a great deal for growers

Original & the best. The oldest growshop in CZ. Fertilizers, cultivation systems, ventilation, accessories, headshop & fun shop for interesting gifts! Shop, e-shop, retail in center of Praha 3 Žižkov.

P3. Borivojova 89

Trams 5,9,15,26 - “Husinecká” Metro A - “Jiři. z. Poděbrad”

skater punk pre- club bar

Where the spray can burst... very cheap price 'n' good vibes.

Dark, creepy.. graffitis in the toilet, bit sticky...

In Spain we called "Antro".. .

DJ's with a good taste funky/disco/indie rock.. videos, fails, weed/ skater-loving girls... Kung foo ..

pick up here passes for the clubs & get the little wheels spinning.


calle Lancaster 9.- El Raval

just off la Rambla- Macba

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum BCN
weed culture

Digging the Past, Present & Future of Cannabis.. the history of civilisation.

Our friend & amazingly versatile plant species which can enable the development of so many God & Nature given products for intelligent planet advancement... the plant - part of everyday life for ever.. Amen!.. visit it here...

paintings, prints, pictures, papers, ropes..

Carrer Ample 35 in the Gothic

Open 10:oo - 23:oo

Carrer Ample 35 in the Gothic

Jaume L4