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WIRR at the Brunnenmarkt
outdoor market cafe

The legendary WIRR from Burggasse gets a little brother. Nice charm in chaos alternative. International world kitchen dishes made from organic products, fresh from the market next door to the cooking pot. From the roof terrace you can watch the market activities & enjoy your chilled drinks. There is that little Istanbul vibe going on. . If you like that vibe then this is super social.

Brunnenmarkt / Yppenplatz.

U6- Josefstädter Straße / adjacent to the Brunnenmarkt

Facebook Yppenplatz, Vienna...

Hildegard Wurst
hotdog & sausage deli

Real American hot dogs in Vienna !! A delicacy & unique in the local food scenes. Soft bread, tasty sausages & toppings such as chili con carne, sauerkraut or melted cheddar cheese make every heart beat faster. It all makes for a very special treat indeed… Best served w/ fresh lemonade & a side of crispy french fries... but no need to tell YOU that :)

W4. Operngasse 23

U1/ U2/ U4 - Karlsplatz 

Website Facebook Operngasse 23, Vienna...

Café Neko
cats, coffee & teahouse

Austria’s very first cat café, established in 2012! Right in the center, here is a calm & cozy haven where you can chill & bask in the cuteness of the resident cats. They serve delicious varieties of Japanese teas, cakes & bites to eat. Very relaxing .. in fact prrrfect.

Blumenstockgasse 5

U1/ U3 - Stephansplatz

Website Facebook Blumenstockgasse 5, Vienna...

Allergiker Café
allergy-friendly coffee & cakes

They love cakes & want EVERYONE to be able to enjoy the sweet delicacies. All people with celiac disease, lactose intolerance or nut allergies may devour these pies! No gluten, nuts, lactose, artificial flavorings /additives /taste enhancers, histamine-poor cakes, low fruity pies & mostly organically grown ingredients. Serious no exceptions tolerated! All cakes were subjected to a very strict tasting :) enjoy for yourself in a very charming space

W4. Wiedner Hauptstr. 35

U1 - Taubstummengasse

Website Facebook Wiedner Hauptstrasse 35, Vien...

15 Süsse Minuten
café & traditional Viennese food

Modern diner/ Restaurant meets classy olde café.

Original pan fried Viennese Schnitzel, Kaiserschmarrn, waffles'n'pancakes & international classics like Eggs Benedict, toasties.

Great for Breakfast!.. & more coffee )) Weekdays Menu with vegan Option.

W4. Favoritenstraße 45

U1 to "Hauptbahnhof"

Website Facebook Favoritenstraße 45, Vienna...

Cafe Gagarin
café, vegetarian & vegan kantine

Homey living room, w/ a whole lot of spirit.

Standing for ecologically & politically acceptable sourced foods: vegan & vegetarian eats till late, daily soups & sweets, fresh juices...

Fair-price drinks & 'free prices' for all food, an alternative model of economic co-existence, pay according to possibilities & satisfaction.. a reflection on "values".

Regular social gatherings & events.

W9. Garnisongasse 24

U2 "Schottentor" or trams 37, 38, 40, 41, 42 "Schwarzspanierstrasse"

Website Facebook Garnisongasse 24, Vienna...

Der Wiener Deewan
pay what you can. essen für alle- Pakistani food

..most inspiring, 'lively' place, - serious taste sensations..!!

only drinks (like. Mango Lassi !!!;-) have a set price.. !!

open buffet, Veggie/ Meat plates piping hot... delicious deserts.. eat as much you need & call the price !! ..

a labyrinth of colourful rooms to explore..

W9- Liechtensteinstrasse 10

U2 "Schottentor"
trams: 1, D, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44

Website Liechtensteinstrasse 10, Vienn...

Gorilla Kitchen
street food restaurant & shop

A new funky place in town !! classic burritos & burrito bowls, sandwiches, nachos, drinks & music. All kinds of delights & lots of veggie choices too, in a spacious minimalistic place. Check out their next door Gorilla Market for take-away goodies by selected local producers, speciality coffees & more .. So fresh, so fine, come hungry & leave a very happy gorilla

W4. Gusshausstr 19

U1/ U2/ U4 - Karlsplatz

Website Facebook Gusshausstrasse 19, Vienna...

Poly Klamott
selected vintage clothes

Open 17 years now, a refined select of 50's -90's, serious stuff..specialises in boots, dresses, T-shirts & sunglasses.. also young designers’- items... pick, mix & match, a look beyond the mass ranges...& 24/7 vending machine outside the shop: 5€ HATS (in winter) & BIKINIS (summer).. topless for 2.50€;-)).. watch this space becouse maybe they moving in 2017.

