Zyankali Bar- wired science pub
Alchemy Cocktails, drinks too amazing for words

World infamous laboratory- front end drinks technology,

Cuisine- Styles (fresh Herb & Spyce), Molecular Mixology (Drink Jelly-drops, foam, dry-ice…) performed in test-tubes. home-brand Absinthe, 20 bazaar beers, amazing procedures,.. patented home creations, sprays, infusions, blends, oxygen, hard & soft shaken.. method/madness &

RollerGames from 1990.. & much wierd & wonderful stuff & staff !!

Gneisenaustrasse 17 / Ecke Solmsstrasse- Kreuzberg

U6, U7 -"Mehringdamm" U1, U7 -"Möckenbrücke"

Castle Pub
brewery, hidden cocktail room

Serious about their drinking kulture, a favorite among locals & expats alike.

With several bars inside, each plays an important part in reflecting a crazy old-school dive bar. Rotating select of 20 craft beer taps & 100's of bottles !! a true celebration of craft beers from far & wide.. try the one they brew in their own brewery !!

And maybe after a few of those you'll find the hidden red door to the speakeasy bar.. trust & discover! karaoke, comedy shows, game nights & plenty of entertainment to unfold..

Hochstr. 2, Wedding.

U8 & S-bahn- 'Berlin Gesundbrunnen'

Dr. Pong
table tennis club-bar

A special thing to pong or to ping…. so much more than Low-Level Nightlife….

Let the throng pong !! .. Recreating recreation & Improving hand-eye coordination, one player at a time…..

Going nowhere.. fast !… Play your game……

Football & video's on big screen, Dj.. couch viewing & beer.. stumble across this place & never forget how & where you found It. . .

Mon-Sat: 20.oo-++
Sundays from 14.oo till late

Eberswalderstrasse 21- Prenzlauerberg

U2 -"Eberswalderstrasse"

Hostel The Sunflower
hostel Freidrichshain

Go with the flow in the 'fish tank' foyer.

'All you can eat' breakfast buffet till noon ...or if you prefer whiskey-cola after nights in the neighbouring NIGHTLIFE... they will take care of you.

Many rooms w/balcony’s.. Lots of doubles, en-suite, up to 8 persons & dorms, High spec apartments …..

outstanding customer service.. & a sun splashed terrace. !. .free parking..

Tel: + 49 (0) 30 440 44 250


Helsingforserstrasse 17- Freidrichshain

U1, S-Bahn - "Warschauerstrasse" S-Bahn - "Ostbahnhof"

Piris !
spicy chicken burger's & good times

Sensational city flavours.

Portuguese inspired breaded chicken breast slathered in delicious multi level spicy sauce. NB: these are the best burgers ever!!!! & Mondays it goes MANIC from 16.oo w/ 1€ beers & 4€ chicken burgers

!!! Street food vibe over the bar & suppling take-away to the people hangin' in 'THE' Gorlitzer park, a mecca of seating outdoors too.. events & concert stage- parties in summer..

Wienerstr 31, Kreuzberg

U1 - “Görlitzer Bhf.”, bus - M29

Zum Böhmischen Dorf
Beer drinkers club bar

Perfect not pasteurized or carbonized Tank drawn Pilsner Urquell, one of the only bars like it in Germany!

Most drinkers just say YUMM!! A Classic style .. crossed w/ killer sounds & R´n´R punk or soul Dj's most nights.. 'comes up' like nite club atmos later nite. they got club hot sound system & tight izolation..

strange lightings.. disco ball & get busy..

Sanderstraße 11, Neukölln

U7, U8 Hermannplatz

Zur Fetten ecke
Est 1917.. DJ pub ..

Reliable place to come for a few drinks at any point in the evening!

Stay a while.. stay all night. … it can be intimate or intense, depends
on you...

They try... Dj's, salubrious lighting's, a full bar- specials & long shots.. space-drinks ... afternoons to pre evenings cafe / beer.

