

They try... Dj's, salubrious lighting's, a full bar- specials & long shots.. space-drinks ... afternoons to pre evenings cafe / beer.

It's a busy 'happening' corner bar- day till nite

Schleisische Strasse 16- Kreuzberg

U1-"Scheisisches Tor"

retropical bar

. colourful, peeling, recycled retro interior, old velvet sofas...

spend some lazy & comfy hours.... out looking on a secret fig garden..& general sunny atmosphere..

selection of food, fresh squeeze juices & green smoothies, homemade fruit punch, good wines, cocktails

&... // DJ's for the night & the place gets real buzzy later.. ;-)



Budapest VII, Nagy Diofa u. 30.

bus 7 to 'Kazinczy utca' or bus 7, 7E, M1, tram 4 or 6 to “Blaha Lujza tér

el Rapido
tequila & Mex Grill, Drink, Party Times

Easy street snack stop, Fresh food only, low price, good quality ! ..49 type tequila..., (micro) beers .

The fastest slow food! low price high spice, hard workin' hot plate urban cook-in, take out..

The basement, take your food down.. a unique place. a serious hang out..

DIY YouTube sound-system.

Dance as you like, do what you want, you can buy all !

& if you need there is an Escape room, www.timetrap.hu

DELIVERY :0630279286 - Order on-line: www.elrapido.hu

Bp VII - Kazinczy u. 10

M2 - “Astoria”, trams 47,49, bus 7 next by Szimpla kert.

Grandio Hostel
extreme & wild party hostel

Run by crazy backpackers.. for guests who like it 'on the rocks'..

VERY social & co-hab..it's as clean & comfortable as can be.. non stop courtyard, bar, music club, jager trains & open mic nights.

Party every night .. late night theme room hopping..not for sleeping &. not for the feint of heart . 'get fu*ked & get fuc*ed again' is the house motto.. TOGA TOGA..

The bar is open to the other public....garden-grill restaurant-  a most popular sunny shade 'beer garden' for locals & guests, grill BBQ cook off's..fire pits & cook bogracs ,
amazing jungle courtyard, drinking, parties, games, jager trains & open mic nights...

open all year w/ garden.

tel: +36 70 670 0390



Nagy Diofa u. 8, Budapest

M2, bus 7, tram 4, 6 to "Blaha Lujza ter"

Grandio Jungle Bar & Grill
Bar of the backpacker party hostel Grandio

. a most popular sunny shade 'beer garden'for locals & for hostel guests, grill BBQ cook off's..fire pits & home cook bogracs , amazing jungle courtyard, drinking parties & games...open all year / winter garden

tel: (+36 1) 203 507 441


Bp VII. Nagy Diofa u. 8.

M2, bus 7, tram 4, 6 to Blaha Lujza ter

Kiado Kocsma

Informal pub stylish with the old' wooden vibes.

On split levels, much choice in setting. Very clever mix between fast food & di' fine dining…

You will get fed & watered ;-) hot or cold or cool, at a nice price, funky music 'n' atmos included.. street level, place for any time, any reason... drop in.. have a drink.. hang out.


Jokai ter 3. Bp VI

M1, tram 4 or 6 to -Oktogon,

bar club resto terraces

the great hall or cozy cafe, out on the rooftop & backyard..picture
pitchers of sunny frozen cocktails..

3 course Lunch deal
1250 huf/4.50 E Sat-Sun Brunch for 1490 huf. WINE & dine..

So you are eating, talking, drinking, looking around... now what? > every night, bands Sun thru Thurs, Dj's Fri & Sat, biweekly

& it is a cool place w/ nice crowd..



Zichy Jeno u. 17, Bp VII

M3 to "Arany Jenos utca" M1 to "Opera"

cafe-bar & gallery

Large open space, surprising & colourful, Fresco's & cheerful pieces of art.. conversation. Food - specials: Hungarian classics with a modern something'. Drinks - EVERYTHING: from (iced)coffee & home made lemonade / ‘palinka’ & cocktails, wine, beer,... Cultural happenings, exhibitions & DJ’s every night.

