aus Berlin / from Berlin
souviners & lokal specialty items

.... it is a groovy store!

you can find everything that your city shopping compass leads you to. over 3000 articles from 300 berlin producers & designers: food+drinks,  fashion, t-shirts, accessories, cosmetics, books, magazines, games, music, design objects, unusual gifts & much much more

Karl Liebknechtstr 9- Mitte

directly on Alexanderplatz

Tante Lisbeth
bowling lounge cafe bar

'Let's go drink & play 10 pin bowling"..!!

classic original wooden lanes (only 2 = reserve on-line).., in your socks!

That's really great fun, they love it!! & the drinking.. they love that too (one arm exercise)... Old style, comfortable, lounge room, sofa landscape.. flea market ambiance.

Fresh non-pasteurized non-carbonized Tank Beer!


Muskauer Strasse 49. Kreuzberg

U1-"Schleisisches Tor"

Antique & Vintage Market

Things!!!... from year 1800ct (that's right).. till today. Books, LPs, communist- relics, art, clothes, policemen's hats & surprising objects you didn't think existed... contemporary handy crafts & plenty of bars around.. bang in the middle of the party district, every single Saturday of the year. (Do bargain!)

Gozsdu Udvar /Courtyard enter from 13 Király ut or

M1/M2/M3 'Deák tér'

unique 2'nd hand clothes & shoes

What appears old here,  really is,  including the owner... OldSchool tops & shoes Levi's 501 jeans, jersey  dress wonders,  handmade shoes,  hats & tails ,suits, corduroy's, leather jackets / trousers, Doc Martens,  Wesco- many boots,  biker & military stuff,  unique or boring' accessories. Hard to find , but harder to leave. Flea market tmosphere.

Bp VI. Szondi utca 58.

M1 'Kodály körönd" trolley bus 72 'Szinyei Merse utca'

Urban Vegan
Vegan market

It all started with a lust for vegan cheese.. & now you enter a cruelty-free paradise for your daily shopping.

It's possibly the biggest vegan market you've ever seen & we promise that you'll find all you ever missed since becoming vegan.

Plus there's a lot bio/eco food for all you healthy-eating freaks (we totally support ya!).

On-line shopping possible as well!

Ul. Św. Antoniego 35/1B

4 min's from Market sq

cheeky food tours
around town gastro outing

Join this tongue-in-cheek tour of the inventive, unusual & sometimes nostalgic cafes, restaurants, markets & pubs in city center & the districts of Žižkov / Karlin.

"We know cheeky. We know food. We know Prague".

+420 723 835 991 meets @ Palladium center.

By reservation meets @ Palladium center.

Metro B Tram: 5, 8, 24, 26. Bus 207, Náměstí Republiky

culture, events, arts & CitySpy store

Check the program & hook yourself into an inspired space. Concerts, jams, theatre, workshop, creation stations, arts, cook in's, movies, markets... & random revelations.

Also you can score all the CitySpy maps in here!

P3. Bořivojova 67

Trams 5,9,26 - “Lipanská”


De Winkel
collectibles & curio 2'nd hand

Weird & wonderful shop of furniture, accessories & stuff to make you go 'wooo'.

Funk up your flat (As if you needed another excuse to stay in Žižkov forever)..

Gifts & special designs either in the 2' nd hand

.... or designed by the lady owner.. one of a kind))

Čajkovskeho 27

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 'Lipanská'