It's a busy 'happening' corner bar- day till nite

Schleisische Strasse 16- Kreuzberg

U1-"Scheisisches Tor"

retropical bar

. colourful, peeling, recycled retro interior, old velvet sofas...

spend some lazy & comfy hours.... out looking on a secret fig garden..& general sunny atmosphere..

selection of food, fresh squeeze juices & green smoothies, homemade fruit punch, good wines, cocktails

&... // DJ's for the night & the place gets real buzzy later.. ;-)



Budapest VII, Nagy Diofa u. 30.

bus 7 to 'Kazinczy utca' or bus 7, 7E, M1, tram 4 or 6 to “Blaha Lujza tér

Grandio Hostel
extreme & wild party hostel

Run by crazy backpackers.. for guests who like it 'on the rocks'..

VERY social & co-hab..it's as clean & comfortable as can be.. non stop courtyard, bar, music club, jager trains & open mic nights.

Party every night .. late night theme room hopping..not for sleeping &. not for the feint of heart . 'get fu*ked & get fuc*ed again' is the house motto.. TOGA TOGA..

The bar is open to the other public....garden-grill restaurant-  a most popular sunny shade 'beer garden' for locals & guests, grill BBQ cook off's..fire pits & cook bogracs ,
amazing jungle courtyard, drinking, parties, games, jager trains & open mic nights...

open all year w/ garden.

tel: +36 70 670 0390



Nagy Diofa u. 8, Budapest

M2, bus 7, tram 4, 6 to "Blaha Lujza ter"

hidden music bar under the back street

11 years now, a top favourite local hang-out from afternoon into late night.... Cosy cellar with very friendly prices, many rooms, dimmed lights, sparkling eyes...often DJs & live music...sometimes coffee tables disappear & boogie (S&D&R’n’R)) begins...till dawn... be prepared, anything/anyone might happen/come by:)... Like-light-lamp...

Dob utca 15, Bp VII

M1, M2, M3 to "e;Deak ter"e; bus 7 to "e;Astoria"e;

dive bar music

one cellar bar loved by those who go there.. warmth of incomprehensibility …

& it gets very full !!!….

Come early-stay late.,

Minor unexpected international performances..
contemporary installations...

mention the music... the stand & dance crew V's the sitting arse wigglers.. happening beans. .

Bp VII. Kertesz u. 4,

M2, tram 4, 6 to - Blaha Lujza ter.

Cafe Szafe
Your New Home...

Through the wardrobe... a magical bar filled with fairy tale animals, furry freaky poets, whacked out musicians & local intellectual royalty. Great coffee'n cakes by day …. & rivers of booze by night etc. Concerts often… poetry & theatre, exhibitions, dancing on the bar -party chaos... regularly. !!!!! Come in & Feel like family. But even though this be Narnia... no stags allowed. . . . boomboom !!


Open Daily 10:oo - the wooden goat is wrestled to the floor

ul. Felicijanek 10

5 mins. walk from the Main Square

Gospoda Koko
restaurant - bar

Wanna' know the best bits... the koko clock klucks away till 3am every night & from 8am every morning! ..If you get peckish while circling the Sq swoop in for some hearty grub. Breakfast, lunch, or everlasting dinners... this chicken’s got plenty of pluck.

Traditional soups, mains, salads & sides plus huge portions & cheap prices - you really can’t go wrong! 3 rooms to choose in, not forgetting a rollickin’ pub in the cellar & garden couryard. park your party in this Polish perch. Koko knows … & it shows .

ul. Gołębia 8

one minute from the square

Hostel Momotown

.. expect even more fun... Own grounds..easy to find day or night, a chill island in the nightlife hub & historical Jewish area...

All your backpacker’s needs will be proper covered, many levels & rooms with back garden views... for your pleasure & convenience, the Momo force including 'the' GRILL Masta' & party guides, they give attention! the hosts'esses with the Mo...

 from this year two more levels to explore...

(+48) 12- 429 69 29 - info@momotownhostel.com

ul. Miodowa 28

from the station: Tram.# 3 or 24 - 3 stops, or #19 (entrance underground)- 5 stops

Manana Cafe

Set your internal compass towards here when the morn starts to warn. ...

This hip- relaxed first floor hang, nightly & slowly but surely morphs into a sweaty, full contact, alcohol- Latin music fueled dance party. Type of scene where locals aren't shy to integrate with your new faces ..

Chill-out space- "blackroom", where you can chat without the loud music. Pay special note to the bar man who enjoys tossing that sh*t. Terrace opens all-year.. it's always tomorrow here.