Bp. IX. Bartók Béla út 36

bus 7,7E... tram 6,47,47.. night bus 907 -”Moricz Zsigmond korter”


..hip lounge, chill garden, diner bar, what you want .. A vibe like a Brooklyn bistro or Soho lounge, the quality of food & service to back it up!.. simple breakfast dishes, prepared menus & a diverse spread of lunch specialties, hot & cold, sandwiches, salads, grilled meats, pasta & tapas.. Cocktails, specials- try a spicy vodka pomegranate or Pumpkin Collins in the lush summer garden. . Heads up in colder months, they close earlier at 22.oo....So get in there ! . . . . .

Mon-Fri: o8.oo-23.oo
Sat-Sun: o9.oo-23.oo

ul. Krupnicza 20

8 min walk from Market sq.

vege cafe & restobar

Magical medieval tower, a buzzing bastion & full of funky flavors.

Vegan resto by day featuring tantalizing & original Thai cuisine.. desserts, cakes creative cocktails & fridges full of Czech & Polish craft beers.

The 2'nd floor belfry is a small art gallery w/ rotating local student exhibitions. Intimate concerts on weekends. The people make the place & the friendly crew manning these ramparts are all heart!

ul. Kraińskiego 14

courtyard behind “Hala Targowa” - Tram 8, 9, 11, 17

Chapeau Rouge Prague
bars & 3 stages-club gallery

Infamous haunt,

THE lavish underground of old town.

Drinks, Debauchery, Dancing, Dj's.. indie/ famous bands, Fantastic program & most of it free ))..


If you can't concept a 'good time' in here.. well...

P1. Jakubská 2

just off of Old town Sq

U Sudu
The Cave maze bars

Don't stop at the 1'st wine-bar (a good spot for a glass of vino)… go in the back & DOWN!

There you will find the biggest & most varied 'underground' labyrinth,7 zones of bars & music, beers & cocktails, smokin' rooms & dancing... even outdoor summer courtyard garden! 


P1. Vodickova 10

"Trams 3,9,14,24 & all night trams - Lazarska

Even better is that the ’Lazar st’ opposite is the X-point for all night trams"

pub clubhouse garden

You will be surprised here.. think it is really alternative, the regulars’ all young punkers & new thinker's..

Music, maybe never heard before.. only thing louder is the carry on & flirting by the foosball tables.. & then you realise that they have specialist 'Rum's'.. long drinks & very good beer..

& you says to yourself.. “this place is great! ”

!! & NEW SUMMER GARDEN 2014 !!

P3. Lipanska 3

Tram. 9, 26, 5 Lipanska

Barrel Bar
rock pop music pub

Spilling over the brim..

Finger lickin' trax', music you know & love, washed down with top quality mixed drinks, best of the Czechs tap beers, pizzas & snacks ... lots of side attractions + amusments ))

All the games on big screens. JUKEBOX in the clubroom out back! & out front lovely inclosed garden.

You can also crash here /Pension U Galerie they own little B&B, w/ parking & breakfast... Why go elsewhere?!

Rybářská 40

Egon Schiele Café
lounge in the museum

Coffee great, owners crazy!

Family café in the heart of C.K….have a coffee in the unique atmosphere of the Schiele gallery… with homemade desserts & fresh soup every day! Not missing also tasty sandwiches, toasts….& guess what? Yeah! Cocktail menu!!

LIVE MUSIC every Saturday night. Can offer rauts & private parties!

Široká 71.

vegetarian restaurant terrace

 exclusively The; Zero meat kitchen !. Large colorful portions from the sunnier slopes of the world. Marvel at the sounds of the tastes from the menu & a few choice surprises.

Arabic, Mexican, Italian the list goes on.. organic is the key & bio (inc beer)) is the way... River side seating & canopy space, combined atmosphere of the beautiful Zen interior .. all together quite another world.. .. highlight the “LABYRINTH OF TASTES” plate a sample of the best tastes in the days kitchen.