W6. Hofmühlg. 6

U4 "Pilgramgasse"

Facebook Hofmühlg. 6, Vienna...

ex-Bordello bar & night club

Used to be a brothel, now it’s a bar, club that has kept up quite the extravagant style... some of the rooms are still as they once were & interested guests can sneak a peek. The design is unique & unusual, no natural light invited, makes for a special type of atmosphere :) the bar lights up like a stage & they serve classic cocktails w/ a touch of the modern times & the best highballs in the city!!

W6. Girardigasse 10

U4- Karlsplatz 

Website Facebook Girardigasse 10, Vienna...

Substance Record Store
vinyl-specialist since 2001

A-to-the-Z vinyl specialist & international mailorder, a substantial collection of music, shirts, posters, books...

Noise to Disco & free jazz to hiphop, wild range of genres, always new arrivals, discover what beats the eye & meets the ear. ..

Sometimes instore gigs. Audio & brain-candy, makes it all for a sweet musical trip !!

listen & chill, you know the drill

W8. Westbahnstr. 16

Tram 49 "Westbahnstraße/Zieglergasse" U3 "Neubaugasse" U6 "Burggasse-Stadthalle"

Website Facebook Westbahnstr. 16, Vienna...

Brass Monkey
coffee & cakes

Delectiable edible art! Faboulous presentation, rediculous sensations, people are laughing & crying with real cream on theyre noses..

Super moist Chocolate Cupcakes filled w/ Cheesecake Cream, baked with Milk Chocolate Chips, Frosting , ooooohmygod!! wonderful design coffees w/ hearts & bells on..

& speciality lucious Vegan fancys.. It's been a pleasure!

WVI. Gumpendorferstrasse 71

U4 Kettenbrückengasse
U3 Neubaugasse

Website Facebook Gumpendorferstrasse 71, Vienna...

Club AU
Gallery club bar venue

creative collective back door DIY kinda' place, low profile lounging,

a select of events & of genre.. independent kino screenings, Kult art, design heavy,

much music.. Dj sessions,

live experimental new music & current 'happenings'.

W XVI. Brunnengasse 76

U6 - “Josefstädter Str.”,

trams J, 5,33, night busses N6, N64

Website Facebook Brunnengasse 76, Vienna...


Large- bright- cool- Asian chopsticks eating hall. Show kitchen. Authentic variety of rice & lot's of noodles including the very special Lamien flying noodles .. Thai foods, for all tastes served in good size bowls, super taste!... No entry to pay downstairs, Chinese party Lounge club, DJ's EVERY TIME... Thursday thru Sat = hiphop & RnB. Party till we drop!.. .it's easy, have a good time.))

W1 Gumpfendorfer strasse 9.

U2 "Museumquartier"

Website Facebook Gumpfendorfer strasse 9, Vienn...

Yak und Yeti
Nepalese & Himalayan food & culture

Experience this with all senses..

Food, drinks, art, entertainment & events in an ambience rooted in traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism is what they bring to the table.

Food to feed all kinds of hungers, come & it shall be supplied. Inside temple vibe- or enjoy the summer garden , hang inspired like the prayer flags.

W6. Hofmühlgasse 21

U4 "Pilgramgasse"

Website Facebook Hofmühlgasse 21, Vienna...

Purple Cave
vintage 50's to 70's & cool drinks

Vienna's very own time travel machine !!

A groovy collection of original & reworked pieces, clothing to lamps, dishes, vinyls, posters & everything in between... Also the smallest location for a beer & sweets.

Teaches you the meaning of 'wegschwemmen' & how to rock'n'roll in style. A lesson worth learning.

W7. Neubaugasse 78

U2, U3 "Volkstheater" tram 46 "Strozzigasse/Lerchenfelder Str."

Facebook Neubaugasse 78, Vienna...

bar restaurant club

Civilize into the day, with a Wiener breakfast 'frühstück' linger long over your Melange' cafe w/ the tracks & the cool people.

The Menu goes wider as the day turns, diners, readers, day trippers come & go

till the night... volume goes up & down in the cellar host only incredible happenings & parties..

get busy & you too..

W7. Burggasse 70

bus 13s " Burggasse/Neubaugasse" U6 "Burggasse"

Website Facebook Burggasse 70, Vienna...