św. Mikołaja 8/11

Tram 6,8 - “Uniwersytet”, Market Sq


Bohemian Alternative Bar Tours
Local, underground Prague experience

Avoid those cliché tourist traps & buzz out to the more vibrant & curious local establishments this city keeps a secret.

Choose from tours offered in Žižkov & Letná neighbourhoods, Prague's beer gardens, or Kutná Hora (bone chapel) all day or night.

Max 12 people per tour includes drinks, foods & a taxi home!

By reservation meets @ Palladium center.

Metro B Tram: 5, 8, 24, 26. Bus 207, Náměstí Republiky

Chapeau Rouge Prague
bars & 3 stages-club gallery

Infamous haunt,

THE lavish underground of old town.

Drinks, Debauchery, Dancing, Dj's.. indie/ famous bands, Fantastic program & most of it free ))..


If you can't concept a 'good time' in here.. well...

P1. Jakubská 2

just off of Old town Sq

Cross Club
alternative culture events every day

unique, fantastic, wonderful.. same time/place! A mental metal maze-bars, clubs,
human spaces & illuminated installations = serious art venue!

DJ's, bands, performances, theatre, cinema, exhibit.... Cafe, teahouse & restaurant, worldwide cuisine & special beverages- daily beergarden, outdoor summer events.. party / concert- free entry in week/ cca 4e wk'ends

Plynární 23, Praha 7, Holesovice

Metro C “Nád Holešovice” Tram 12, 17, 24, 53, 54- city centre15mins, 24/7


The Madhouse Hostel
the name says it all.. Prague's party palace

They offer a homly base for solo travellers desiring to meet 'n'mingle with fellows.

Arguably 'the' most sociable house in town, they take you by the hand bring you around a party or 3... a hostel full of 'mates'.. be sure everyone gets to knows each other, common meals

& beer ping pong!

Oh yes & it is a clean, safe, nice place, DOWNtown!!

Tel: 420 222 240 009


P1. Spálená 39

Trams 6, 9, 18, 21, 22, 23 & Metro B Narodni Trida. All night trams!!

Supporting underground music since 1969

Every kind of alternative live music has it's home here: Punk Rock, Hard Core, Rock, Psychobilly, R´n´R, Indie, Noise, Metal, Ska, Electronic, Hip Hop, Ska, Country, Billy, Experimental etc etc

Unique atmosphere, good prices, that true underground spirit, excellent sound!!

Only one of it's kind in town, find 'sedmička' under the student towers

P.6. Chaloupeckého 1903/6, Block 7.

from Karlovo Náměstí Bus 176. from Anděl Bus 119 from Dejvická Bus 143. to 'Strahov'

Klub Buben
THE - downtown alternative music club

The hard core for specific music genres, eg: punkrock, ska, northern soul, rock'n'roll, Oi!, reggae & hiphop.

Live shows & DJ parties at least three nights/week (low cover charge). A place to dance, party & hang it out, no frills! Mon & Tues ping pong tournaments.

Wide choice of quality drinks & draught beer. If it fits to you then you will fit right in!

P1. Myslíkova 8

Trams 3,9,14,24 & all night trams X-point - “Lazarská”

The Clown & Bard hostel & bar
the legendary place to stay & be

Got a lot of soul & a long standing reputation. Always on the improve & upgrading.

Fresh now & ready for more, this is a party place!. Surrounded by the nightscenes... get settled as part of the greater family & they will set you up! Lots of choice in rooms, grand breakfast buffet, garden BBQ's & the bar.. it's cool in there!

P3. Bořivojova 102

Metro A - "Jiřího z Poděbrad” Trams 5,9,26. Night, 55,58 - “Husinecká”

pub - club

You will be surprised here.. think it is really alternative, the regulars’ all young punkers & new thinker's..

Music, maybe never heard before.. only thing louder is the carry on & flirting by the foosball tables.. & then you realise that they have specialist 'Rum's'.. long drinks & very good beer.. & you says to yourself.. “this place is great! ”

!! & NEW SUMMER GARDEN 2014 !! w/ BBQ & good times ....

Lipanská 3, Žižkov, Praha 3

Tram. 9, 26, 5 Lipanská

Palac Akropolis

Famous MULTI level /active /versatile /culti venue- nightly theatre, stage' big World gigs, happenings.. later all bars below free' Dj's & scenes, suprizing cocktails & nite tails.. they got it all & all goes ...

