Bij Ons Vintage
vintage paradise x2

Really one of the leading vintage shopping experiences in Amsterdam! 2 shops packed with the best 80's and 90's clothes & accessories, all selected with love and care ! "Wear vintage or wear nothing at all

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 150 & Reestraat 13

[Nieuwezijds location] tram 1,2,5,13,17 -“Nieuwezijds Kolk”- first stop from the station.

ladies-only fashion library

... the mission- to 'inspire' & outfit you from head to toe !! Select by courage! Enjoy the experiment of the new you.. 2 options- 1: Borrow some truly epic fashionista pieces: vintage,
eco & contemporary designers. Sad moment when you have to return them.

2/ You could also buy once you tried you in the mirror or on the streets! There's a story to be lived within every item. Sustain, discover, reinvent, play funky dress up, get 'in Amsterdam'.

Westerstraat 174h

by Noorder Kerk

vintage pinup paradise

You'll find framed pinup photos from the 50's & 60's, the place is a celebration of female beauty, accessories & plenty curiosity. Amazing, affordable time travel through shoes, dresses, skirts, blouses for ladies, men & kids as well. ?Reason enough to come over & take a look! Step out in a specific style.

Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 19

by Noorder Kerk

Second Life Music
CD, LP curo & collecters edition

Lp's, Singles & Cd's galore.

Every genre & style, a great collectors collection.

If you have been looking for it then it may well be hear & cheap as hell!

A bargain hunters basement!! Old & new coming through …You could spend hours in there…


Prinsengracht 366, Amsterdam

tram 7, 10 or 1, 2, 5

Tommy Page
strictly vintage menswear

Designer Tommy Page's, curiosity for menswear throughout history has led him to open his own archive. All the cherished items are hand selected & suitable for any occasion. This collection is in constant revolution. Respect for craft & conscientious consuming stand alongside the desire to preserve, restore & (re)create. A meeting point for avid collectors & like minded souls.


Prinsenstraat 7

by Noorder Kerk

Vind-it Vintage
small, well assorted vintage store

The narrow streets of the characteristic Jordaan takes you on an adventure where every turn gives you changing views & secret yards.

If you like to change your appearance accordingly, ... colourful, glittery, classy, funky or rockin' hand-picked affordable vintage from the best era's, for men & women.

Get yourself that special Amsterdam look, they are happy to advise for further tips independent shops, arts. bars & food near by.


shopping , info arty, credit cards. wheelchair

Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat 7, Amsterdam

Westerkerk - Anne Frank - Jordaan- Noordermarkt

2'nd hand records, all-electronic

Used record store for quality electronic music.

Main genres are: techno, house, electro, minimal, idm, detroit, chicago, drum & bass, dubstep, hip hop, reggae, dub & disco.

Always have weekly new arrivals. They also will buy vinyl collections, small or big.

Libauerstr. 19, F'shain.

S-bahn & U1 - "Warschauer Str." or trams M10/ M13 - "Revaler Str."

Fraulein Glitter
vintage burlesque & elegant 2'nd hand boutique

A snazzy boutique shop in the heart of Berlin’s underground fashion district.

Burlesque, elegant 20’s > 60’s vintage & glam fashion.. dance workshops, make-up & styling service.. all you need to go paint the town red, it’s all here !!

Unprecedented clothing & accessories with an expert staff to see to your individualisms & style-UP the Hollywood diva inside.

F'shain. Boxhagenerstrasse 14

U5 - "Frankfurter Tor" or tram 21 - Niederbarnimstr.

retropical bar

. colourful, peeling, recycled retro interior, old velvet sofas...

spend some lazy & comfy hours.... out looking on a secret fig garden..& general sunny atmosphere..

selection of food, fresh squeeze juices & green smoothies, homemade fruit punch, good wines, cocktails

&... // DJ's for the night & the place gets real buzzy later.. ;-)



Budapest VII, Nagy Diofa u. 30.

bus 7 to 'Kazinczy utca' or bus 7, 7E, M1, tram 4 or 6 to “Blaha Lujza tér

Antique & Vintage Market

Things!!!... from year 1800ct (that's right).. till today. Books, LPs, communist- relics, art, clothes, policemen's hats & surprising objects you didn't think existed... contemporary handy crafts & plenty of bars around.. bang in the middle of the party district, every single Saturday of the year. (Do bargain!)