Drinks, cocktails & teas, coffee also a speciality.. park your boat, slow down a little..

Parkán 105

you can come by boat if u like..

Dark Velvet cafe
bar & family cafe

Lounge like at grandma's, desserts like at Mammy's, over two floors, capacity @ 150 persons, find a corner, feel at home..

That favorite classic cocktail, special tea's, Coffee, homemade lemonade or.. real ORIGINAL Absinthe (join the klub) & many ways to enjoy... Wide selection of local & world wines.. Top rum varieties !.

Czech cuisine: Roasted pork knee, grilled pork ribs, Big & great Dark Velvet club sandwich, homemade club sandwich's & pies.. lot's of goodies. Summer terrace & intimate atmos' for your party or solo kick back & read your book!.

Husitská 15

bus 175, 133, 207 „ U Památníku”, trams 5,9,26 - “Husinecká”

The Brutal Panda
Music Bar | Karaoke | Shisha | Bands | DJ?s | Cock

This exceptional place of the great atmos', music, performances, bands (mostly on fridays) & DJ's, pro' karaoke (you gonna sound real good)) w/ some 95 000 international songs, as well as exquisite hookahs/ stronger shishas.Delicious exactly to taste cocktails shake & stir...

Funky Freaky place to spend some times. w/ friends old & new.

Bořivojova 2422/15

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

Bukowski's 'Buk's' Bar
dynamic lounging

In the name of the bar fly.. & they do 'buzz' here..

pop relaxed MECCA for the internat's / ex-pats / local Czechster crowd.. Sunday opens w/ 'a keg' @ 7kč beer. Tues FREE 'sangria' for them LADIES, come early!!..

Flash some muscle, spend a bit of cash lads... Cocktail time!! snazzy toilets, music you dig played at chat volume.

It's a social intercourse..

Bořivojova 689/86, Žižkov, Praha 3

Opposite Nad Viktorku..

the thin blue line Trams - 5,9,26
night trams 55,58 - “Husinecká”

Cardinal's Burlesque bar
night hot spot

Like stepping into a David Lynch dream...

Legendary Prague bartender 'Řiška' mixing amazing cocktails & speciality drinks, even pouring a beer )).. & for entertainment! Live burlesque performances many nights each week, check FB for schedule.

No entry charge, friendly prices & much Žižkov decadence for late night lovers & libertines.

Jeronýmova 2

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55 58 - Husinecká

GROW bar

Conveniently located between a brothel, a police station & a kid's school, this hotspot has great tunes, cool customers, fun staff, cheap drinks, foosball, pinball, you can smoke up here too...

& graffiti supplies in case you're feeling artistically inspired for your journey into the night...

Full bar & much to entertain & distract!

Cimburkova 17

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

Aioli mini
Southern European Cantine Bar

The younger sister of Aioli..

They designed this cool bistro w/ the diminutive stylish automobile in mind.. Urban, hip, stylish & can turn on a dime.

They expand on the main Aioli menu & add a bit more attitude & flair to the mediterranean fair.. plus healthy smoothies, creative cocktails & daily specials.

Plac Konstytucji 5

2 mins. / Metro 'Politechnika'

Floating Club - Bobbing Bar

Ahoy all ye party peoples!.. Barka is a bumpin’ barge moored on the vast River Wisła (vee-swuh) .. smack dab in the middle of all the action.

This café-club hosts all sorts of floating concerts & dance parties, always under the stars 'n' rocking till dawn..

Delicious slow food snacks at sea & don’t miss noon brunch on Sat & Sun on the sun deck.. At this Barka bar, you ain’t going far

Open whenever the weather is nice from Spring-Fall

Kościuszkowskie 35

by Mermaid on the Wisła Riverfront/Metro Centrum Nauki Kopernika

Oleandrów 3
dive bar

loosley translated means bubbles & hot dogs..

