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Urban Vegan
Vegan market

It all started with a lust for vegan cheese.. & now you enter a cruelty-free paradise for your daily shopping.

It's possibly the biggest vegan market you've ever seen & we promise that you'll find all you ever missed since becoming vegan.

Plus there's a lot bio/eco food for all you healthy-eating freaks (we totally support ya!).

On-line shopping possible as well!

Ul. Św. Antoniego 35/1B

4 min's from Market sq

Website Facebook Ul. Św. Antoniego 35/1B, Wroc...

Wrocław Info Point
Tourist Info Point

Find out all you need to know about the WrocLove at these well stocked multi-lingual info points. Also grab some info about day trips to other great locals in the regions. Storm a castle, charge a church, hike a hill or hunt for Hitler’s hidden gold in secret subterranean bunkers... Wrocław is just the beginning!

1): Tourist Info Main Rail Station:
ul. MJ Pilsudski 105
2): Tourist Info Airport:
ul. Border 190 Daily: 8.oo-20.oo
3): Lower Silesia Tourist Org/ DOT:
ul. Świdnicka 44 Mon-Fri: 8.oo-16.oo

ul. Border 190

At the airport

Website ul. Border 190, Wrocław...

Galeria plakatu
Polish Poster Gallery

Yup, this is exactly what it sounds..

A cool gallery jammed with such a fascinating collection of funky & stylish Polish prints, run by people addicted to 'PP's'.. If you’re wondering 'what’s so special about these?'... here’s your answer :)

Thousands of original's from 1950’s-2013, film, theater, opera, art, politics, jazz .. even circus! Regular exhibitions, .. check in 'n' go check it out !

ul. Św. Mikołaja 54/55

Tram 6,7,14,21 - 4 minute walk from the Market Square

Website Facebook ul. Św. Mikołaja 54/55, Wroc...

Vegan restaurant & delivery

Begin with this Vegan restaurant’s, inspired by world cuisine’s..

Crunchy falafel in a tortilla or burger like, yummy hummus & Za'atar!.. try the Indian sauces & sides w/ rice., or Masala Dosa, some soup of the day, tofu dumplings & tofurnik 4 you 2 (tofu cheesecake!).

Hip soft drinks & fresh juice to set you loose!. Most dishes are gluten-free, even healthy! Feeling lazy, like me, call for delivery... Yipee!

ul. Nożownicza 40

5 mins. walk from the Market Square

Website Facebook ul. Nożownicza 40, Wrocław...

"not quite a cafe "

Workshop of an extraordinary collective of young, vibrant people.

Join them daily for all kinds of creative activities (silkscreen, laughter yoga, philosophical tuesdays & more).. Or just come for a coffee, cake & muffins.

Use the WiFi, workspace or patio & best bit is if you want to animate the space a little, you can expect enthusiasm around!


ul. Jednosci Narodowej 68A

courtyard/ 4 min. from Ostrów Tumski

Website Facebook ul. Jednosci Narodowej 68A, Wr...

Manana Cafe

Set your internal compass towards here when the morn starts to warn. ...

This hip- relaxed first floor hang, nightly & slowly but surely morphs into a sweaty, full contact, alcohol- Latin music fueled dance party. Type of scene where locals aren't shy to integrate with your new faces ..

Chill-out space- "blackroom", where you can chat without the loud music. Pay special note to the bar man who enjoys tossing that sh*t. Terrace opens all-year.. it's always tomorrow here.

św. Mikołaja 8/11

Tram 6,8 - “Uniwersytet”, Market Sq


Website Facebook św. Mikołaja 8/11, Wrocław...

Green Bus
Veggie food

Here you know you're eatin good! Green Bus offers pizza, burgers & unique vegan kebap, all with original recipe sauces & many other own compositions, especially the Maestro Grzelo house pizza. One of their newest "hit" - Halloumi burger with original, specially made cheese 'n' of course them fresh fries. Vegan options available for most meals.

ul. Dubois 2/1A

5 mins walk from old town

Facebook Dubois 2/1A, Wroclaw...

THE coffee source

... the thing we all need after days of sightseeing & nights of party! This place has it all, classic & alternatives like drip, nitro cold brew etc. etc. They always have a way to surprise one! Also breakfasts, bagels & sweets available all day & or brunch on weekends. So to start your day, whatever the time is. Also don't miss the workshop with genuine coffee & accessories.. That's the heart pumping that black blood into the city's veins!

ul. Świdnicka 36

5 mins walk from the market square

Facebook Świdnicka 36, Wroclaw...

