el Rapido
tequila & Mex Grill, Drink, Party Times

Easy street snack stop, Fresh food only, low price, good quality ! ..49 type tequila..., (micro) beers .

The fastest slow food! low price high spice, hard workin' hot plate urban cook-in, take out..

The basement, take your food down.. a unique place. a serious hang out..

DIY YouTube sound-system.

Dance as you like, do what you want, you can buy all !

& if you need there is an Escape room, www.timetrap.hu

DELIVERY :0630279286 - Order on-line: www.elrapido.hu

Bp VII - Kazinczy u. 10

M2 - “Astoria”, trams 47,49, bus 7 next by Szimpla kert.

escape games

You players need to escape a room within 60 minutes by finding keys, codes, interlinking different objects, solving puzzles, riddles, all while cooperating in a team (2-5 people).

If you want to spend a fun, immersing & remarkable hour with your friends, this is the absolute entertainment!

booking required Mob: +420 774 978 220 info@gtwy.cz

P.2. Blanická 9

Metro A- Náměstí Míru Tram- 4, 10, 16, 22, 51, 55, 57, 59 bus 135

Adrenalin Escape Rooms
Real - life escape games

WAY more fun than a night in the drunk tank.. if you get out, then you can hit the bars )).. Yes it's THE phenomenon.. Make a small team of 2- 6 people. Get locked in a funky themed room of your choice (Tito’s Secret, Tesla’s Genius Mind or Hangover) & using hidden clues, creativity & logic solve the scene... to escape in under 60 minutes. A unique experience not to be missed! Reserve it online. 4.000 RSD per team/game..

Mob: +381 65 29 59 899



Simina 9a, Belgrade

5 min's from main- Trg Republike Sq