Gozsdu Udvar /Courtyard enter from 13 Király ut or

M1/M2/M3 'Deák tér'

unique 2'nd hand clothes & shoes

What appears old here,  really is,  including the owner... OldSchool tops & shoes Levi's 501 jeans, jersey  dress wonders,  handmade shoes,  hats & tails ,suits, corduroy's, leather jackets / trousers, Doc Martens,  Wesco- many boots,  biker & military stuff,  unique or boring' accessories. Hard to find , but harder to leave. Flea market tmosphere.

Bp VI. Szondi utca 58.

M1 'Kodály körönd" trolley bus 72 'Szinyei Merse utca'

Serious downtown vintage

You can find hundreds of vintage unique clothes & accessories, selected in a really special way.

Threads smoothed with age & ready to be 'worn in' again..

There are stories in every piece, they stand the test of the time.



Bp VI. Anker köz 2.

any metro to Deák tér

Szputnyik K22
vintage clothing treasure

Vintage fashions & brand–new custom designs at two eclectic time capsule boutiques.

Here you can find everything you need for expressing unique personality... items from 'THE' eras, styles & trends from early 1920's to today.

Fashion from the past, style from the future

Bp., VI. Király u. 22. (Káldy u. 1.)

M2, trams 47,49 - Deák tér trams 4,6 -Király u.

Szputnyik shop
Vintage-clothing lovers & treasure hunters

Retro fashions & brand–new custom designs at two eclectic time capsule boutiques.

Here you can find everything you need for expressing unique personality... plenty of items from 'THE' eras, styles & trends from early 1920s up until today.

Fashion from the past, style from the future




Bp VII. Dohany u. 20.

to Dohany u. shop: M1, M2, M3 to "Deak ter" or M2 to "Astoria"

Zaginiony swiat
Club, Pub, Cafe

The one & only archaeological adventure themed bar in Krak?!

Uncover an ancient cellar filled with a treasure trove of trinkets: mayan masks, relics, vintage photo's, even Indiana Jones’ motorbike.. dig it! Plus that well-stocked bar, bottled & draught beers plus original drinks & shots.

Drop into this temple for boomin’ concerts, travel slide shows & maybe live comedy. The name gives it away, get lost in this wonderful world!

ul. Batorego 1 (enter in courtyard)

7 min' from Market Sq

Modern Bistro

Well thought-out in every respect, snazzy new, with a slightly retro vibe, the food & drink is all kinds of sexy.

Savoury asparagus waffles smothered in Hollandaise.. beet hummus veggie platter.. or that roast beef focaccia sandwich & a craft beer.!

Awesome breakfasts, winning dinners & intoxicating evenings w/ bespoke cocktails at the bar.

Zenit is it!

ul. Miodowa 19

1 min' from Plac Nowy/ Kazimierz

vege cafe & restobar

Magical medieval tower, a buzzing bastion & full of funky flavors.

Vegan resto by day featuring tantalizing & original Thai cuisine.. desserts, cakes creative cocktails & fridges full of Czech & Polish craft beers.

The 2'nd floor belfry is a small art gallery w/ rotating local student exhibitions. Intimate concerts on weekends. The people make the place & the friendly crew manning these ramparts are all heart!

ul. Kraińskiego 14

courtyard behind “Hala Targowa” - Tram 8, 9, 11, 17

Commie' kitchen & dive Bar

This time machine takes you straight back to the good / bad ol’ days ..

behind the iron curtain. Hearty Communist 70's cuisine including Polish classics like bigos, pierogi, beef tatar (!) or RiBS (!!).

The beer & vodka flow like Marx’s beard & it all priced nice for your proletariat paycheck. Hearty late night bites & serious last resolution. 

Ul. Leszczyńskiego 4

2 mins. from Market Sq

Vinyl Cafe
cafe-bar- -music shop

So hip, so smooth.. slip into this cool groove..

Throw your iPhony in the river & grab a disc of voluptuous vinyl from the stax.. have a go! LP’s choose from jazz, soul, blues to classic rock & indie. New/used/buy/sell or just listen on hi-qt hi-fi..

Pull up a vintage chair, grab a fair trade cafe, draft beer- wine & a sweet or savory snack.. settle into some serious sonic sessions

ul. Kotlarska 35-36/1A

3 mins walk North / Market Sq.

Bohemian Retro
vintage boutique glam pop shop

Packed full of Fabulous Original Men's & Women's Clothing, Hats, Accessories, Jewellery, Sewing items, curio collectibles & so.. from 1930's-80's Czechoslovakia (as it was).?

