GO gallery
more than ART urban

& way more than simply a gallery, this is a Jordaan cultural hot bed since 1997.

Focus mostly on Street-Urban-Pop Arts, mainly from local anti‘ heroes.

Besides exhibiting (affordable) art the GO portrays the emotions that these artists feel & create. On canvas, paper or whichever medium they choose to display the work through..

Prinsengracht 64, Amsterdam

just opposite Anne Frank House

Magic Mushroom Gallery
shroom gallery smart shop magical products

"Magic products", the largest of the smart head shops.

10 different kinds of magic mushrooms & truffles, herbal Xta-sea, sex stimulants (if the red-light don’t float your boat), energizers & psycho-active Herbs"e;. Pipes’n’bongs. Take a free tea & enjoy a very knowledgeable, approachable staff etiquette.

What u buy & what it gonna' do to you, are important concerns. Yes? Paraphernalia & millions of funny souvenirs to go....



Spuistraat 249 & Singel 524

tram 1, 2, 5 "Spui"

Molly Malones
pub, restaurant, Live Music & meeting point

An Irish pub as should be. Olde charm, hospitality, great food, loads of 'craic' ! .. all kinds of characters & a happy buzz, accents from all over the world.

Sports fans have the big screens, most events shown (GAA). Trad' home-cooked foods, largest portions, freshest ingredients, best of meats... presentation is mouth-watering !

As day turns into night welcome on stage a rogues gallery of musical talent, guaranteed to keep you going into the wee hours!.

Kitchen till 22.oo


Oudezijdskolk 9. Amsterdam

Behind St. Nicholas, a stone throw from Centraal

gallery store- in the last great Mitte backyard

... reflects a wide diversity of 'very Berlin' art / cultural scene. 'primarily supports artists & musicians that move in the place of tension between experiment & established subcultures.

Presenting such work to the public.. they offer for sale many unique items & artistic trophies..

At the street entrance is the Café Cinema, low-lit laid back bar Berliners favorite 'Milchkaffee' & again In the very backyard is CENTRAL-Kino cinema, showing cool cult & killer B's.,,,

All-together awesome.;-)

Open: Mon - Sat: 12oo - 20oo Sundays: 14oo -19oo



Rosenthaler Str. 39 - 2. Haus Schwarzenberg- Mitte

S-Bahn. Hackescher Markt U-Bahn 8. Weinmeisterstraße

Other Nature
alternativer Sexladen - a sexier kind of shop

"cute yet edgy, everything from dildos n' organic lube to tea n' cupcakes. 

plus art gallery, vegan condoms, awesome books, workshops!  souvenirs here too: whips, cuffs, strap-ons, and vibes

made in Berlin.  of course, standard & quality are way over the norm.  pleasure is priority ..

without breaking the bank!

Mehringdamm 79 - Neukolln

U6 -"Pl der Luftbrücke" U7 - "Mehringdamm"

Spezialgalerie Peppi Guggenheim International
music lounge

turntable sessions, unplugged jams, jazz-guitar-vocal..

cheap strong mixed drinks, lost cafe evenings in the submarine, DJ's, music, performance... for an amazing blend of guests in conversation... abstract punker out-hold from times gone..

Drink a few beers.. easy..

& for an unusual gift try the cheese shop opposite (same owner dude).

Weichselstrasse 7- Neukölln

U7 Rathaus Neukölln


An independent complex cultural space, an incubation house for artists & activists, a space hosting community arts projects, creative workshops, various cultural & social events open for you all + cafe & BAR ....MUST see & feel.. the spirit!!..  just go ALL THE WAY UP & hang out.

Blaha Lujza ter 1. Bp VIII

~~tram 4,6, bus 7,5 , M1 -”Blaha Lujza tér”
enter left of centre “Corvin”- green door/ring the bell!

Sirius Teahouse
tea house hideout

70 tea's …

special coffees, water-pipe. sit on chair, cutty-stool, cushion or lay down in the gallery ... little hidden places. It's amazing... chill-out on secret pillows. order cookies...

it is very moody (not usual!) .

you can also visit 2’nd location 'Altair' 200mt around the block.




Brody Sandor u. 13. (beside the parking machine)

Trams 4 & 6 "Ferenc krt"

Galeria plakatu
Polish Poster Gallery

Yup, this is exactly what it sounds..