Quer Beet
smartshop / herbal store

.. riches of nature.. THE Holland type ‘smartshop’ featuring strains...

cacti, & Fun guys… Kanna, party pills, hallucinogens

& herbs for every kind of situation...

you guaranteed
be leaving there set up for the evening…. keep it unreal! . . .

W 7. Neubaugasse 71

U3- “Neubaugasse”

Website Facebook Neubaugasse 71, Vienna...

Shamrock & Dogstar
Irish pub & craft beer bar

Looking for easy afternoons in a relaxing atmos?

Then Shamrock is this is THE place: Watch your team on big screens while having a Guinness w/ friends –

Or walk the DOG upstairs for Craft Beer paradise, more than 80 different brews to choose from! Two Bars,

One call! It's so easy to have a damn good time!


W7. Kirchengasse 3


Website Facebook Kirchengasse 3, Vienna...

Do Step Inn
hotel & hostel

New hotel & hostel. Offering clean, modern, comfortable furnished rooms. Homely atmosphere around the guest kitchen and backpackers feeling in spacious lounge. Really central location & great prices. hostel from 14,50 Euro PP-PN. Free I-net, no curfews - .: 

hotel rooms (shower, WC, sat TV) from 45 e per night, hostel from 14,50 euro PP-PN. Free I-net, no curfews... many freebies.


Tel: +43-699-192 32769
or: +43-1-982 33 14

W15. Felberstrasse 20.

U3, U6 "Westbahnhof"

Website Facebook Felberstrasse 20, vienna...

Ruthensteiner hostel
art & music hostel

A truly laid-back atmos', handmade w/ 'lots of love', a unique home providing world travelers a place to kick back & enjoy for 40 years now!

Big common spaces, fantastic artworks. Piano, guitars, ukuleles for guests (international jam sessions in the bar!)

Lovely gardens w/ giant chess set & THE friendliest staff ever.

Low priced dorms/private rooms/ beautiful studios, WIFI in all rooms.

tel: +43-1- 89 34 202
or: +43-1- 89 32 796

W15 Robert Hamerlinggasse 24

U3, U6, Tram 18 "Westbahnhof"

Website Facebook Robert Hamerlinggasse 24, vien...

Happy Hostel

A veritable maze of mostly huge private rooms (single, double, twin, 3, 4, 5 or 6 bedded) ensuite & apartment styles with kitchen for very reasonable price.

Common rooms. non smoking. Nice homely ambience. .

Take "Breakfast for Africa": you support the NGO Happy Africa www.happyafrica.org to realize school-projects in the Dem. Rep. of Congo.

HappyHostel wants U & them to be HAPPY :)

tel: +43-1- 208 2618
mobile: +43-1- 676 675 7457


W6. Kurzgasse 2

U3, U6 to "Westbahnhof"

Website Facebook Kurzgasse 2, vienna...

a true heart Wiener pub

.. all who love their brew….

Not less than 200 bottled brands….. from all over the brewing world, more than 160 from Belgium & 7 locals on tap… very tasty.!...

Low lit snug wooden ambiance, spend your own time. Snacks & Big Screen for sports.

Warm & Wet Welcome from over the bar.

Win's the "Best beer bar in town" awards !!

W6. Bürgerspitalgasse 20

U3/U6- "Westbahnhof" tram 5

Website Facebook Bürgerspitalgasse 20, Vienna...

Nacht Azyl

Live & loud. The merry clash of heavy mugs, the roars & action from the peeps gathered below the street tonight....

expect to have to pay a few euro's to get in during the concert. Later is like a free late smokers bar.. Booze is the nice price .. . . .

half price happy hour 18.3o - 19.3o.


W6, Stumpergasse 53-55

U3/U6 "Westbahnhof"

Website Facebook Stumpergasse 53-55, Vienna...

Westend City Hostel
city centre hostel

Stylish place, charming atmosphere in a beautiful renovated historical building.

Choose 2- 8 & 12 bed rooms with private shower/ toilet & free locker. Includes breakfast buffet + bedlinen+ Comfortable common area with TV & backyard...

a few steps from the Mariahilfer - shopping street. Price from 16,90 Euro to 36,- Euro.

tel :+43-1- 597 67 29

W6, Fügergasse 3

U3, U6 to "Westbahnhof"

Website Facebook Fügergasse 3, vienna...

