Bagana BCN
Studio of handmade jewelry, shop

amazing family jewelers..

You can see how this Mother & son work
with copper, bronze & silver in a traditional way in a peculiar
artistic studio.

Serious unique gifts..

C/ Ferlandina, 33

L1, L2 - "Universitat"

Sleep green
Certified Eco Youth Hostel

Friendly & for guests wanting a peaceful, calm atmos, during the home time.

Comfortable air-con' dorm's, only 4 -6 beds. All have balcony & individual security.

There is action around the guest kitchen & large dining table.

Great staff & the location is exceptional.. it's all on the doorstep

Tel: +34 635 669 021

Ronda Universitat 15, pral-1

L1, L2 - "Universitat" / L1 & L3 - “Plaça Catalunya”

Tattoo - Piercing studio

9 years at this address & an amazing catalogue of team work. you can get a little souvenir, never to get lost..

All kinds of piercings done & some inspired merchandising, t-shirts, jewelery & such related items..


C/St Domenech de Sta Caterina 3 La Ribera

back of Sta Caterina market