Czuła jest noc
pub unlike others

Three girls running the place clashed their own sentiments, dreams, hopes, memories & without any compromise created this post-modern 90's- like place at the very end of the obscure line of bars in Nasyp.... but this place is unlike others, it's sometimes even unlike itself. Our recommendation to start or finish your pub crawl. Or just stay there with a nice selection of czech/craft beers & drinks.

ul. Kolejowa 8

5 mins walk from "Arkady Capitol", TRAMS: 0, 2, 4, 6, 7, 11, 31, 32, 33

Facebook Kolejowa 8, Wroclaw...

Commie' kitchen & dive Bar

This time machine takes you straight back to the good / bad ol’ days ..

behind the iron curtain. Hearty Communist 70's cuisine including Polish classics like bigos, pierogi, beef tatar (!) or RiBS (!!).

The beer & vodka flow like Marx’s beard & it all priced nice for your proletariat paycheck. Hearty late night bites & serious last resolution. 

Ul. Leszczyńskiego 4

2 mins. from Market Sq

Website Facebook Ul. Leszczyńskiego 4, Wrocła...

Lower Silesian Tourist Organization
Tourist Info

Find out all you need to know about the WrocLove at these well stocked multi-lingual info points. Also grab some info about day trips to other great locals in the regions. Storm a castle, charge a church, hike a hill or hunt for Hitler’s hidden gold in secret subterranean bunkers... Wrocław is just the beginning!

1 / Tourist Info Main Rail Station
ul. MJ Pilsudski 105
2 / Tourist Info Airport
ul. Border 190
Daily: 8.oo-20.oo
3 / Lower Silesia Tourist Org/ DOT
ul. Świdnicka 44
Mon-Fri: 8.oo-16.oo 

ul. MJ Pilsudski 105/ Border 190/ Świdnicka 4

Train Station & Airport

Website ul. MJ Pilsudski 105, Warsaw...

Vegan Restaurant & Club

Newly opened Ahimsa find even further east inspirations w/ curries & thalis from India to Thailand plus wines & beers & all sorts of cultural space for bands/djs/exhibitions etc..

Vegan restaurants both inspired by world cuisine’s.

ul. św. Antoniego 23

2 mins. from Market Sq

Website Facebook ul. św. Antoniego 23, Wroclaw...

Motyla Noga Gastro Pub
Butterfly's Leg

Former XIV century prison. Spacy rooms stuffed w/ classic Polish cinema swag, spills out onto a huge courtyard that just begs you sit for a craft beer or 2. Tasty creative lunches & tapas, BREAKFASTS from 7am for you early birds as well. Only full kitchen in town open til midnight! Read fish'n'chips )).

Nice prices, a perfect visit for any time.. & for you movie geeks - check their 2'nd pub Rejs down the road, one of oldest pubs in Wro!

Ul. Więzienna 6

2 mins. from Market Sq

Facebook Ul. Więzienna 6, Wrocław...

Central Cafe
nice place & deli

....Their multilingual crew will help you choose that refreshing evening drink on their seasonal terrace with a sunset view & pastrami bagels too! Every city deserves a great cafe & Central makes our Wrocław better every day.

Ask about their sister cafe ZENKA with meatball & pastrami specialties!

ul. Św. Antoniego 10

4 minutes walk / Market Square

Facebook ul. Św. Antoniego 10, Wroclaw...

Multitap Bar

The craft beer revolution is well under way & this 'no frills' pub is the prime place in town to drown in pints of pristine piwo.

They have 22 taps & 3 pumps (only ones in WRO!) spread over 2 floors all for the love of beer.. All the best up’n comin’ Polish & foreign micro brew hits.

An 18th century tavern, continuing the tradition of delivering superior suds to thirsty Vratislavians of all shapes & sizes. See you there then! 


Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17

2 mins. from the Market Square

Website Facebook Ofiar Oświęcimskich 17, Wroc...

Pierce of Cake
Piercing shop

For some it's frightening, but for girls running this shop/ studio putting a lil' bit of ink under your skin and metal into your body is a pie(r)ce of cake!

For most chic pieces of piercing, tunnels, plugs, microdermals (& whatever you can imagine!) visit their shop, & if you're staying a bit longer check in for some free tattoo/piercing spots!

Ul. Śrutowa 17/1

5 mins from Ostrów Tumsk

Website Facebook Ul. Śrutowa 17/1, Wroclaw...

Corner Hostel
modern maze top floor

A new hopping Hostel that doesn’t cut any Corners... Many zany amenities, tons of sleep selections & a big bang for your buck! 3 floors of en-suite privates, funky bunked dorms & tons of communal space (dig the lounge!).

Located by the market square & all other central attractions - even u can find your way home ;) Had enough gnome hunting for 1 day? Curl up in this Comfy Corner.. watch them days wash away!

tel: (+48) 713 441 095

ul. Świdnicka 13

3 mins. walk from the Market Square

Website Facebook ul. Świdnicka 13, wroclaw...