It's sparkling wine, prosecco, vinho verde & wet beers.. It's art openings, exhibitions & concerts. It's all Spanish tiles & dilapidated walls surrounding a decadent golden- cocktails bar..

That’s right.. pure'n'true shabby-chic non-stop music, energy & vibes..

Do your day-drinking in style, all them Nighthawks be there in just a little while..

ul. Oleandrów 3

4 mins. by Plac Zbawiciela 

steampunk gastrobar

Well.. this is cool !

Specializing in hand crafted cocktails & snappy tapa's. Bronze piping, gauge gizmos & Edison bulbs all look the business!

So saddle up to the bar or huddle into a nook & cranny to nurse a brew or 2. 

Weekday lunch specials dazzle.. strap on your top hat & point your hot-air-balloon towards this superb saloon. 

Marszałkowska 21/25

Metro 'Politechnika' - 3 min / Pl. Zbawiciela

Manijak Hangout
underground night bar venue

Get down.. follow the distinct muffle of music & voices...

THE cheapest late night drinks is only the beginning..

Mini happenings, art events, movies, live jam & DJ events. Gallery, fill it up- easy to get along with the others, super nice bar men from the Keith Richards school of hospitality...

& later enjoy that cushion head rest on the loo.. since 96'

Sremska 2. (underground passage way)

under passage very begining of Knez Mihailova


Daytimes lovely little terrace overlooking the botanical gardens & another ou the street a true in da'hood hang out!!.

Later & down in the bar, you could be standing there minding your own business when a party would explode under you & last way past closing time..

pinball, coffee, beer & cocktails/ looong drinks.. you would have to be...

Dalmatinska 13, Beograd

Takovska / Botanical garden

Nula Pet - 0,5
pub & bar

Megalomaniac portions of cocktails, beer, hot drinks and freshly squeezed juices from the minimum amount of 0.5L... thats part of the concept.. or if you prefer Big "karakondžula" 3 liters pitchers!!

& low prices will extra help your mood )).

More pleasure in the program alternative bands, budding artists & unusual innovative cultural events. Summertime garden & winter basement..

you have hit the spot here!

Dobračina 30

3 blocks from Republic sq

Đura Bar
Voted- best bar in Bg 2 years now.

Concept unites an all-day variant. Mornings, sandwiches, croissants, muesli & cakes beside the open fireplace. W/ 7 types of 100% Arabica coffee, natural tea's & fresh pressed juices.

Great choice wines for the afternoon. idyll & Japanese beers.

Wide range of cocktails later. At night, they transform to a club, where weekends you can party w/ famous DJ's & enjoy special offers on Tuesday's cocktails.

Venizelosova 62

Bus 37- "Vojvode Dobrinjca"

bar club spectacular sight

Gripping the hottest spot on the nightline..

A climax from many illegal former clubs finally found such a nest. Speciality vinyl house mix, made & packed for proper dancing & no room for no slacking.. together w/ awesome panoramic sight over Belgrade bridges & river.

Top dog lokal 'n' foreign electronic performances, magic sunsets & more than 50 extraordinary cocktails... ring the bell & know this is very special.

Lomina 5-9, Belgrade

opposite from Zeleni venac

Dogma Brewery
for true craft beer lovers

First brewery with tap room in Belgrade!! "In Hops We Believe"...

Here you can try hoppy & malty ales crafted with passion! This is a local brewery with it's own tap room, riding the new brew wave.

Their produce is top quality & interesting fine tastes along with the fun results of a nights tasting )) & enjoy atmosphere in this interesting old Sugar factory complex.

With some art programs in & surrounding of the brewery, also a tour available..

by ADA island- Radnička 3

Bus- 51,52,53,56,58,37,23. 'ADA CIGANLIJA' Trams- 12,13 "HIPODROM"


Kultura bar
Tailor made cocktails & foods

Modern mixology bar.

The kitchen of good spirit. Famous for the bartenders who mix & match both drinks & guests. Seems this place is the most confident of any cocktail creatives in town.