It is a fun friendly shop to visit & much more...including vintage shopping parties.. A "hidden gem" for all vintage lovers. it's all so nice . . i love it . . .

P3. Chvalova 8.

Metro A - "Jiřího z Poděbrad” Tram 5,9,26 - ”Lipanská”

Café Louvre
kavarna gallery, fine since 1902

This is 'THE' olde' Prague.! Suave sophisticated stylish Bohemian, luxury from the golden era. GREAT, breakfast, fresh menu, crispy rolls, eggs easy, infusions, real hot'choco.

Lunch. Lots for vega's, budget fine dine!. Pop in for decent coffee & cake, break your game in the billiard saloon (from Noon) .. get the ball rolling before dinner.. en route to the theatre.. any time, be impressed.

P1. Národní třída 22

Metro B & trams 6,9,18,21,22,23, - “Národní Třída”

Klub Buben
THE - downtown alternative music club

The hard core for specific music genres, eg: punkrock, ska, northern soul, rock'n'roll, Oi!, reggae & hiphop.

Live shows & DJ parties at least three nights/week (low cover charge). A place to dance, party & hang it out, no frills! Mon & Tues ping pong tournaments.

Wide choice of quality drinks & draught beer. If it fits to you then you will fit right in!

P1. Myslíkova 8

Trams 3,9,14,24 & all night trams X-point - “Lazarská”
Unique record shop & vintage audio store

Puts the needle in the record of so much music

- funk, soul, jazz, latin, afro, hiphop, disco, rare grooves & a wide selection of accessories .

Also selling / repairing audio, cleaning records & more suprizes.

P1. Opatovická 156/24

Trams 6,9,18,21,22,23 & Metro B- “Národní Třída”

Krčma Markéta
Old World restaurant - open grill

Really stylish tavern right inside the original house of the castle gardener from the end of 17th century...

Absolutely unique experience...only place in C.K. without electric lights- just candles & oil lamps! Watch your meal being prepared on the open grill just in front of your eyes... get all kinds of meat, cheese or local trout...not enough?

Then you can try home smoked sausages!

Zámecká zahrada 62

Krčma U dwau Maryí
traditional style restaurant & bar

...all the favourite"e;s of the bohemian belly including fishes & rabbit.

The oldest beer & country grub platters to be had. Nice canopied terrace on the river sits under the bustling good humoured kitchen, which remains filling until last orders. garlic / hangover soup.

In doors a quirky tavern, homely candlelit caves & very quaint upper salon for your drinking  & dining pleasures. Some olden day veggie options & good salad. Honey wine & sumptuous cakes. Fresh garden Erbs,

Cabbage & daisy soup, Buckwheat gruel, fa ya Soul...

Parkan 104

in the shadow of the castle tower

Krumlov Tower
unique accommodation

Built in 1502 as a guard tower connected to the town wall, & now the only one of its kind in Europe used as accommodation, feel the medieval times with all those luxuries of a 2016 renovation...

quite the experience!

Pivovarska 28

Le Budoir
boutique & art galery

Chic design local/world studio collective action by artists & producers of fashion wear, items, art & trinkets.

They often do actions & openings & happenings. pop in see what & who is there, glass of wine,

comes from the heart..

Cimburkova 22, Žižkov, Praha 3

Trams 5,9,26 - “Husinecká”

Bohemian retro
vintage boutique

Packed full of Fabulous Original Men's & Women's Clothing, Hats, Accessories, Jewellery, Sewing items, curio collectibles & so on..

from 1930's-80's Czechoslovakia (as it was).? it is a fun friendly shop to visit & much more...including vintage shopping parties..

A "hidden gem" for all vintage lovers. it's all so nice . . i love it . . .


Chvalova 8

Metro A - "Jiřího z Poděbrad” Tram 5,9,26-”Lipanská”

Little Fetish Shop
sexy lingerie store

One of the only outlets in this the most decadent city of Europe!

If you into this world then this is the place to get that look going down. Super select & wide open mind.

Sex is good & dressing up for that is wild.. unlock your inner Bohemian & flaunt it for public wear & private dress exclusive.

Design latex, handmade leather, burlesque, rentals & 2' nd hand

Táboritská 13

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 'Lipanská'

Jane Doe
vintage & designer shop

Funky unique variety of high quality vintage & fine selection of local designer work.

Also a bohemian handmade jewelry collection, made of natural items.