Down Under Aussie Pub
beer pub-wine bar- party place

Easy pub for all them easy good times! Beers & shots, happy-hour Sun- Thurs 18.oo- 19.oo.. a big favorite w/ students & young drinkers... full & friendly, big, busy bar w/ live acoustic gigs, chill-out area in the back w/ darts, foosball & couches. big TV-sports... open parties & more music downstairs, stage, dance floor, Party place to have your own events / Backline for bands & DJ. Right side, find the select wine bar, Austrian & good vintages from Australia!   

W6, Magdalena Strasse 32

U4 - "Pilgramgasse"

Website Facebook Magdalena Strasse 32, Vienna...

Die Dondrine
bar / legendary happy hours

Local pub with that big world feel, friendly’n’funky in the scene
& somehow attached to most of the moody clubs...

Cool artsy vibe & unexpected Parties tend to
break out... Occ Dj’s & or performance happenings..

Decidedly a good
start middle or end to a night out...

W6, Kirchengasse 20

U3 "Neubaugasse" 13a "Kirchengasse"

Website Facebook Kirchengasse 20, Vienna...

Shanghai Tan
club - restaurant

Big with the actors & musicans either for the warm up or the ease down.

Black Chinese cedar wood surround. Full bar, all the Cocktails, Dim Sum, noodles, saté, spicy & Sushi… eat'n'drink upstairs....

Music, lights, ambience.. If you came to Wien to romance? .. Drink'n'eat downstairs, is more like a opium den with snug's & horizontal lounging..


Mon-Thurs: 18.oo- o2.oo

Fri & Sat till o4.oo
July, August closed :(


W6, Gumpendorferstrasse 9.

U2 "Museumquartier"

Website Facebook Gumpendorferstrasse 9, Vienna...

culture venue-club-pub-stages

Concerts.... All kinds of live shows, upcoming local & international act, parties, open air festivals, open air cinema ...

The pub there is open daily from 16.oo.

a MAJOR platform in the international event scenery & social activities for 40 years now. This is one of THE most important venues in Europe. so go do it! ... All of it ...

W3. Baumgasse 80

u3 Erdberg or Gasometer night bus N75 from the front door..lat underground runs at 0:20 am.

Website Facebook Baumgasse 80, Vienna...

Pedal Power
The professional wheel people

"Quality bike rentals, fully equipped, guidebook & map of bike routes included. Special student discounts. Drop by, take off, explore Vienna by bike! Daily city tours by bike & Segway. Plus an out-of town daily Wachau valley (UNESCO world heritage site!) bike tour with wine tasting! Just call or make your reservation online!"

tel: +43-1- 729 72 34 


W1. Bösendorferstraße 5

U1, U2, U4 Karlsplatz or tram. 2, 62, 71, D Kärntner Ring – Oper

Website Facebook Bösendorferstrasse 5 Vienna...

Travel Shack Vienna
Partybar & Pub Crawl Meeting Point

Famous backpacker bar!.. definitely a must-do!.

Come by, party in casual atmos', nice music and like-minded people, drinks too…the UNIQUE SHOTS, keen'n'crazy, try the fire shot,.. ChuckNorris, Snuff shoot it etc... A night, you won’t remember is guaranteed....

Every backpacker can enjoy the ultimate's, special themes & drink specials 7 nights a week. *summer season daily

MEETING POINT for the PUB CRAWL 8/9pm ....

 www.viennapubcrawl.com, meets here every night 21:oo, One hour free Beer & Wine, Shots at some bars & later free entrance to clubs...

W15. Mariahilfer Gtl 21.

U3, U6 to "Westbahnhof"

Website Facebook Mariahilfer Gtl 21, Vienna...

bright-art designers-space T'shirts

Home of the Wiener-dog t-T-SHIRTS.!.

posters, badges, buttons, zines, fun stuff. Available are some of the coolest original short sleeve fabric wear I ever did see?

U can bring in your own T & watch your designs come together on in-store screen print tables, or choose from the shirts racks & pick from the exclusive catalogue a design to print on it . . . also on-line shop .


W7 Kirchengasse 36

U3 "Neubaugasse" 13a "Kirchengasse"

Website Facebook Kirchengasse 36, Vienna...

The Loft
club-bar- cultural venue

on 'THE' Gürtel. cool, laid back place for good people. No fixed style of music, concerts = quality, contemporary, diversity...Wed' 1. Open Mic, 2. Extreme sports film nights, 3. Poetry slams. Thu, Fri, - parties, variety acts, DJ's, live acts, concerts, buzzin' over 3 floors. Sat - is reserved for the best (and worst ;)) music from the 80s till now: 1. 2000s, 2. 90ies, 3. Power Disco, 4. 2010s. Rent a room and celebrate your private party!