A cool gallery jammed with such a fascinating collection of funky & stylish Polish prints, run by people addicted to 'PP's'.. If you’re wondering 'what’s so special about these?'... here’s your answer :)

Thousands of original's from 1950’s-2013, film, theater, opera, art, politics, jazz .. even circus! Regular exhibitions, .. check in 'n' go check it out !

ul. Św. Mikołaja 54/55

Tram 6,7,14,21 - 4 minute walk from the Market Square

cafe, gallery, boutique

A magical point in the heart of Wroc-love’s artistic district.

Combining a design boutique w/ a stylish cafe that morphs into a gallery & opens up into a community place... You can pick up a unique gift, see an interesting exhibition, listen to some poetry, participate in workshops, come to a concert, meet with travelers, talk literature...

or just read up with a delicious coffee, kick back... make.come.do.!

ul. Pomorska 19

TRAMS: 14,15,24 stop "Pomorska"

Café Louvre
kavarna gallery, fine since 1902

This is 'THE' olde' Prague.! Suave sophisticated stylish Bohemian, luxury from the golden era. GREAT, breakfast, fresh menu, crispy rolls, eggs easy, infusions, real hot'choco.

Lunch. Lots for vega's, budget fine dine!. Pop in for decent coffee & cake, break your game in the billiard saloon (from Noon) .. get the ball rolling before dinner.. en route to the theatre.. any time, be impressed.

P1. Národní třída 22

Metro B & trams 6,9,18,21,22,23, - “Národní Třída”

Chapeau Rouge Prague
bars & 3 stages-club gallery

Infamous haunt,

THE lavish underground of old town.

Drinks, Debauchery, Dancing, Dj's.. indie/ famous bands, Fantastic program & most of it free ))..


If you can't concept a 'good time' in here.. well...

P1. Jakubská 2

just off of Old town Sq

Klub Újezd & VEDLE
cafe, pub, gallery & venue

A marvellous mixture, a place to lose all concept of time.. 3 legendary 'alternative' pubs, arty, original, a must for a wasted youth! Ska, punk, wave type party.

Be that for another coffee & a smoke or the first beer of the day. With Ú all the way! NB: & this summer 2016 in next building a condemned culture hotspot 'VEDLE' check the prog.

P1. Ujezd 18

"Trams 6,9,12,20,22,23 - Ujezd night trams 57,58,59"

café-bar, galerie, klub, apartments

A multi functional. Arty gallery, tranquil café-bar, afternoon shade garden, club cellar for gigs & events.

Variety in local spirits & microbrews. Foods, panini, couscous or speciality „Medicinal soups“ prepared from vegetable, seeds & virgin oils.

Over the top floors (no lift) a sublime apartments for a nice sleep over.

P. 3 Orebitská 5/726

trams 5,9,26 - “Husinecká” or bus 175, 133, 207 Night 509 „ U Památníku”

culture, events, arts & CitySpy store

Check the program & hook yourself into an inspired space. Concerts, jams, theatre, workshop, creation stations, arts, cook in's, movies, markets... & random revelations.

Also you can score all the CitySpy maps in here!

P3. Bořivojova 67

Trams 5,9,26 - “Lipanská”


Decadent Art Club
rooms, private cafe- bar & gallery

Intimate home from home.

Kitchen, grandma's garden, walled patio, three fabulous bedrooms & a self catering garden apartment. 1 min from the river & shops, 10 min from sights, town square or Forest. Parking out front.

This place is really impromptu, special & very cool artists in permanent residence. One of a kind- many instruments, jam sessions place, social club, meeting place, library &...

Whatever you want to be.

Tel: +420 739 654 610


Na Kovárně 126

Egon Schiele Café
lounge in the museum

Coffee great, owners crazy!

Family café in the heart of C.K….have a coffee in the unique atmosphere of the Schiele gallery… with homemade desserts & fresh soup every day! Not missing also tasty sandwiches, toasts….& guess what? Yeah! Cocktail menu!!

LIVE MUSIC every Saturday night. Can offer rauts & private parties!

Široká 71.

Mozart Collection
sales gallery

Jewelry & trinkets which combine original designs with precise handwork & craftsmanship. Visit one of the galleries, introduce yourself to the best of vltavin, garnet & amber. Every piece in the store has its own story & meaning, each is original made by local artisans. A gift for CitySpy map -15% off all gems.

Tel; +420 732 303 574

1/ Latrán 14. 2/ Široká 47

Club AU
Gallery club bar venue

creative collective back door DIY kinda' place, low profile lounging,

a select of events & of genre.. independent kino screenings, Kult art, design heavy,

much music.. Dj sessions,

live experimental new music & current 'happenings'.

W XVI. Brunnengasse 76

U6 - “Josefstädter Str.”,

trams J, 5,33, night busses N6, N64