Over the corner the DAY BAR offers great value international meals & inspiring vibes..

you should go & you will find yourself in there...


Kubelíkova 27, Žižkov, Praha 3

Metro A - J. z. Podebrad just by the TV tower

The Brutal Panda
Music Bar | Karaoke | Shisha | Bands | DJ?s | Cock

This exceptional place of the great atmos', music, performances, bands (mostly on fridays) & DJ's, pro' karaoke (you gonna sound real good)) w/ some 95 000 international songs, as well as exquisite hookahs/ stronger shishas.Delicious exactly to taste cocktails shake & stir...

Funky Freaky place to spend some times. w/ friends old & new.

Bořivojova 2422/15

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

Bohuzel Bar
vinyl punk pivnice

it's a lifestyle.... The music be blasting out. the pivo will be spillin', the swagger & pogo..,

look no further- ..... rough & ready.. dim the lights.... cheap alkohol.. lots of shots classic slivovice/ hruskovice -plumbs / pears bomb... & you may get live music.. (if the neighbors don't start revolting)......table football & darts as more free distractions..comfortable couches, for tattoo & to tattoo too..

~! genuine dive bar ;-)

Bořivojova 491/61, Žižkov, Praha 3

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

Burrito Loco - P3. Vinohradská 69
24 hour Mexican foods & drinks

THE one & only !!

From breakfast burritos- taco salads to late night nachos, tacos & quesadillas this is the place to go for your Mex fix any time of day!

Vegetarian dishes as well.

No mater where you are in the center there is a Loco near you !- 6 places in Prague !!

P3. Vinohradská 69

Metro Green line- Jiri Podebrad

Trams: 10, 11, 16, 51- Vinohradská

Bukowski's 'Buk's' Bar
dynamic lounging

In the name of the bar fly.. & they do 'buzz' here..

pop relaxed MECCA for the internat's / ex-pats / local Czechster crowd.. Sunday opens w/ 'a keg' @ 7kč beer. Tues FREE 'sangria' for them LADIES, come early!!..

Flash some muscle, spend a bit of cash lads... Cocktail time!! snazzy toilets, music you dig played at chat volume.

It's a social intercourse..

Bořivojova 689/86, Žižkov, Praha 3

Opposite Nad Viktorku..

the thin blue line Trams - 5,9,26
night trams 55,58 - “Husinecká”

Cardinal's Burlesque bar
night hot spot

Like stepping into a David Lynch dream...

Legendary Prague bartender 'Řiška' mixing amazing cocktails & speciality drinks, even pouring a beer )).. & for entertainment! Live burlesque performances many nights each week, check FB for schedule.

No entry charge, friendly prices & much Žižkov decadence for late night lovers & libertines.

Jeronýmova 2

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55 58 - Husinecká

GROW bar

Conveniently located between a brothel, a police station & a kid's school, this hotspot has great tunes, cool customers, fun staff, cheap drinks, foosball, pinball, you can smoke up here too...

& graffiti supplies in case you're feeling artistically inspired for your journey into the night...

Full bar & much to entertain & distract!

Cimburkova 17

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

eat, drink & marvel

Original komix bar w/ perfect supply of best rums & other decisive delicious drinks from the whole world... more lemonades, shots & cocktails.

Serving snacks, delicatessen & big burgers.. long into the night & easy spot to drop in during your crawl around our hood..

they got what you need & when you need it ))

Vlkova 29

Tram 5.9.26 - “Husinecka”

Floating Club - Bobbing Bar

Ahoy all ye party peoples!.. Barka is a bumpin’ barge moored on the vast River Wisła (vee-swuh) .. smack dab in the middle of all the action.

This café-club hosts all sorts of floating concerts & dance parties, always under the stars 'n' rocking till dawn..

Delicious slow food snacks at sea & don’t miss noon brunch on Sat & Sun on the sun deck.. At this Barka bar, you ain’t going far

Open whenever the weather is nice from Spring-Fall

Kościuszkowskie 35

by Mermaid on the Wisła Riverfront/Metro Centrum Nauki Kopernika

Plac Zabaw Nad Wisłą
Open-Air Music Venue and Dance Club

This adult playground has been THE scene for a while & this here new riverside location is the hottest spot on the cool cool river..

