Pivnice U Sadu
pub restaurant & breakfast

The after-party.. Kitchen & bar from 08.am till 04.oo the next morning !! DRINK their own beer 'Sádek' & EAT quality classic Czech style meals. Sunny days the street terrace fills with song, swine & so on! football on TV & pinball, flipper in the basement ! . Stay home & they deliver.!

P3. Škroupovo Náměstí 5

Metro A - “Jiřího z Poděbrad”

Boulder v siti

get a grip! 260m2, 3000 grabs 80 routes of equipped climbing
cave.. 80Kč/3e per person, no time limit....

& serving Pilsner, good music, cool friendly staff, a place to unwind., Friday shots-party...much rums.., have strength have baguettes, quesadillas, salads, Italian café..

& now take on the locals for
some serious foosball.... hangin’ out..

Borivojova 104

Trams 5, 9, 26 night trams 55, 58 - "Husinecká"

GROW bar

Conveniently located between a brothel, a police station & a kid's school, this hotspot has great tunes, cool customers, fun staff, cheap drinks, foosball, pinball, you can smoke up here too...

& graffiti supplies in case you're feeling artistically inspired for your journey into the night...

Full bar & much to entertain & distract!

Cimburkova 17

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'


Daytimes lovely little terrace overlooking the botanical gardens & another ou the street a true in da'hood hang out!!.

Later & down in the bar, you could be standing there minding your own business when a party would explode under you & last way past closing time..

pinball, coffee, beer & cocktails/ looong drinks.. you would have to be...

Dalmatinska 13, Beograd

Takovska / Botanical garden

Miners Pub
Alternative craft beers & atmosphere

Serious variety of craft beers, 9+ taps Serb/ world brews. 150+ bottled labels!

You can dig into local Rakia & wine gems, toast it w/ the good people around you! Listen to an odd quality of music playlists, spread yourself around

&&& yes pinball, table football, free proper darts! O yeah! :D


Rige od Fere 16, Belgrade

Couple blocks right off Kalemegdan