Spirit Bar
restaurant, lounge & terrace

Easy going quite "typical" Czech pub atmos' & fare. They serve a select of great Czech beers on tap, including black & red / mixed beers, with a special rotating monthly. Every day is a lunch deal & otherwise lots of good food & or meals to choose from. There is sports TV & a nice beer hall ambient. Or take it out on the sun drenched terrace & get in the spirit !

Dalimilova 2

bus 175, 133, 207 „ U Památníku” Tram 5.9.15. 26 - “Husinecka”

bar & kitchen

In celebration & tradition of the famous French liqueur they offer specialised drinks, cocktails & shooters. In addition many quality beers & wines to international & or local favorites. There is much to choose from & space to enjoy in. The food is of note, with succulent cuts of meats & colorful presentation. Open just over one year now & happily has become a main stay on the social circle... Choose Chartreuse!

Vlkova 619/41

Tram 5, 9,15, 26 - “Lipanská” 

Restaurant Poja
dinner & drinks

One of the only street terraces in the local. Lovely sunny spot to people watch & eat some good food & a few drinks. On the way down to the train station this would be your pit stop! They do a decent garlic soup famed as a pick me up breakfast )) Otherwise they specialise in Czech cuisine with some Mediterranean favorites tossed around in the menu. Lots of meat or Veggie options & meals for any tastes. Prices are good & so now you know!

Seifertova 29

Tram 5.9. 15. 26 - “Husinecka” 

u Zelenina
Top VEGAN restaurant

Cook, eat, drink, live, be with love & respect towards the Earth. Healthy & tasty meals to lift the spirit & fill the soul. All super fresh, colorful & full of vitamins & minerals, yes just as it should be in tune with mother nature! This is a new place by a young dynamic team of enthusiastic hosts. For sure you can also be quite normal regarding beer, wines, coffee, burger, pasta, czech cuisine,.. it's all that with a go go twist. Then the program- gallery, concerts, exhibitions & more.. Harmonized water for free ))

Jeronýmova 4 / 576

bus 175, 133, 207 „ U Památníku” Tram 5.9.15. 26 - “Husinecka”

The Padlock
Praha´s longest & toughest Escape Game

99 minutes of pure logic & mind agility.. if you can process the crime & achieve progress through the locked rooms, step by step you will be out on time & a master escape artist.. if not.. well you remain locked in ! Yes the clues keep coming & the clock keep ticking. This is a great way to entertain a group of 2 - 6 friends & the rewards are the great fun.. it's not easy but it is exciting, exhilarating & emotive. Book on-line best 12 hours before or call & see about availability.

Tel: +420 602 211 530

Orebitská 2 / Husitská 38

bus 175, 133, 207 „ U Památníku” Tram 5.9.15. 26 - “Husinecka”

Pivní lokál Ostrý
Aldersbacher craft beers & restaurant

where South Bohemia meets East Barvaria on upper Žižkov! I guess it's time for a beer )) & what a beer!! Specialities from the regions mini & craft breweries. Alternating taps & weekly / daily special kegs & or bottles, they love it !! & for something solid we again visit the hills & vallies for Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Currywurst, Blood sausage on cabbage. Pickled smelly cheeses & many more exotic beer friendly meals. Connesieur classic !

Sladkovskeho Nám 5/302

Tram 5, 9,15, 26 - “Lipanská” 

ROH družstevní kavarna
Cafe, salon, restaurant, garden

Modern fare of drinks & foods, in a retrospective lounge. There is unusual & or alternative drinks options & curious foods. Vegan specialities & fusion classic Czech delicatessan. The terrace meets direct to the bike track. So you can sip & watch the joggers & doggers busy in the fresh air. The service is great & all those working there have a share in the success of the business as a 'commune' concept.. join in & enjoy.

U božích bojovníků 606/3

Bus: 133, 175, 207. Tachovské náměstí

Pizzeria VendeMaria
Pizza a Pasta restaurant, takeaway, delivery

A family place with a long tradition in the Italian art of food. +- 37 arrangements of pizza to suit all tastes. Delicious pasta, lasagne & risotto all home made, fresh & definitive. Of course great presso & Tiramisu. Pop in there or order delivered in Žižkov for free & with a smile )) order early because this is a very popular place!

Sladkovskeho namesti 309/6

Tram 5, 9,15, 26 - “Lipanská” 

Hostel Boudnik

Artistically inspired accommodation & make yourself at home vibration. It's a very typical example of buildings in this area with a 'pavlač' inner courtyard balcony on each floor. The whole house has been stylishly & thematically renovated since last year. Everything works & should offer you maximum comfort with a range of fine facilities, including the yard BBQ !

Mob: +420 776 578 73


P. 3. Dalimilova 4/254

trams 5,9,15, 26 & 55, 58- “Husinecká” / from Florenc bus 133, 175, 207 'U Památníku'

Kočkafé Freya
Cafe, animal shelter, gallery

Missing your pet whom you left at home?... wishing for some of that furry love?.. have a tea party Missing your pet while on holiday? Seeking a relaxing homely place with some furry, purry friends to play and cuddle with? Enjoy the company of the 7 in-house rescued kittycats, while having your coffee, glass of wine or beer, fresh homemade lemonade, hot chocolate and a piece of cake or an ice cream sundae....... Just watch the cream! :)

Bořivojova 1102/43,

Tram: 5, 9, 26,  'Lipanská'

Peters Apartment
Cafe & Bar

Peter's own unique roasted blend is a delicious coffee served by the cup or the takeout beanbag, fresh juices- from spinach to mango, homemade breads & sweets.

