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Live music club, bar, garden

Alternative rock club lots of live music events. international performers & crowd, gigs down the cellar in the back. Monday karaoke, open mic Tuesday, vinyl night Wednesdays.. Punky atmosphere meets quality drinks & a nice buzz... multi beer tap, 2 floors of raw & catchy energy. 

P3. Husinecká 29

trams 5,9,15, 26 & 55, 58- “Husinecká” 

Website Facebook Husinecká 29, Prague 3...

Art cafe bar gallery

Sublime cafe vibe, real chill & a place to get away from the Charles bridge crowds. Kick back with a delicious hot drink or blow the froth of a couple craft brew beers, ponder over a fine malt, play chess, pool, or foosball.. listen to live music evenings & relax in good company surrounded by original arts or out in the garden. There is an extensive offer in rum's, absynth & as we mentioned the beers select!

P1. Malá Strana. Prokopská 296/8

Metro A & Trams, 1, 2, 7, 9, 11, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25 & 57 "Malostranské náměstí"

Website Facebook Prokopská 296/8, Prague...

Chapeau Rouge Prague
bars & 3 stages-club gallery

Infamous haunt,

THE lavish underground of old town.

Drinks, Debauchery, Dancing, Dj's.. indie/ famous bands, Fantastic program & most of it free ))..


If you can't concept a 'good time' in here.. well...

P1. Jakubská 2

just off of Old town Sq

Website Facebook Jakubská 2, Prague...

Cross Club
alternative culture events every day

unique, fantastic, wonderful.. same time/place! A mental metal maze-bars, clubs,
human spaces & illuminated installations = serious art venue!

DJ's, bands, performances, theatre, cinema, exhibit.... Cafe, teahouse & restaurant, worldwide cuisine & special beverages- daily beergarden, outdoor summer events.. party / concert- free entry in week/ cca 4e wk'ends

Plynární 23, Praha 7, Holesovice

Metro C “Nád Holešovice” Tram 12, 17, 24, 53, 54- city centre15mins, 24/7


Website Facebook Plynární 23, Prague...

pub clubhouse garden

You will be surprised here.. think it is really alternative, the regulars’ all young punkers & new thinker's..

Music, maybe never heard before.. only thing louder is the carry on & flirting by the foosball tables.. & then you realise that they have specialist 'Rum's'.. long drinks & very good beer..

& you says to yourself.. “this place is great! ”

!! & NEW SUMMER GARDEN 2014 !!

P3. Lipanska 3

Tram. 9, 26, 5 Lipanska

Website Facebook Lipanska 3, Prague...

culture, events, arts

Check the program & hook yourself into an inspired space. Concerts, jam sessions, theatre, workshop, creation stations, arts, cook in's & food events, movies, markets... & random revelations. 

Also you can score all the CitySpy maps in here!

+420 739 285 254

P3. Husitská 888/11

trams 5,9,26 - “Husinecká” or bus 175, 133, 207 Night 509 „ U Památníku”

Website Facebook Husitska 888/11, Prague...

Supporting underground music since 1969

Every kind of alternative live music has it's home here: Punk Rock, Hard Core, Rock, Psychobilly, R´n´R, Indie, Noise, Metal, Ska, Electronic, Hip Hop, Ska, Country, Billy, Experimental etc etc

Unique atmosphere, good prices, that true underground spirit, excellent sound!!

Only one of it's kind in town, find 'sedmička' under the student towers

P.6. Chaloupeckého 1903/6, Block 7.

from Karlovo Náměstí Bus 176. from Anděl Bus 119 from Dejvická Bus 143. to 'Strahov'

Website Facebook Chaloupeckého 1903/6, Prague...

Palac Akropolis

World (in-) famous multi level multi active multi vistitile multi culti venue nightly theatre, stage.. big gigs, wierd happenings.. later all bars in the cellers free Dj's & scenes, suprizing cocktails & other tall nite tails..

they got it all & anything goes ... over looking the corner & the day bar offers great value international meals & real inspiring unforgettable vibes..

you should go, you will find yourself in there.. somewhere..
Cafe - 10:-oo-00.oo
Restaurant bar- 11:oo-01:oo
Clubs & Music hall 19:oo-05:+

P3. Kubelikova 27

Metro A - J. z. Podebrad just by the TV tower

Website Facebook Kubelikova 27, Prague...

live music club / pub

Musicians of real fame. Reproduced!

This club is specialising in cover bands / revival groups.

They do have original artists even living legends play too but this is a party place & the people like to hear music they know that's why they go... for those about to rock !!!.

Expect to pay -4e / 6euro entry. The bar is fair priced & good beer!

P1. Národní třída 25 (passage)

Metro B “Nár. Třída” trams 6, 9, 18, 21, 22, 23 night 53, 57, 58, 59

Website Facebook Národní třída 2, Prague...

Klub Újezd & VEDLE
cafe, pub, gallery & venue

A marvellous mixture, a place to lose all concept of time.. 3 legendary 'alternative' pubs, arty, original, a must for a wasted youth! Ska, punk, wave type party. Be that for another coffee & a smoke or the first beer of the day. With Ú all the way! 

P1. Ujezd 18

“Újezd” Trams 6,9,12,20,22,25
night 57,58,59

Website Facebook Ujezd 18, Prague...

U Sudu
The Cave maze bars

Don't stop at the 1'st wine-bar (a good spot for a glass of vino)… go in the back & DOWN!

There you will find the biggest & most varied 'underground' labyrinth,7 zones of bars & music, beers & cocktails, smokin' rooms & dancing... even outdoor summer courtyard garden! 


P1. Vodickova 10

"Trams 3,9,14,24 & all night trams - Lazarska

Even better is that the ’Lazar st’ opposite is the X-point for all night trams"

Website Facebook Vodickova 10, Prague...

Pivnice U Sadu
pub restaurant & breakfast

The after-party.. Kitchen & bar from 08.am till 04.oo the next morning !! DRINK their own beer 'Sádek' & EAT quality classic Czech style meals. Sunny days the street terrace fills with song, swine & so on! football on TV & pinball, flipper in the basement ! . Stay home & they deliver.!

P3. Škroupovo Náměstí 5

Metro A - “Jiřího z Poděbrad”

Website Facebook Škroupovo Náměstí 5, Pragu...

Boulder V síti
drink eat climb kick-it

get a grip! 260m2, 3000 grabs 80 routes of equipped climbing cave.. 80Kč/3e per person,no time limit. Serving Pilsner, local craft beers, good music, cool friendly staff, a place to unwind.,

Friday shots-party...much rums.., for strength, baguettes, quesadillas, salads, Italian café.. get you up for some serious foosball.. hangin’ out..

P 3. Borivojova 104

Trams 5, 9, 15, 26 - “Husinecká”

Website Facebook Borivojova 104, Prague...