fashion, lifestyle & juggling

Sustainable fairtrade w/ a psychedelic twist!

- high quality clothes & accessories, juggling toys, ambiental records, exotic products & incenses from another world.. a fairytale to dress men, women & everything in between from head to toe.

Supporting young designers, straight from production to customer, it’s all here in a trippy wonderland.

W8. Kirchengasse 25

U2, U3 "Volkstheater" Tram 49 "Siebensterngasse/Kirchengasse"

"expats, visitors & Viennese alike.. deservedly po

Truth one the very best burgers in Vienna, BBQ steaks, Aussie beers... highly recommended for a great feed, a quick pint, hanging out with mates... tonnes of sports shown daily. If it is competition you want, then Trivia on Monday Night is where you should be.…

Reservations by night are wise, Tel: +43-1- 24 100 230.

W1. Maysederg. 5 (behind the opera)

U1/U2/U4 - “Karlsplatz”


Purple Cave
vintage 50's to 70's & cool drinks

Vienna's very own time travel machine !!

A groovy collection of original & reworked pieces, clothing to lamps, dishes, vinyls, posters & everything in between... Also the smallest location for a beer & sweets.

Teaches you the meaning of 'wegschwemmen' & how to rock'n'roll in style. A lesson worth learning.

W7. Neubaugasse 78

U2, U3 "Volkstheater" tram 46 "Strozzigasse/Lerchenfelder Str."

Yak und Yeti
Nepalese & Himalayan food & culture

Experience this with all senses..

Food, drinks, art, entertainment & events in an ambience rooted in traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism is what they bring to the table.

Food to feed all kinds of hungers, come & it shall be supplied. Inside temple vibe- or enjoy the summer garden , hang inspired like the prayer flags.

W6. Hofmühlgasse 21

U4 "Pilgramgasse"

Substance Record Store
vinyl-specialist since 2001

A-to-the-Z vinyl specialist & international mailorder, a substantial collection of music, shirts, posters, books...

Noise to Disco & free jazz to hiphop, wild range of genres, always new arrivals, discover what beats the eye & meets the ear. ..

Sometimes instore gigs. Audio & brain-candy, makes it all for a sweet musical trip !!

listen & chill, you know the drill

W8. Westbahnstr. 16

Tram 49 "Westbahnstraße/Zieglergasse" U3 "Neubaugasse" U6 "Burggasse-Stadthalle"

ex-Bordello bar & night club

Used to be a brothel, now it’s a bar, club that has kept up quite the extravagant style... some of the rooms are still as they once were & interested guests can sneak a peek. The design is unique & unusual, no natural light invited, makes for a special type of atmosphere :) the bar lights up like a stage & they serve classic cocktails w/ a touch of the modern times & the best highballs in the city!!

W6. Girardigasse 10

U4- Karlsplatz 

Gorilla Kitchen
street food restaurant & shop

A new funky place in town !! classic burritos & burrito bowls, sandwiches, nachos, drinks & music. All kinds of delights & lots of veggie choices too, in a spacious minimalistic place. Check out their next door Gorilla Market for take-away goodies by selected local producers, speciality coffees & more .. So fresh, so fine, come hungry & leave a very happy gorilla

W4. Gusshausstr 19

U1/ U2/ U4 - Karlsplatz

Cafe Gagarin
café, vegetarian & vegan kantine

Homey living room, w/ a whole lot of spirit.

Standing for ecologically & politically acceptable sourced foods: vegan & vegetarian eats till late, daily soups & sweets, fresh juices...

Fair-price drinks & 'free prices' for all food, an alternative model of economic co-existence, pay according to possibilities & satisfaction.. a reflection on "values".

Regular social gatherings & events.

W9. Garnisongasse 24

U2 "Schottentor" or trams 37, 38, 40, 41, 42 "Schwarzspanierstrasse"

15 Süsse Minuten
café & traditional Viennese food

Modern diner/ Restaurant meets classy olde café.

Original pan fried Viennese Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn, waffles'n'pancakes & international classics like Eggs Benedict, toasties.

Great for Breakfast!.. & more coffee )) Weekdays Menu with vegan Option.

W4. Favoritenstraße 45

U1 to "Hauptbahnhof"

Café Neko
cats, coffee & teahouse

Austria’s very first cat café, established in 2012! Right in the center, here is a calm & cozy haven where you can chill & bask in the cuteness of the resident cats. They serve delicious varieties of Japanese teas, cakes & bites to eat. Very relaxing .. in fact prrrfect.

Blumenstockgasse 5

U1/ U3 - Stephansplatz

Allergiker Café
allergy-friendly coffee & cakes

They love cakes & want EVERYONE to be able to enjoy the sweet delicacies. All people with celiac disease, lactose intolerance or nut allergies may devour these pies! No gluten, nuts, lactose, artificial flavorings /additives /taste enhancers, histamine-poor cakes, low fruity pies & mostly organically grown ingredients. Serious no exceptions tolerated! All cakes were subjected to a very strict tasting :) enjoy for yourself in a very charming space

W4. Wiedner Hauptstr. 35

U1 - Taubstummengasse

WIRR at the Brunnenmarkt
outdoor market cafe

The legendary WIRR from Burggasse gets a little brother. Nice charm in chaos alternative. International world kitchen dishes made from organic products, fresh from the market next door to the cooking pot. From the roof terrace you can watch the market activities & enjoy your chilled drinks. There is that little Istanbul vibe going on. . If you like that vibe then this is super social.

Brunnenmarkt / Yppenplatz.

U6- Josefstädter Straße / adjacent to the Brunnenmarkt

Hildegard Wurst
hotdog & sausage deli

Real American hot dogs in Vienna !! A delicacy & unique in the local food scenes. Soft bread, tasty sausages & toppings such as chili con carne, sauerkraut or melted cheddar cheese make every heart beat faster. It all makes for a very special treat indeed… Best served w/ fresh lemonade & a side of crispy french fries... but no need to tell YOU that :)

W4. Operngasse 23

U1/ U2/ U4 - Karlsplatz