Super pop! During May- September they have a pop-up concept store

at Kraljevica Marka street #1. It's a party place there!

Kapetan Misina 17

Tram 2, 5, 9, 10, by Student sq & UK Parobrod Cultural center

retro vintage kitsch shop experience

 ♥ 50’s 60’s 70’s.....A little gold mine of interesting stuff to put on: from head to toe. Vintage - retro - kitsch - hippie... shoes, dresses, jackets, accessories, hats ...for ladies and the dudes & a whole kingdom of sunglasses from all eras.

Also old toys, some home decor & more totally random old and sexy items for you.

Go into the courtyard to find them!


Beogradska 36, Belgrade

Trolley 19, 22, 29 Trams 2, 3, 7, 10 Tašmajdan/ Slavija

Poly Klamott
selected vintage clothes

Open for 16 years now: a fine selection of 50's -90's & seroius stuff..
specialises in boots, dresses, T-shirts & sunglasses.. selection of young designers’ items...

pick & mix & match
.... look beyond the mass ranges...

& 24/7 vending machine outside the shop: 5euro HATS (in winter) & BIKINIS (summer).. .. topless for 2.50euro;-))

W6. Hofmühlg. 6

U4 "Pilgramgasse"

Purple Cave
vintage 50's to 70's & cool drinks

Vienna's very own time travel machine !!

A groovy collection of original & reworked pieces, clothing to lamps, dishes, vinyls, posters & everything in between... Also the smallest location for a beer & sweets.

Teaches you the meaning of 'wegschwemmen' & how to rock'n'roll in style. A lesson worth learning.

W8. Neubaugasse 78

U2, U3 "Volkstheater" tram 46 "Strozzigasse/Lerchenfelder Str."

awesome cafe & vintage store

Little Eden in Kadiköy with a creative interior, (you can buy most the furniture and decor) loving vibes, home cooked food, garden tables and resident cats.

Day time food, breakfast, brunch, lunch, early dinner, meat, veggie & vegan options, fresh juices, smoothies, daily specials, home-made ice cream. Designers & records bazaar, Club Mate events every month.

Must visit. +90 542 895 1310


Ihlas Sk. No:17 Kadiköy

walk from Kadiköy ferry

Ceai la Metoc
vintage teagarden Wonderland

Wandering in the old Armenian quarter of Bucharest, you gotta' pay a visit to one of the oldest houses in the city.. Praised in the New York Times. Luscious tea garden magic & you're invited! Find the place only to get lost again in exquisite delights.. fresh iced teas & shakes, homemade sweets, a selection of local microbrewery beers !! Don't say you were not warned :)

Str. Popa Rusu 21, sector 2

M2 - Universitate or trolleys 69, 85, 90, 91 - Armeneasca

Mad Piano
record shop- music/art's hub

Sink deep into the electronic sound of the underground !! These beats sync & rhyme with the core of the scene.. these guys know their stuff. Vinyls everywhere you look, secret chamber with urban accessories & fashion by local artists.

Curious & musically inclined people can browse through specially selected vinyl crates, offering a wide range of Electronica & other genres, both new / old selections. Ring the bell downstairs & get up there !! :)

Str. Luigi Cazzavillan 12 sector 1

Busses 133, 226 - Calea Grivi?ei or busses 122, 226, 368 - Ci?migiu

select vinyl records

You may bump into well known DJ's, sneak a listen into their session or chit-chat w/ Ioana, DJ & owner about some twisted tech house, obscure label releases. Explore experiment the famous selection of Romanian sounds not to be found elsewhere but here.

Lose yourself into hand picked 'dubbier' territories. You may just take a break from that hard crate digging job & chill it on the terrace. New & old music at a good price!

Str. Fainari 43A

tram 21 or M1 - Obor

vintage-2nd hand & new clothing

It is an organized chaos.... little shop w/ RACKS of variety in that BCN street look… & here u have all freedom to check’n’try, all that you want...

You can spend an hour discovering... sweaters, jackets, shoes from the 60's, 70's, 80' trendy t.shirts..

Cool & a quality place..

See also the w/end markets at the TOP Rambla del Raval .


Hospital 107

Top of Rambla del Raval

Bagana BCN
Studio of handmade jewelry, shop

amazing family jewelers..

You can see how this Mother & son work
with copper, bronze & silver in a traditional way in a peculiar
artistic studio.

Serious unique gifts..

C/ Ferlandina, 33

L1, L2 - "Universitat"