"not quite a cafe "

Workshop of an extraordinary collective of young, vibrant people.

Join them daily for all kinds of creative activities (silkscreen, laughter yoga, philosophical tuesdays & more).. Or just come for a coffee, cake & muffins.

Use the WiFi, workspace or patio & best bit is if you want to animate the space a little, you can expect enthusiasm around!


ul. Jednosci Narodowej 68A

courtyard/ 4 min. from Ostrów Tumski

vegetarian paradigm & sister restaurant of Lehká H

Good foods, drinks & relax all parts of the personality. physical, mental spiritual.. concept, a fascinating aura.

Feng Shui where important energy lines meet.

The interior, created of natural materials. fountains & a panoramic fireplace.

ZERO meat.

Mon-Fri & specials on w/ends... fresh juices.. good to reserve !!?

tel.: +420 221 711 631

P1. Tynska ulicka (not ulice) 6

Just Off Old town square under Tyn church

Bikram Yoga
recreation & relax

Wanna get high?... then breathe.. stretch & let your worries wash over the mat...

Happy, young, fit / depressed, ageing, in a wreck.. this is what you need to do then & now. You can come as a first timer or master craft..

Visitors: 1 class 1.500RSD or 1 week 4.000RSD. Classes in English w/ an Irish/Spanish twist..

best thing your money can buy is your good health :-)

Kapetan Misina 26, Belgrade

down hill from Trg Republik Sq