Taste, presentation, price & atmosphere!

Kralja Milutina 4

Trolley 19, 21, 22, 29, Bus 31 Trams 2, 3, 7, 10 Tašmajdan/ Slavija

Fabrica Pub & Club
pub, restaurant, club

Legendary Old factory in the rockin’, rollin’ scene !! it’s a huge complex of food, drinks, punkrock n’good times .. pub & restaurant, lots on offer.. underground club, for parties & live gigs, events, local & inter' band's, shake your world.. 

Terrace w/ lots’a sky above, indoor skate park, or the playground & connect w/ that inner-child. Plenty of opportunities- chill in the day - rock it in the night !!

Str. 11 Iunie 50, sector 4

M2 - Pia Unirii or tram 32 - 11 Iunie

Restaurant & late Bar

For all the hungry party people out there, this is THE place for proper eats & AFTER HOUR.. you can get the WHOLE NIGHT a perfect original Schnitzel, awesomely delicious burgers & a great drinks selection! Served by nice English speaking staff - all that in a trad' Austrian ambient!

That’s what's really unique about this joint definitely. Check out their little hidden cocktail bar with a very "different" interior.

WXV. Haidmannsgasse 8.

U3/U6 - “Westbahnhof”

Purple Cave
vintage 50's to 70's & cool drinks

Vienna's very own time travel machine !!

A groovy collection of original & reworked pieces, clothing to lamps, dishes, vinyls, posters & everything in between... Also the smallest location for a beer & sweets.

Teaches you the meaning of 'wegschwemmen' & how to rock'n'roll in style. A lesson worth learning.

W8. Neubaugasse 78

U2, U3 "Volkstheater" tram 46 "Strozzigasse/Lerchenfelder Str."

Shanghai Tan
club - restaurant

Big with the actors & musicans either for the warm up or the ease down.

Black Chinese cedar wood surround. Full bar, all the Cocktails, Dim Sum, noodles, saté, spicy & Sushi… eat'n'drink upstairs....

Music, lights, ambience.. If you came to Wien to romance? .. Drink'n'eat downstairs, is more like a opium den with snug's & horizontal lounging..


Mon-Thurs: 18.oo- o2.oo

Fri & Sat till o4.oo
July, August closed :(


W6, Gumpendorferstrasse 9.

U2 "Museumquartier"

Travel Shack Vienna
Partybar & Pub Crawl Meeting Point

Famous backpacker bar!.. definitely a must-do!.

Come by, party in casual atmos', nice music and like-minded people, drinks too…the UNIQUE SHOTS, keen'n'crazy, try the fire shot,.. ChuckNorris, Snuff shoot it etc... A night, you won’t remember is guaranteed....

Every backpacker can enjoy the ultimate's, special themes & drink specials 7 nights a week. *summer season daily

MEETING POINT for the PUB CRAWL 8/9pm ....

 www.viennapubcrawl.com, meets here every night 21:oo, One hour free Beer & Wine, Shots at some bars & later free entrance to clubs...

W15. Mariahilfer Gtl 21.

U3, U6 to "Westbahnhof"

drink, dance, transgress alternative

Till right now this place was the best kept secret....

Soul, Funk, Afrobeat, Psych, 60's, 70's, Rock, Punk, PostPunk, NewWave. Friendly atmos' w/ the international crowd, one the hottest DJ dancefloors in town.

Free Entry Pub style till Night Clubbing & Cocktails, Passionate about that music.. Happy Hour: 20.oo- 22.oo/ 30% off !

- PS; if you down Marmaris way go to datça & party w/ COOP again !!

Istiklal Cad - Suriye Pasaj 166a- 51

Istiklal / passage over the teaplace,

Gizli Bahçe (Secret Garden)
friendly music bar

A lovely, inspired, mayhem. Invisible & unpredictable from the street ...this place is for fun loving, open minded free spirits. ..like you...

welcomes everyone... gay, straight, girls & boys... students, locals & foreigners.