Check www to know (entry fee only at top events..) 

W16. Lerchenfeldergürtel 37.

U6, tram 46 "Thaliastraße" tram 5 "Lerchenfelder straße"

Website Facebook Lerchenfeldergürtel 37, Vienn...

Charlie P`s
Irish pub- resto- bar- stage

..A true melting pot.. drink, good food, dance floor, sport screens..

Sunday quiz night, R’n’R Karaoke Monday & much international integrations. Happy Hour 11pm - midnight... restaurant; fresh local home-cooked food. except true Irish beef & lamb..

downstairs cellar parties, easy DJ’s.. Alternative/Indie, Rock & 80's. cocktails..

" the best fun you can have with your clothes on"..

Kitchen till 23.oo


W9. Wahringerstasse 3,

U2 "Schottentor" trams 1, D, 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, night bus 41

Website Facebook Wahringerstasse 3, Vienna...

"expats, visitors & Viennese alike.. deservedly po

Truth one the very best burgers in Vienna, BBQ steaks, Aussie beers... highly recommended for a great feed, a quick pint, hanging out with mates... tonnes of sports shown daily. If it is competition you want, then Trivia on Monday Night is where you should be.…

Reservations by night are wise, Tel: +43-1- 24 100 230.

W1. Maysederg. 5 (behind the opera)

U1/U2/U4 - “Karlsplatz”


Website Facebook

The Shebeen
international pub

Easy people drinking, eating, enjoying.. the hum of conversation.

Awesome portions, served w/ a smile by the chef. Happy after your meal, stay for beers!. The back room/ mini stadium, all the sports on surround screens.

Thurs' from 20.oo, 6 per table 'quiz' w/ prizes !!

Apple tarts & cream on Sunday morning in the courtyard garden !! Now you know.

Tel: 524 79 00.

W7. Lerchenfelder Strasse 45

U2 "Lerchenfelderstrasse"

Website Facebook Lerchenfelder Strasse 45, Vien...

Cafe Concerto
pub-resto-club-music over 3 floors

All year every day live bands !

anything.. Jazz Rock.- Folk-Crossover-World-Songwriter, new bands.. entry to shows is by donations usually..

DJ ‘after-parties’ on the w/end from o6:oo free entry- solid breakfast.. in the cellar & free Dj's upstairs…

in summer "Hot nights in a cool cellar" Upper street garden /winter garden with plants hanging around.. Bars, booth's, snacks & soup goulash, football.. large screen sports/movies..'bang' on 'Gürtel' clubs/ bar land..

A F T E R H O U R Sat., Sun. + Holidays* 6:00 am with DJ-Line • Chill Out • Breakfast •

W16. Lerchenfelder Gürtel 53

U6 - “Josefstädter Str.”, trams 2, 5,33, night busses N6, N64

Website Facebook Lerchenfelder Gürtel 53, Vien...

fashion, lifestyle & juggling

Sustainable fairtrade w/ a psychedelic twist!

- high quality clothes & accessories, juggling toys, ambiental records, exotic products & incenses from another world.. a fairytale to dress men, women & everything in between from head to toe.

Supporting young designers, straight from production to customer, it’s all here in a trippy wonderland.

W8. Kirchengasse 25

U2, U3 "Volkstheater" Tram 49 "Siebensterngasse/Kirchengasse"

Website Facebook Kirchengasse 25, Vienna...

culture venue, music club-pub-restaurant

one of the strongest sociocultural centres in Europe (www.teh.net), well known for
arts. Local / international gigs, clubs, summer open air , exhibitions,

The complex is open! so drift in there day times, there
is a few places to get refreshments & maybe a new perspective or two ..

a beautiful courtyard industry vibe..

W IX. Währinger Straße 59

U6, trams 40, 41, 42, bus 40A - Währinger Straße/Volksoper
trams 5, 33 - Spitalgasse

Website Facebook Währinger Straße 59, Vienna...

Restaurant & late Bar

For all the hungry party people out there, this is THE place for proper eats & AFTER HOUR.. you can get the WHOLE NIGHT a perfect original Schnitzel, awesomely delicious burgers & a great drinks selection! Served by nice English speaking staff - all that in a trad' Austrian ambient!

That’s what's really unique about this joint definitely. Check out their little hidden cocktail bar with a very "different" interior.

WXV. Haidmannsgasse 8.

U3/U6 - “Westbahnhof”

Website Facebook Haidmannsgasse 8, Vienna...