2000m sq of unpretentious pure pic-nickery & bliss w/ 3 bars, GREAT eats, al fresco theater, bad'ass concerts , eco food fairs, track cycling (pump track & mini velodrome!) & it’s all been liberated of the tyranny of walls..

Have fun & play nice w/ them others ;)

Bulwar B. Grzymały-Siedleckiego

Above Barka/Metro Centrum Nauki Kopernika

Plan B

Ah... nothing like a cult classic. Not only one of the coolest cafe bars w/ street cred but also serves as an informal community center of sorts.

They host countless indie artistic events - concerts exhibitions, literary happenings etc. Climb the stairs & feel yourself submersed in the scene. Grab a drink .. a light snack, sit back relax & float upstream....

Forget Plan A... this is where to B.

Al. Wyzwolenia 18

Plac Zbawiciela/ Metro Politechnika

Kufle i Kapsle (Beer Mugs & Bottle Caps)
"craft beer pub "

Easy to find, watch for the neon sign- beer flowing tap >> mug..

Stylish & pouring THE best new wave Polish & other top brews from across the globe. 10 taps & 2 pumps constantly rotating the freshest suds & the hippest hops..

& w/ another 150 bottles bar side! Beer'istas will help you pick your brew, or try it w/ a tasting tray.. many events, beer & tapas, taster workshops, fests etc. 

ul. Nowogrodzka 25

by Palace of Culture/ Metro Centrum 

Manijak Hangout
underground night bar venue

Get down.. follow the distinct muffle of music & voices...

THE cheapest late night drinks is only the beginning..

Mini happenings, art events, movies, live jam & DJ events. Gallery, fill it up- easy to get along with the others, super nice bar men from the Keith Richards school of hospitality...

& later enjoy that cushion head rest on the loo.. since 96'

Sremska 2. (underground passage way)

under passage very begining of Knez Mihailova


Daytimes lovely little terrace overlooking the botanical gardens & another ou the street a true in da'hood hang out!!.

Later & down in the bar, you could be standing there minding your own business when a party would explode under you & last way past closing time..

pinball, coffee, beer & cocktails/ looong drinks.. you would have to be...

Dalmatinska 13, Beograd

Takovska / Botanical garden

SFRJ 'kafana'
day & night club bar music

Dedicated to beloved Yugoslavia & harmony's of past times, brotherhood, unity & alcohol.

Ambient w/ a collection of objects characteristic for ex- Marshal Tito era, statues, flags, images & entertainment THE traditional “tamburasi” music. That's ex-YU hits….

Come all people of goodwill, come & see how good was the party'ing at those times..

Thurs- Sat- live acoustic, Sundays- live pop'n'rock.. Happy Mon- Wed domestic Rakia promo- 99 RSD

Kraljevića Marka 5, Belgrade

close to Brankov bridge. trams 2,11

is gonna ROCK you- student klub

 .. all are welcome.. Cultural part of the club, photo exhibits, daytime unplugged gigs, young designer 'happenings', movie days,......

KST means A LOT to A LOT of people.. generations have come through it .. in here!! & ... what happens in here .. stays in here. . so dance around all night, a 'DISKO' ;-) or a famous local band.. meet loads of people of all fashions & help them to get in the mood... 'working for the good, the peoples right to have a good time' since the 50's..

that's a REAL Rock'n'Roller!


Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 73

trams no. 2, 5,6,7,12,14 buses 26,27,74,65

Pubby's Magic Garden
hidden garden & bar

Reliable authentic- atmospheric day cafe / night pub-club deep in the downtown.

A gathering place of young artists/art enthusiasts. With many presentations of individuals & groups, in the original arrangement of old & new, west & east, modern & proven !.. with masks, wigs, hats & other masquerade props you can try on.. & meet people with similar interests! w/ affordable beers

(155 din - 0,5 l) & quality homemade honey brandy (135 din - 0,5 l) you may well hear some 'original', interesting dj-s."

Makedonska 5

under the shops passage. opp National Theatre

Fabrica Pub & Club
pub, restaurant, club

Legendary Old factory in the rockin’, rollin’ scene !! it’s a huge complex of food, drinks, punkrock n’good times .. pub & restaurant, lots on offer.. underground club, for parties & live gigs, events, local & inter' band's, shake your world.. 

Terrace w/ lots’a sky above, indoor skate park, or the playground & connect w/ that inner-child. Plenty of opportunities- chill in the day - rock it in the night !!