Awesome dance DJ on the back terrace. cute smokers balcony, velvet sofas, drinks, good prices, cool random people...

Balik Pazari/ Nevizade Sk. 15

walk from Taksim

Papillon inc
cafe bar club

You'll see the green light... climb stairs to the top floors, find this amazing spot. Full of plants, sofas, chill music, general coolness.. Daytime cafe-break, garden swing & sounds around. Later we find here one of ‘THE’ late night hangouts...good coctails & shots & beers (best price in the neighborhood!). Arrive before 8pm and enjoy happy hour till 11pm! ... stay till sunrise.

Beyoglu Hüseyinaga Mah. Balo Sok. 31/4,

Taksim back end of fish market

drinks & live music bar

lots of Live bands Thu, Fri & Sat (rock- grunge mainly), warm atmos all day,

HUGE party out to the street everytime, laid back, fun lovin' crowd. GOOD & cheap cocktails (made w/ the correct ingredients & methods)..

Home of the famous “Hönönü”- whaaaat??? a shot served slammed on the table…BANG !! try one & see what happens...


Hüseyinaga Mh. Yesilcam Sok 27/1

5 min's from Taksim sq

Ritim Teras & Bar
2 bars, street resto bar & roof club

corner bar in the fish markets, w/ all the action,

outdoor seating, & drinks, lots of nice meals.. a sea of faces swim past. Top floor, w/ Dj's, hot dancing, cocktails & fresh air.. garden party, big time WoW.. sunny seating or sun setting,

FULL bar. Big screen sports... you need never leave...

which ever floor you end up in.. you know they got Ritim !

Balik Pazari Sahne sok 20

corner bar in the fish markets

B52 The Club
weekend parties, cheap drinks & stage

Fabrica’s freaky twin sister! parties every weekend, A classic alternative rock kinda' joint, you'll feel it when it hits you ;) Regular performances too, even theatre when they're feelin’ fancy.. always great offers at the bar, supporting & sharing your passion for booze. It’s a good-mood place & plenty to go around

Str. 11 Iunie 50, sector 4

M2 - Pia?a Unirii or tram 32 - 11 Iunie

BEAT bar umanist
total jazz place

Select of local & foreign craft beers; funky cocktails & shots- traditional palincă, lovely inside, colourful, lots of movie & music posters, books;

Cozy jazz underground concerts & lots of cultural events; 50% off all coffees & beers daily 2-7PM... they don't serve mainstream even soft drinks, but have unique Romanian vegan micro brands.

Buzzin' terrace w/ graffiti murals. Kitchen & outdoor wood pizza oven..

C.F. Robescu 14 sector 3

tram 21 - Hristo Botev, bus 385 or M1, 2, 3 - Pia?a Unirii

Ceai la Vlaicu
teahouse, summer garden & deli

Step in off the fancy promenade, the “embassies” area of the Dacia Boulevard:

the house & summer garden offer an unrivalled view of the XIX'th century mansions defining the past glories.. this place kept them time travel vibes alive !!

a Teahouse w/ restaurant leanings, select of homemade sweets tartines & miniatures for a rich food experience rounded with an outstanding variety of hot&iced, tea floats, coffees.

Str. Aurel Vlaicu 47, sector 2

M2 or busses 226, 300, 381 - Pia?a Romană

games culture cocktails bar

A'maze'ing collection of intellectual entertainment... you bored? Then get board gaming! It's a universal language..

you may drink beer & smoke as you lose... Winners have the right to sip 'epic' cocktails!

Comfy capacity for 100 players on 4 floors. Or, for those who prefer to watch, play by the rules. They have good music taste & nice type of clients.

Events, happy hours, fairs, movies & a sassy little back garden in Summer.

Str. Col?ei 50. sector 4

tram 21- Hristo Botev. M2 - Universitate

J'ai Bistrot
eat, drink, be happy & entertained

320 nice communicative people to be found inside, underground + bistro'ing w/ super lovely, green courtyard terrace & mini sandy beach.