Sandwiches, healthy tasty 'soup of the day'..... Famous breakfast's Mon- Sat till 2pm, on HANGOVER SUNDAYS, breakfast served 11-6pm/ all day... & from a small CZ village brewery "knezna/ the duchess" on tap...

it's a nice vibe & cute place.

Slavíkova 24

Metro A. 'Jiřího z Poděbrad'

U Habasku

Craft beers & local brew favorites on tap. Subfloor gallery cave den, cool in the hot summer, warm & welcoming in winter. Olde' beerhall shared tables vibe, including on the football challenge! Million song juke box w/ 'free play' hours daily 18.oo- 20.oo. Sport on the big screen. Absinth or Rum specialities. Many new ideas in seasonal drinks / offers. Follow on FB for concert & program updates. Easy friendly service & clients keep coming back !

Štítného 16

Tram 5.9.26 - “Husinecka”

eat, drink & marvel

Original komix bar w/ perfect supply of best rums & other decisive delicious drinks from the whole world... more lemonades, shots & cocktails.

Serving snacks, delicatessen & big burgers.. long into the night & easy spot to drop in during your crawl around our hood..

they got what you need & when you need it ))

Vlkova 29

Tram 5.9.26 - “Husinecka”

Burrito Loco
Fresh Fast Mexican

Great tastes day or night, tacos, burritos, quesadillas & more! Breakfast burritos too! Vegetarian & Vegan friendly! With locations all over the center they are always nearby.


P3. Vinohradská 60, non-stop 24/7

Metro A. 'Jiřího z Poděbrad'

Beton beach & Nuclear bunker museum
terrace & tour

Enjoy the nice atmosphere at the park with great views & many events & happenings, You can take life easy, beat the heat with drinks & BBQ: a selection of beers (craft,non-filter,classic), wine, deck chairs & sun- shades. Down under is the Museum where the sun never shines, a look through the eyes of the former regime


MUZEUM. Tel: +420 777 172 177

Park Parukařka on the steps

Tram- 5,9, 15, 26, Nite- 95,98, Bus 175, 136 “Olšanské náměstí.” Up the steps”

Prague Paradox
walking tours

.. not a company or even a service. It is a way of life! The mission is to turn foreigners into locals. You can choose between the Žižkov tour (Thursday & Saturday 17.oo- duration 90mins +-. price 350kč) or the Žižkov Pub adventure (Thurs & Sat 19.oo- duration 4 hours +- price 550kč) . Or combine both on the 'complete experience (Thurs & Sat from 17.oo 6 hours+-.price 750kč) & become a true Praguer insider. This is a new unique experience & suitable for fun people from all around the world.

Tel: +420- 725 294 339

Meeting point JZP metro in lobby underground

Metro A. 'Jiřího z Poděbrad'

Cardinal's Burlesque bar
night hot spot

Like stepping into a David Lynch dream... Legendary Prague bartender Ryška.........  

Jeronýmova 2

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55 58 - Husinecká

Bloody Blue Tattoo
Salon & piercing studio

Since 2002. Working to the highest standards in hygiene, materials & equipment. Talented experts with years of experience & range in unique style's. Walkin's are welcome for a quick skin souvenir, which you could choose & customise tweak from a massive collection of images & designs. It's a cool place so come have a look, have a consultation, discover the potential. Push flesh to steel & take home a little piece from Žižkov.

P3. Husitská 1

bus 175, 133, 207 „ U Památníku”

souvenir seeds & needs

Exotic plants & certain strains... visit the stone shop or e-shop...leading brands... constantly growing & to answer your question, talk to the specialists..


Bořivojova 91,

Metro A - “Jiřího z Poděbrad”

Herba Cafe
daytime pub & garden- nighttime haunt

Gathering point of a community....

easy going spit'n'sawdust pub full of easy punky people. A late night safehouse, sure to be still open & some kind of buzz going on.. chit & chat..

Selection of great rum's & strong spirits. Darts & foosball. Cute back garden, occasional BBQ & or cook-out happenings. Beer, Fast Wifi, tobacco & coffee...

(the name bit deceptive, this is NOT a weed bar)

Bořivojova 70

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

restaurant & garden

Really relaxing high standard place.

A big favorite in the local. & why? High quality fine dine food, drink & ambient! Many specials on the menu, foods not to be enjoyed elsewhere around. Lamb, goat & chef salads & surprises.

Each day hosting something new in the 'dailys'..

Take it on the lawn picnic style / tea on the lawn... tasteful & simple.. a very good choise.

Seifertova 303/77

Tram: 5, 9, 26, 55, 58 'Lipanská'

Dark Velvet cafe
bar & family cafe

Lounge like at grandma's, desserts like at Mammy's, over two floors, capacity @ 150 persons, find a corner, feel at home..

That favorite classic cocktail, special tea's, Coffee, homemade lemonade or.. real ORIGINAL Absinthe (join the klub) & many ways to enjoy... Wide selection of local & world wines.. Top rum varieties !.

Czech cuisine: Roasted pork knee, grilled pork ribs, Big & great Dark Velvet club sandwich, homemade club sandwich's & pies.. lot's of goodies. Summer terrace & intimate atmos' for your party or solo kick back & read your book!.

Husitská 15

bus 175, 133, 207 „ U Památníku”, trams 5,9,26 - “Husinecká”

Jah Koko & Kenny's Island
African owned music bar & lounge

Rocksteady basement Word for all you good souls, all colours, religions & nationalities jam in' together. One Love buzzing International crowd w/ an excellent irie reggae vibe. Many live music & DJ events, plenty of distractions & time liquidating entertainment. You don't have to do anything & you can do whatever you want.. Hangin' & chillin', good stuff !

Velehradská 837/26

Metro A. 'Jiřího z Poděbrad'