Str. 11 Iunie 50, sector 4

M2 - Pia Unirii or tram 32 - 11 Iunie


the bohemian atmosphere of the Asian-side bars. Funky yet classy .. relax place during the day &
party-club at night time. Food daily (menu & carte). DJ’s, music
performances, exhibitions, ‘happenings’, live concerts…. garden area, friendly staff & cool people. from all over the ‘Dunia’= World.

Kadikoy Kadife Sok. 19/2

Kadiköy party street

Papillon inc
cafe bar club

You'll see the green light... climb stairs to the top floors, find this amazing spot. Full of plants, sofas, chill music, general coolness.. Daytime cafe-break, garden swing & sounds around. Later we find here one of ‘THE’ late night hangouts...good coctails & shots & beers (best price in the neighborhood!). Arrive before 8pm and enjoy happy hour till 11pm! ... stay till sunrise.

Beyoglu Hüseyinaga Mah. Balo Sok. 31/4,

Taksim back end of fish market

Nişte Domni şi Fiii
rip rockin' old town pub

An institution of culture, booze & entertainment in the historical center of Bucharest-> & really by now one of the few alternative places remaining in this area; punkrock, motorbike vibes;

interesting selection of cheap & strong drinks;

Terrace where you can watch the fire shows opposite every weekend nights. If you are 'bad to the bone' then you gonna' fit right in.

Str. Covaci 7. sector 3

bus 385 or M1/ 2/ 3 - Piata Unirii & all busses stop by Universitate

skater punk pre- club bar

Where the spray can burst... very cheap price 'n' good vibes.

Dark, creepy.. graffitis in the toilet, bit sticky...

In Spain we called "Antro".. .

DJ's with a good taste funky/disco/indie rock.. videos, fails, weed/ skater-loving girls... Kung foo ..

pick up here passes for the clubs & get the little wheels spinning.


calle Lancaster 9.- El Raval

just off la Rambla- Macba

dance & concert club

A dance institution.

Early R'n'R club concerts /.. after midnite, 2
floors, down is digital dance, sweaty parties. If you
feel as if you haven't bumped into enough young good looking people yet, …
go Up, they are getting retro & electro. !!! .

pick up free passes in el Manolo

Arc del Teatre 3

L3 Drassanes - just off la Rambla

drinking haunt or beautiful terrace bar

Absinthe- is the mystic blue drink of
creative's & lunatics...

that's the 'house special' w/ the ritual
sacrifice of sugar in silver spoon... transports you off
leaving a beautiful corpse ..

& it's not all night time &
wildness, your favorite place may be
sunning it on the block...some open space ! ...

a space where essential elements fuse, estipulate the senses..



Sant Carles 36

L4 - "Barceloneta"

Pizza Paco & Casa Paco
pizzeria, terrace, pub, life drinks, food

Bohemian bakery spreads out over the huge plaCa gardens, all around this
downtown island.. no cars.. only peoples, dogs.. Music & energy..
big kids playground..

Two bars opposite & all that space in
between.. read 'block party'.. get your slice of the pie... every
ingredient, Super spicy, house especial’, crispy & fresh, vege/vegan
offers, They do care.. & 'they got it going on' !!

you can rent the apartment over the bar .;-)

C. Allada Vermell 10-11

L4 - "Jaume I"

Celler Ceres
tapas bar, restaurant, pub

10 micro brew 'craft/ connesiuer' on tap, taster treys & or simply pints on more glasses of wonderful beer!!

Great spot to blow the head off a few.. rotate the menu.. They do delicious tapas, nice salty sharp, goes great with .. you know what !.. or if you prefer strong cheese & fine wine..

expand your tastes, surprise your sensations..

Carrer dels Vigatans 13

L4 - “Jaume I”

bar cafe terrace bistro venue

Essential corner of the infamous Plaça Trippy.. Wonderful seats out under trees.

They offer a simple caNa or cafe- breakfast, daily specials- tapas style fillers along with bocadillos sandwiches, crispy season salads..

Full meals. vegan & vege.

'Inside' Greco /Roman orgy lounge...gets full up, hip music, nice crowd, bar, let’s agree that day or nite.. in or out.. It’s a very special place !

C/ d'Arai 5 Plaça George Orwell. BARRI Gotic

around from Placa Reial