Los Angelitos
cocktails- tapas flamenco style Spanish bar

Some Southern essence… ambient mood music... or dance on the tables, as
you like, as it goes.. especially on the late-end, 'party time'..

Mediterranean sea breeze.. street fest.. tasty Tapas w/ drinks, keep up dancing!! w/
each fancy cocktail they pour…..

you can drop out anytime for a
near beach experience . te esperamos !

C/ Almirall Cervera 26, Barceloneta

L4 - "Barceloneta

dance & concert club

A dance institution.

Early R'n'R club concerts /.. after midnite, 2
floors, down is digital dance, sweaty parties. If you
feel as if you haven't bumped into enough young good looking people yet, …
go Up, they are getting retro & electro. !!! .

pick up free passes in el Manolo

Arc del Teatre 3

L3 Drassanes - just off la Rambla

Cat Bar
vegen diner & pub

"an inspiring place..

All day vegan English style breakfast, tapas platters, 'full on' farmers portions !!.

They offer an interesting design on the whole vegetarian eating experience. It's rugged, easy & pretty cool !!

Connoisseur local/ world BrewDog beer menu, they have some really special brews.. even for meat eaters.. You can just come sit & drink. The company is good.

Lets talk food, concept & lifestyle.. go go.."

C/ Boria 17 (Carders)

Jaume L4

bar cafe terrace bistro venue

Essential corner of the infamous Plaça Trippy.. Wonderful seats out under trees.

They offer a simple caNa or cafe- breakfast, daily specials- tapas style fillers along with bocadillos sandwiches, crispy season salads..

Full meals. vegan & vege.

'Inside' Greco /Roman orgy lounge...gets full up, hip music, nice crowd, bar, let’s agree that day or nite.. in or out.. It’s a very special place !

C/ d'Arai 5 Plaça George Orwell. BARRI Gotic

around from Placa Reial


Large- bright- cool- Asian chopsticks eating hall. Show kitchen. Authentic variety of rice & lot's of noodles including the very special Lamien flying noodles .. Thai foods, for all tastes served in good size bowls, super taste!... No entry to pay downstairs, Chinese party Lounge club, DJ's EVERY TIME... Thursday thru Sat = hiphop & RnB. Party till we drop!.. .it's easy, have a good time.))

W1 Gumpfendorfer strasse 9.

U2 "Museumquartier"