W/ the pink flying pig as as mascot you can imagine the rest )) the only style is stylish!.

First thing you notice as you enter is the delicious aroma created by the top chef's- cooking up mysteries for your bud's.

Followed by rich cultural programming & that's why it's so popular!

Calea Griviţei 55. sector 1

busses 226/ 133 - Calea Griviţei

fair-price food, arts, events

Friendly, good-vibes! Building dating from 1893!! Homey brick stables open-air vintage terrace. Works as part of a social enterprise to support a local youth centre & mainly employs people from various underprivileged social groups.

Very affordable & delicious local foods, drinks, regular social gatherings, art exhibits, performances & live music, all sorts-a entertainment... It’s all here for you to get with it!!

Str. Olari 8. sector 2

tram 21 or trolleys 69/ 70/ 85 /90 - Calea Mo?ilor

The Blu'zz
drinks, music, community & art

One for free spirited & beautiful crazies.. low prices. high times, fast ping pong scene.

They like to chill on the garden under the trees, they love to let it all happen & jam them sessions. As a cultural home the conversations are weird / wonderful every time & the regulars so curious so oddly.. wood oven baked pizza & local foods..Mix it in w/ foosball, chess & booze attitude. .

- no sign, ring the bell to get inside, stay way too long, keep coming back ))

Str. Plantelor 25, sector 2

trolleys 70/ 85/ 69/ 90, night bus N102 - Calea Mosilor

skater punk pre- club bar

Where the spray can burst... very cheap price 'n' good vibes.

Dark, creepy.. graffitis in the toilet, bit sticky...

In Spain we called "Antro".. .

DJ's with a good taste funky/disco/indie rock.. videos, fails, weed/ skater-loving girls... Kung foo ..

pick up here passes for the clubs & get the little wheels spinning.


calle Lancaster 9.- El Raval

just off la Rambla- Macba

Margarita Blue
bar, restaurant, swish lounging

Set yourself up at the bar or grab a table if you want to eat... & you
'do' want to eat ! Modern menu FULL of specialties, exciting 3
course set dinner w/ drink @ 18 euros.

First meals served from 20.oo, come
earlier, this swinger gets busy!.

Cool déco dining area &
the evenings go off!! Dj's, sideshow, a trapeze act.. dancing... it's a
place where people come to go out… let the hair down a bit . .


Josep Anselm Claye 6

L3 -"Drassanes"

Cat Bar
vegen diner & pub

"an inspiring place..

All day vegan English style breakfast, tapas platters, 'full on' farmers portions !!.

They offer an interesting design on the whole vegetarian eating experience. It's rugged, easy & pretty cool !!

Connoisseur local/ world BrewDog beer menu, they have some really special brews.. even for meat eaters.. You can just come sit & drink. The company is good.

Lets talk food, concept & lifestyle.. go go.."

C/ Boria 17 (Carders)

Jaume L4

TAPAS & Cocktails all night YEAH!!

It's true, 'TAPAS tasting' & you can find 75 different kinds. every
ingredient, colour, flavour & visual ... you will want to try &
taste more..

They are great fun food. in a nice easy international atmos', a lot of
local people come here too. Cana/beer is 1.50 euros & Sangria 1 Ltr.
9.85 euros... you can imagine .. food fiesta party time..



Calle Princesa 29

Jaume L4

Mexican Steakhouse
carne, jalapeo ' n' beans

Most wanted, classic Chipotle pumped with
the hottest of all Habaneros, pretty wild.!!..

Homemade TACOS, Nachos Mix'n'Dip, Guacamole.– fresh Fajitas, Burritos...

STEAK Menus w/
drinks & grill BBQ, burger bar. 'romance' on the lovely Harbour view
terrace... variety & much for vege/ vegen.

What more, tequila, beer &.. nice deals for groups


Calle Marina 16-18 - Puerto Olimpico

L4 Ciutadella - Villa Olimpica- al Mar