DiY club & cafe

Anarchy in W-R-O! CRK is a DIY social-cultural center home to many prominent initiatives (food not bombs, actions against violence & discrimination) .. they also know how to party!

Punk, techno, hardcore, roots - whatever it’s loud & raw! Also badass bike workshop, sound studio & the utopia cafe.

Sundays, check the events in vegan social kitchen. An alternative must-see for all ye true black underground's.


Open during- check web

ul. Kazimierza Jagiellończyka 10c/d

big courtyard- 12 mins. from Market sq.

Website Facebook ul. Kazimierza Jagiellończyka...

Grampa's Hostel
easy chill huge apartment

Decked out from head to toe in vintage threads, far-out furniture & liquid lamps, this hip hotspot is where its at.

No kitsch, just cool. Each dorm/ room pimps it's own style & the 'neon pouf' common-roomy space is, like totally groovy man.

This a place for the cozy quiet & the crazy riot… Always a fine vodka to be tasted & fellows to toast with that.. social & subtle comes w/ experience.

tel: (+48) 71 321 92 40

Plac świętego Macieja 2/1

5 min. walk from Ostrów Tumski

Website Facebook Plac świętego Macieja 2/1, w...

Bemma Hostel
kinda alternative place

.. a left of center bed-stead for all u truly hip heads..

An island of tranquility w/ great location & the perfect pad for launching & crashing ! Lots of comfy sleep options in dorms or duos.. Passionate staff offer u more & help you explore the alternative culture core & get street art smart.

Hungry? They do vege/ vegan catering. Run by eco conscious activist crew, doing it right!

tel:(+48) 531 531 598


Tram 6,7,14,21 - 4 minute walk from the Market Square

Website Facebook ul. KAZIMIERZA WIELKIEGO 15, w...

Cafe Borówka
cafe bar

Delicious cakes, cookies & a rotating blend of fresh roast coffees, teas & seasonal specialties. In the sunny months, grab a milk shake, REAL fruit smoothy or one of the best ice creams around...

Sprawl out on the patio or nurse a beer on the newly built rooftop deck & soak up the rays all the live-long days.

Or stay inside & let the Piano Man serenade - sweet digestion. Borowka is a world of its very own.

tel. (+48) 71 343 12 25


ul. Świdnicka 38a

½ way between Rynek & Train station

Website Facebook ul. Świdnicka 38a, Wrocław...

Wroclaw Designers
"Local fashion & design boutique "

Fancy some fashion or dig some design? Presenting exclusively works of artists & designers from Wroclaw (Jacie, Iris, Fancy Finch, Bujafka, Pina).. Funky threads, designer dresses, jangling jewelry, hip handbags, knitted pot holders, toys 4 boys & gifts 4 girls! All 100% handmade, high quality products. Show some wroc'love by supporting local artists & wearing some seriously stylish souvenirs. Fashion w/ passion !

ul. Swidnicka 6

2 min. walk from the Rynek 

Facebook Swidnicka 6, Wroclaw...

vege cafe & restobar

Magical medieval tower, a buzzing bastion & full of funky flavors.

Vegan resto by day featuring tantalizing & original Thai cuisine.. desserts, cakes creative cocktails & fridges full of Czech & Polish craft beers.

The 2'nd floor belfry is a small art gallery w/ rotating local student exhibitions. Intimate concerts on weekends. The people make the place & the friendly crew manning these ramparts are all heart!

ul. Kraińskiego 14

courtyard behind “Hala Targowa” - Tram 8, 9, 11, 17

Website Facebook ul. Kraińskiego 14, Wrocław...

The Magic Wardrobe
tourist info - gnome depositor

Want to get to the bottom of this funny GNOME army ... Step into this den of trolls & behold the wonders of souvenir dwarfmanship! This tiny info-point located on the market square is your '1 stop shop' for gnome figurines, T-shirts, key chains, hand-painted magnets, postcards, city guides & especially for you 'Fraggle' wranglers- Gnome guide Maps... to find them all ! Go in deep, come out tops! 


SE Corner of Town Hall

South East corner of Town Hall on the Market Square

Website Rynek 28, Wrocław...

Boogie Hostel Deluxe
Dorms & Deluxe Private's

Nice airy dorms, swanky privates & stylish norms, ultra modern digs, trick & treat you right.

Want even more privacy & relax? Their second location (13 en suite privates)! A renovated 15'th century Townhouse, transformed into 4 floors of sleek singles & dashing doubles and 4-bed apartment with private patio.

All equipped with TV-sat, private bath, tea& coffee self-maker/kettle. The art of high class cheap sleeps!
TEL: (+48) 691 350 265

Ruska 34/ Bialoskornicza 6

Tram 10, 12, 20, 21, bus 135 - ďż˝Pl. Jana Pawła IIďż˝

Website Facebook ul. Ruska 34, Wrocław...